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marzo 20, 2019

Who doesn’t love cats? They’re fluffy, adorable, always up to something and you can even buy tiny cardboard tanks for them. In fact, sometimes the cuteness overload can be almost too much – like when people noticed how their furballs look when lying on glass tables!

Bored Panda has compiled a list of the most adorable pictures of cats lying on glass surfaces and they will probably make you start looking for a new table. Check them out in the gallery below!

h/t: Bored Panda

#1 Every Step You Take Every Bag You Shake Every Fish You Bake I’ll Be Watching You!

Image source: rexiecat

#2 My Mother Just Sent Me This Picture.. She Just Woke Up And Had This Fella Sleeping Over Her Bed

Image source: Netblast

#3 Glass Bowl Of Cat!

Image source: Luca_Lastname

#4 The Tongue Out Tuesday Vibes In ComBEANation With Some Chubbiness And Bootyfulness

Image source: rexiecat

#5 Mikan Is Always Crushed

Image source: chiyo.mame

#6 Hover Cat Is Here

#7 Bean Paws

Image source: peghah_maleknejad

#8 The Most Spectacular View From The Bottom

Image source: chiyo.mame

#9 Oh Hello. I Didn’t See You Down There

Image source: AviahWinchester

#10 MRW I Have No Money And I See People Eating Delicious Food In Cafes

#11 Cats Are Liquid

Image source: boopyouonthenose

#12 Sleeping Like That

Image source: chatoranekogen

#13 Wish You A Pawsome Day. Beautiful Pawsies Lola And Nina

Image source: ladylolathecat

#14 Melting Cloud

Image source: Lobo2ffs

#15 Looking Up At A Full Set Of Jellybeans

Image source: DCLanger

#16 I See What You Are Cooking

Image source: doparcel

#17 Squishy Boi

Image source: narwhal-lord14

#18 The Anatomy Of A Catloaf

#19 Floof

#20 Chubby Cheeks

Image source: Lina____

#21 Kitty Had A Hard Night

Image source: SgtLemming

#22 I Notice You Looking At Muh Belleh!!!

Image source: Lisa_Corum

#23 Feeling Sleepy

Image source: sidshembekar

#24 Cutest Gremlin Ever

Image source: monty_theking

#25 Human If You Post This We Are Going To Have Problems

Image source: chanceofchance

#26 A Curled Peet, Jellybean Toes Fully On Display

Image source: emptydictionary

#27 Is There Even Such A Thing As Too Many Wrinkles?

Image source: cata_thesphynx

#28 Pete Cleaning On Glass

Image source: mamaroo10

#29 Fat Loaf

#30 “Human, Look At Ma Beans!”

Image source: sidshembekar

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