Regular Guy Fools London Fashion Week Photographers Into Thinking He’s A Model By Wearing The Most Ridiculous Outfits

marzo 18, 2019

London Fashion Week is a biannual event where designers show off their newest collections and unveil the latest trends. It attracts fashion lovers from all over the world and like most big fashion events, draws quite a crowd of creative and flashy people. It seems like quite a task to stand out in such a colorful mass – but two British Youtubers decided to do just that in a ridiculously hilarious way.

More info: Zac and Jay | h/t: Bored Panda

The Youtubers, Zac and Jay, decided to use the event’s flashy nature to prank some fashion lovers. First, they dressed up their friend Max in the most ridiculous outfit they could find in the store…

…then they went to the event where Max instantly caught the eyes of photographers. Some even described him as a “confident, unfashionable, blank canvas of a man”!

Max took on the role of fashion model “Maximillian Bucharest”, rocking an outfit that could be described as a cross between Gosha Ribchinskiy’s latest collection and something you put on when your mother asks you to help bring in the groceries.

Turns out a little confidence and imagination can go a long way – the photographers couldn’t take their cameras off the newfound ‘model’!

It’s not the first prank Zac and Jay pulled and they are quite well known for them – so far the duo has nearly 192k subscribers on Youtube. The two guys met quite a while ago when studying and realized they both shared the love for creating. After five years of working separately, Zac and Jay finally started working together full time to create their Youtube show.

“From exploring strange things like the World Bog Snorkelling Championships, hustling on challenges such as flying to New York for free, making a social impact on issues close to their heart and connecting with all sorts of people along the way these lads experience it all,” says the duo on their website.

Let’s hope they pull off more great pranks in the future!

Max’s outfit apparently even inspired ASOS designers to create a surprisingly similar outfit

Check out the prank in the video below!

People loved the stunt that Zac and Jay pulled

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