This Company Makes Hilarious Cardboard Tanks, Planes And Houses For Cats

febrero 12, 2019

There’s no better way of showing how much you love your cat than getting it its own tank. Now that’s a sentence I never thought I’ll write… But now I can, thanks to the makers of awesome pet accessories SUCK UK.

These guys specialize in making unique gifts, accessories, and items for the home, which also include these hilarious toys for pets. From tank to a scratching laptop these promise a ton of new videos of cats being hilarious.

If you think this is exactly what your feline friend needs, you can snatch one on Amazon. (h/t)

#1 Tank House

#2 Scratching Deck

#3 Airplane House

#4 Scratching Laptop

#5 Kitty Teepee

#6 Fire Engine House

#7 Catillac House

Think this is too much? Then how about a guy who spent $35,000 to turn his house into a cat’s paradise?

from DeMilked

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