This Dutch Bike Company Used Fake TV Boxes To Ship Their Bikes And It Reduced Shipping Damage By 80%

enero 25, 2019

They say drastic times call for drastic measures – and that’s exactly what this Dutch bicycle company had to resort to after they noticed that many of their $3,000 bicycles were getting damaged during shipping. They came up with a simple yet brilliant idea – they decided to redesign their packaging so it no longer resembles ordinary bicycle packaging and surprisingly succeeded with flying colors!

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“We asked ourselves, what do Americans really love? What would prompt couriers to be delicate with a parcel?” said Taco Carlier, a co-founder of VanMoof’, in an interview with CNNMoney. “That’s when we thought of a flat screen TV, because our box is the same size and shape as that of a really huge TV.”

This ingenious idea helped the company reduce damages during shipping by a whopping 80%!

Despite the change of design on the box, the company still clearly states the contents of the packaging on the outside. The customers, as well as couriers, agreed that this is a great idea.

“We tried to do that [keep-up the secret] for as long as we could, until a journalist in our store in New York tweeted about it and revealed it to the world,” said Carlier. Although despite the media coverage, the damage to the packages hasn’t increased.

Carlier hopes that other companies don’t steal this idea as he believes it will be less effective that way.

Image credits: jasongay

Image credits: VanMoof

Image credits: Olivier Dobberkau

Not even a scratch!

Image credits: Olivier Dobberkau

Image credits: Olivier Dobberkau

People love this company’s clever solution

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