This Newly Discovered 4,000 Years Old Tomb In Egypt Is So Well Preserved It Looks Almost New

abril 22, 2019

It’s amazing how thousands of years have passed since the golden days of the Ancient Egyptian civilization and archeologists are still finding amazing relics from those times. Just recently, Khaled al-Enani, Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities announced the discovery of a 4,000-year-old tomb that held up incredibly well throughout all those years – in fact, the tomb is so well preserved, the paint on the walls looks like it’s just been painted yesterday!

The Minister says the tomb belonged to a nobleman from the Fifth Dynasty named Khuwy. 52 people, including foreign ambassadors, cultural attachés and even actors, were invited to see the tomb in person.


An incredibly well preserved 4,000-year-old tomb was recently unveiled in Egypt

Image credits: AFP

The tomb, found south of Cairo, in the Saqqara necropolis, is done in a distinctive L-shape and includes a small corridor leading to the antechamber. It also has an entrance tunnel, a unique feature typically found in pyramids. Further down there’s a large chamber housing multicolored reliefs.

Image credits: AFP

Judging from the multiple colorful reliefs, typically associated with royalty, the archeologists guess that Khuwy might have had some kind of a relationship with the pharaoh of the time, Djedkare Isesi, whose pyramid is located not far from the newly discovered tomb. They speculate that the two could have been related.

Image credits: AFP

Khuwy’s mummy along with some canopic jars was located inside the tomb. This new discovery might give researchers better insight about Isesi’s 40-year-old reign.

Image credits: AFP

The Ministry of Antiquities is pretty good when it comes to amazing archeological discoveries – last year, they discovered some very well preserved drawings at the Saqqara and even an ancient cat cemetery. The Ministry hopes these new discoveries will help the country revive tourism, that has been in decline since the 2011 political uprisings.

Image credits: AFP

See a video of the tomb shared by The Ministry of Antiquities in Egypt

Many people were amazed by the new discovery

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