30 Times Peoples’ Awful Ideas Were Executed Perfectly http://bit.ly/2DKfT8F

mayo 02, 2019

You can learn skill but you can’t learn taste. However, the lack of taste doesn’t seem to stop some people from creating absolutely ridiculous things with perfect execution. In fact, someone even created a subreddit called Awful Taste But Great Execution that collects peoples’ awful ideas executed flawlessly and some of them are so terrible, they’re almost great.

So if you ever thought that a Minion-shaped grill or a cockroach cappuccino sounds like a great idea, this post is just for you. Check out the people who executed awful ideas perfectly in the gallery below!


#1 Thought This Might Fit Here

Image source: Razvix

#2 But Why

#3 Saw This Car Filling Up At A Gas Station In Illinois And Did A Double-Take. The Top Tires Spin Too!

Image source: javems

#4 Any Van Gogh Fans Around?

Image source:  Daiauri Margareti Art

#5 Impressed By The Skill, Horrified By The Look

Image source: kseniakisavna

#6 Staff Kitchen

Image source: Gedj

#7 This Handbag

Image source: atheism-blocker101

#8 I Saw This Today

Image source: dreaming-md

#9 “I Need People To Think I’m A Bond Villain”

Image source: BabylonLiaison

#10 This Dentist’s Waiting Room

#11 Was Next To A Car That Was “Painted” With Duct Tape!

Image source: Skythen

#12 Actually Very Well Made, But Still

Image source: CoffeeMix54

#13 These Gloves

#14 One Of The Coolest And Also Worst Things I’ve Ever Seen

Image source: dindymolan

#15 Dog Slippers Made To Look Exactly Like Your Dog

Image source: halinmemphis

#16 His And Hers Wedding Cake

Image source: Sha11owBay

#17 Conor McGregor’s Suit Of “F*ck You”

Image source: WTFisFTWbackwards

#18 Grasshopper-Shaped Locomotives Stacked On Top Of Each To Create A Diner In South Korean

Image source: ReaganAbe

#19 Beaded Hair Portrait

Image source: -L-I-V-I-N-

#20 Pimped Out Level: Amish

Image source: MyPeadyPie

#21 This Silica Gel Bag

Image source: ckkohl

#22 This Titanic Blow Up Slide

Image source: BigCballer

#23 These Campbell’s Tomato Soup Shoes I Received For Christmas Years Ago

Image source: PoopEater10

#24 This Car Entirely Colored With Highlighters

Image source: disillusioned

#25 Pigeon Heels

Image source: Kyoto Ohata

#26 Brain Winter Hat

Image source: reddit.com

#27 This Sweater

Image source: ColdDiner

#28 Finger-Ring

Image source: Nadja Buttendorf

#29 Lenny And Carl Yin Yang Tattoo

Image source: Johninja321

#30 This Cockroach Cappuccino

Image source: MrDrinken

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