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marzo 13, 2019

Saying goodbye to a pet is a heartbreaking experience – especially if they pass away at a young age. Sadly, Tumblr user Dangodango recently had to experience just that after her two puppies passed away from a fatal disease. The user created a touching comic illustrating their experiences and it might make you shed a tear.

The user, along with their brother and his girlfriend, adopted two adorable stray puppies and quickly fell in love with them. Unfortunately, the story soon took a grim turn: “Because of the lack of knowledge and money, the man who rescued the stray dogs didn’t bring them to the vet for vaccination which caused the whole pack (9 adult dog and 6 puppies) to be infected with the Canine Distemper Virus (CDV) – it’s fatal. An adult dog has a 60% chance to survive, but a young puppy has only 10%.” The rescuer did not know the puppies were infected. “Even though, we soon discovered the symptoms and brought them to the vet clinic… it was too late,” writes Dangodango.

The artist says that their home country, Vietnam, lacks proper animal shelters and disease control protocols, therefore many sick stray dogs are roaming the streets. “We really hope to have better solutions for them, but right now Animal rescue is spontaneous and disorganized,” writes Dangodango. “This comic is my prayer for my puppies.”

See the comic for yourself in the gallery below.

More info: tumblr.com | h/t: Bored Panda

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