30 Times People Witnessed Hilarious Fashion Disasters And Just Had To Share http://bit.ly/2UspZVW

abril 10, 2019

When it comes to fashion, there’s a pretty thin line between what’s awesome and what’s just plain awful. Sometimes a weird choice of font or some poorly placed text can instantly turn any beautiful article of clothing into a complete disaster. And sometimes those disasters happen to be absolutely hilarious.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of the worst fashion designers people found and couldn’t resist sharing. From unfortunately placed patterns to poor logo placement, these fashion disasters are so bad, they’ll have you laughing out loud. See them in the gallery below and check out more here and here!


#1 Born To Do Skate

Image source: CatrionaBlack

#2 Hood On vs. Hood Off

Image source: m_delacour

#3 So If You Didn’t See The Front…?

Image source: LodlopSeputhChakk

#4 It’s Not What You Think

#5 This Lady’s Dress While Interviewing South Africa’s President

Image source: JohnnyJohnCowboyMan

#6 This Lovely Dress…

Image source: clhomme

#7 For Those Empowered Girls With 11 Fingers

Image source: Sarcasticaleigh

#8 These Shoes With Suction Cups On The Bottom That Pop When I Walk On Smooth Surfaces

Image source: pateOrade

#9 A Real Housewives Dress “Design”

Image source: OMG__Ponies

#10 If Only There Was A Letter That Resembles The Eiffel Tower

Image source: DebaiHanns

#11 The Backside Of This Donut Costume…

Image source: miketutaj

#12 Yeah Definitely Wouldn’t Wear That

Image source: thegoatiedoodie

#13 Buy Me A What Now?

Image source: officialbee

#14 No Wonder Why These Are On Sale

Image source: GenjuMain656

#15 These Tights That Make You Look Like You Have The Worst Bruise Situation Ever

Image source: misterbrista

#16 Hmmm The Shirts Are Supporting The Idea That The Name Is Flawed

Image source: sdgallagher

#17 Children’s Shirt In A Candy Shop…

Image source: newlifewhodis223

#18 The Placement Of These Rather Saggy Bunny Ears…

Image source: meglizf

#19 Think I’ll Skip That Adventure

Image source: Eaterofjazzguitars

#20 New York?

Image source: BuzCluz

#21 This Saturday Sweater

Image source: MelancholyDrugs

#22 My Friend’s Wrestling Patch Looks Like Something Else

Image source: Sellosaurus

#23 At Least You Can Be Honest…

Image source: ricetomeatya

#24 The Crotch On These Pants

Image source: Yung_chode69

#25 This Is An Official Nintendo Product. You Know, For Kids

Image source: Tanooki’s Stuff

#26 Balenciagas New $5300 Dress

Image source: Zussow15

#27 10/10 Design

Image source: loserjuice_

#28 Not Sure If They Know What An Introvert Is

Image source: stackattack1000

#29 Very Well Positioned Mandala On Trousers

Image source: zalando.co.uk

#30 Putting Your Brown Logo On White Shoes

Image source: tofuwa

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