The Winners Of This Year’s “High Art” Contest Have Been Announced And The Artwork Is Out Of This World

abril 19, 2019

The Natural Cannabis Company is a company founded by Dona Frank back in 2005 as a way to provide women with safe access to quality cannabis. Every year the company holds an event called ‘High Art’ dedicated to celebrating cannabis and creativity, where artists from all over the world submit their art for a chance to win $25,000. And now, on 4/20, this year’s winners have finally been announced.

See the winner and the runner-ups in the gallery below and don’t forget to check out last year’s winners here!

More info: Natural Cannabis Company

Auguste Lefou – Invisible War

Ivan Asenjo Sanchez – Popcorn

Edwin Perales – Abducted

Murat Sayginer – Space Supply

Chaka Taylor – Inner Workings

Ken Vallario – The Neurotic

XSULLO – Adjoin

Nicolas Rosenfeld – Trychoscopic

Jerry Sullivan – LIT

Anthony Freda – Privacy

Julian Bustos – The Spirit That Loved A Plant

QWARK – Old Earth Headquarters

Melissa Renee – Digital Dreams

Lauren Altman – Viral

Hernandez Oniria – Cyberdom

Diego Patino – Into The Mist

Anne Martwijit – AI

Lescot Nakamici – Toaster Boy

Locust – Metaphysical Technology

Bill Oliver – Higher Consciousness

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