GoT Fan Recreates A High-Resolution Map Of Westeros And It Looks Like It’s From Google Maps

abril 24, 2019

Julio Lacerda is a 25-year-old artist from Brazil – and like many of us, he’s a huge fan of the Game of Thrones. Recently, the artist decided to put his skills to the test and created an incredibly detailed map of Westeros – something that even George R. R. Martin himself would be proud of. However, some people were quick to point out that the map reminds them of something most of us have probably seen before.

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In an interview with Bored Panda, Julio said he found out about Game of Thrones when it was in its second or third season. “It was starting to gather a big following, and even though none of my friends had been watching it yet, people were talking about it a lot on the internet,” said the artist. “So, I decided to give it a chance and immediately fell in love with it.”

Like every true GoT fan, Julio has read all the books and says he prefers them to the TV show. “The world that George R. R. Martin has built over the years is so incredibly detailed and well-thought-out, some aspects of it just have to be simplified or left out altogether for the TV adaptation,” said the artist. “Also, working with such a huge audience, a [limited] budget and deadlines make the writing for the show a lot less rich and smart compared to the original. That said, I still like the show very much and it did a great job of bringing the story to life.”

The artist says the Game of Thrones story is one of the most complex ones he’s ever seen and that’s what makes him like it so much. “At least in the books, every single person and place mentioned have some background info presented at some point, and almost every action of the characters have a meaning or payoff later in the story,” said Julio. “It’s a rabbit hole of trivia and theories that are hard to leave once you’ve jumped in!”

The artist said he always loved geography and cartography and has even been creating some fantasy maps of his own for the past year. As season 8 aired, Julio felt inspired to try replicating the map of Westeros in a realistic way – and we have to say that he completely nailed it.

“Fortunately, the map of Westeros is fairly well-documented,” said the artist. “I cross-referenced several different sources, with special attention to the official The Lands of Ice and Fire maps.” It took him two whole days to create the map. He even used aerial photographs from NASA to texture the image and 3D software to render it. Then he added the graphics and text as the final step.

Some people quickly pointed out that the map looks like Ireland and UK flipped upside-down

Image credits: kiro555

“Being from west Dublin it appears I live in a place called Crakehall just south of Lannister port,” write Imgur user kiro555 on his post.

Image credits: kiro555

Game of Thrones fans loved Julio’s map

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