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mayo 29, 2019

When you hear someone say they got matching tattoos, your first thought most likely is that it must be something cheesy. Well, what if we told you that matching tattoos don’t always have to be just generic hearts or each other’s names?

Some people get really creative when it comes to matching tattoos and the results couldn’t be further from cheesy. Check out the best matching tattoos in the gallery below – who knows, maybe they’ll inspire you and your significant other to get inked?

#1 Sibling Tattoos

Image source: inkbyshae

#2 Got To Spend Some Proper Time With My Little Sis After A Long Time. We Got Tattoos For Old Times Sake

Image source: vix.dhiman

#3 Matching Tattoos

Image source: kingstattoo.gr

#4 Cute Tiny Avocados

Image source: vivotattoo

#5 Sibling Tattoos

Image source: the_good_choice_tattoo_parlor

#6 Matching Mother And Daughter Tattoos

Image source: peter_sparkler

#7 Really Clever Best Friend Tattoo

Image source: nathantattooist

#8 Matching Tattoos

Image source: ondrej_kosulic

#9 Some Sailing Tattoos For This Couple. Good Luck On Your Adventures

Image source: bloom_tattooer

#10 Ice Age Couple Tattoos

Image source: andreamuggiri

#11 A Lighthouse For Him To Guard Her Way, And A Travelling Little Ship For Her To Sail

Image source: benosquarebali

#12 Day And Night

Image source: tattooscouple

#13 Matching Wolf Tattoos

Image source: paulijgtattoo

#14 Matching Arrows That Line Up

Image source: mfuller117

#15 A Fun Matching Tattoo Pair From The Other Week

Image source: kwongtattoo

#16 Couple Tattoo Of A Whale

Image source: abcd_tattoo

#17 Beautiful Sun And Moon Tattoos

Image source: plathtattoo

#18 Matching Tattoos With A Quote From Harry Potter

Image source: tattoobelinda

#19 Fingerprint Hearts

Image source: bestcoupletattoos

#20 Cute Matching Birds

Image source: tacso

#21 Matching Tattoos, Very Smart Ones

Image source: belfagoro.jpeg

#22 Tiny Matching Tattoos

Image source: hattattoo

#23 So This Happened Last Night. Matching Tattoos For Sisters

Image source: kirstenjanegoddard

#24 Little Fruits For A Couple

Image source: alex_tattoo_honeywell

#25 Matching Pulp Fiction Tattoos

Image source: hoperosie

#26 Adorable Matching Astronaut And Deep Sea Diver Tattoos. The Designs Are Meant To Stand Alone To Reflect Each One’s Personal Style, But Still Look Connected When Brought Together

Image source: melissa_daye

#27 Super Cute Coffee Cups For This Couple

Him: “We met on November 6th. And got engaged November 6, 10 years later.”

Her: “And we’ve been drinking coffee together ever since!”

Me: “Did you meet at a coffee shop?”

Him: “No, we met in college at the poetry club.”

Image source: jk.tat

#28 Matching Line-Work Tattoos For This Couple

Image source: chincol.tattoo

#29 Little Couple Tattoo Done On The Weekend! Each Of Them Got The Same Theme Different Placements

Image source: samalandra

#30 Bow And Arrow For This Couple

Image source: tribetattooky1

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