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abril 12, 2019

With modern cars getting more generic and alike with each generation, people are resorting to the little things to make their vehicles stand out, like bumper stickers, decals and even creative license plates! After all, how else would you spot your car amidst hundreds of generic SUVs in a busy parking lot?

Bored Panda has compiled a list of the funniest and most creative license plates people spotted on the roads and they’ll make you realize that some peoples’ creativity truly has no bounds. Check them out in the gallery below!


#1 Do License Plates Get Any More Metal?

Image source: T_Money22

#2 Tops My Interesting License Plate List

Image source: Captain_Chaos7

#3 This Is The Best License Plate I’ve Seen Yet

Image source: geekyspacegirl420

#4 The License Plate On This Hearse

Image source: blargsnarg

#5 This Car Outside My Hotel

Image source: Freeornothing

#6 I Was At The Right Place At The Right Time…

Image source: Papi_Queso

#7 This Car Cut Me Off. I Was Mad Until I Looked At Their License Plate

Image source: PrestoMovie

#8 Got Cut Off Today, Wasn’t Even Mad

Image source: hamburgerthievery

#9 Very Appropriate License Plate

Image source: SelectAll_Delete

#10 Clever Saab Owner

Image source: StarInkyness

#11 Doesn’t Live Up To His Name

#12 What A Jerk

Image source: krunchyLeaves

#13 I Thought This Was Clever

Image source: OliverCarrol

#14 My Friend Posted This On Facebook This Morning. Driver Said She Was Eating Cereal And It Fell In Her Lap

Image source: KristenMosuch

#15 Best Handicap License Plate Ever

Image source: Wrox89

#16 A Yellow Ferrari With “Pikachu” License Plate In Hong Kong

Image source: buffywan

#17 Norway Finally Got Personalized Licensed Plates. Driving In Oslo Today Found This One For A Driving School – Complete With Student Driver

Image source: funmonkey1

#18 The License Plate On This Tesla

Image source: olalof

#19 Hey Officer, I Want To Report A Hit’n Run. Ok, What Color Was The Car? Uhm, Red, Green Blue. Ok.. Did You Get The License Plate? Yeah, It Was Color Blind!

Image source: Datnorwegian

#20 This License Plate I Found Today

Image source:  j_m_williams

#21 Saw This License Plate Yesterday

Image source: forwhombagels

#22 Best License Plate Ever?

Image source: CBUSraver

#23 This Is Roger My UPS Driver. He Stopped By On His Day Off And We Saw His License Plate

Image source: DannyVino7

#24 The License Plate On This Drain Cleaning Van

Image source: quakintuna

#25 License Plate Self Awareness

Image source: Yours_and_mind_balls

#26 This Persons License Plate Is The Hex Code For The Exact Shade Of Blue Their Car Is

Image source: DirtBasedSoap

#27 Nikola Tesla

Image source: professorlack

#28 Caught Me Taking The Pic, Well Played

Image source: rhys1001

#29 The Most Canadian License Plate I’ve Ever Seen

Image source: SoundGuyJake

#30 Best License Plate Ever

Image source: imgur.com

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