This Artist Often Overhears People Say Funny Things, So He Started Illustrating Them

marzo 08, 2019

Avner Geller is an illustrator and an artist at Dreamworks Animation who creates a hilarious illustration series titled #ThingsThatiHear, inspired by all the funny things he overhears people say. The artist has been creating these illustrations for over two years now and is even planning to publish a book!

From awkward social situations to the struggles of online dating, we’re sure you’ll find most of Avner’s illustrations relatable. See them in the gallery below and if you want more, check out the ones we’ve featured before here!

More info: | Instagram | h/t: Bored Panda


“How was your date?” “There should be a yelp for people.”


“My friends keep telling me I’m always busy which makes me realize I lie a lot.”


“Once I get to know them, I hate most people.”


“I’m wearing neon underwear today and I feel like a superhero.”


“Where’s Deb?!” “She’s at home… Sober with her cat.”


“I haven’t been dating much lately, but I’ve been very botanically active.”


“Growing up is really anticlimactic.”


“I’ve met a lot of slimy frogs in this town but still haven’t found my prince charming.”


“Ughhh… Do we have to go out and be all social?”


“I need a do not disturb sign for my life.”


“Her son’s kindergarten costs $25K a year. That’s a lot of shoes!!!”


“We realized he’s not a picky eater he just doesn’t like your food.”


“My New Year’s resolution was to block at least one person per day and I’m killing it.”


“Man… This would be an awesome pic for my Tinder, but I just started seeing someone.”


“You’d think that living 2000 miles away from home would prevent me from going to my parents house to do laundry.”


“Lately I’ve been going to bed at 9:30 SO lame, I know but I LOOOVE IT.”


“Man… All my Facebook memories are really traumatic.”


“I’ve always wanted a Christmas tree but my mom is not on board with me being religiously fluid.”


“Sooo…? He seeemed… Faaairlyyy normal? He’s really into origami.”


“I hate it that I care so much, cause I shouldn’t.”


“But will it recognize me without my makeup?”


“He’s nothing without his Instagram.”


“I’m so happy we finally got some one on one time.”


“Oh, I only drink coconut milk eggnog.”


“My mom’s fortune teller told her my boyfriend is not the one.” “My mom’s been saying that about every boyfriend I had since I was 18.”


“Emergency! Delete the post about Branden.”


“We both swiped right. It was love @ first sight.”


“Seeing him I’m thinking – OMG… I should go home and shave my mustache.”


“YEAH?!…” “Trust me hun I’ve seen your underwear.”


“I had cold nachos for dinner last night.” “I saw. You’re disgusting.”

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