People Were Questioning How This Guy Took A Photo Of His Hands So He Responded With Even More ‘Unexplainable’ Photos

marzo 27, 2019

A while ago, Reddit used gxace shared a picture of his hands to show his condition – a rare joint disorder called Arthrogryposis. Having this condition meant that he wasn’t able to bend his fingers and therefore had no wrinkles on them. However, it was not what’s in the picture but rather the picture itself that attracted everyone’s attention. Someone asked gxace how did he manage to take the picture and unknowingly started an epic journey.

h/t: Bored Panda

If you want to know more about gxace’s condition, it can occur in other joints, not just the fingers’ and it’s still not exactly known what causes it. OP says that in his case, only his fingers are affected and he has full range of motion everywhere else. Since his form is a rather mild one, he has no trouble typing or performing other tasks that don’t require a lot of finger strength. “I’ve adapted quite well. Certain things are difficult, such as opening bottles or cans (I’ve kind of been using my teeth to do this for a while, and I really should stop that). I hold heavy bags in an odd way since I cannot grip them normally,” writes gxace. “I usually rest them on the top of my hand and bend it upwards at a 90-degree angle. I probably do other weird things too that aren’t coming to mind at the moment. Most people aren’t aware of my disability because I don’t really bring it up and I’ve adapted quite well to it.”

Other users seemed to love the whole ordeal

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