This Artist Created A Powerful Comic Showing The Negative Effects Toxic Masculinity Has On Men

enero 14, 2019

Luke Humphris is an Australian artist who creates autobiographical comics about his life. Recently, he has created an eye-opening comic about the effects toxic masculinity has on men his experiences might shock you.

Ever since he was little, the artist, along with his brother, was taught not to cry and keep his feelings to himself. As time went on, many of his hobbies were deemed ‘unmanly’ and the constant pressure to ‘stay strong’ eventually led his brother to suicide. But even after such a shocking event, Luke was discouraged from showing his emotions.

He finally managed to move away from the overly masculine culture of Australia and is currently living in Toronto. “I am older and I do find that I am able to express myself without the same social restraints as when I was younger, but some stuff does linger and I try to be mindful of it,” said the artist in an interview with Bored Panda. “Most people probably find that as well as they get older. I still catch myself doing my part to put these negative expectations on friends and peers, so again, I try to be mindful about that as well.”

The artist is glad that people are sharing his comic and referencing it as a learning tool – he says that was the point of it. Even though some people disagree with him, Luke says he’s fine with it. “Some say that it is sexist to call masculinity toxic. It’s like, come on dude, one of the points of the comic is that masculinity is not toxic, this comic is made for you!”

Check out Luke’s comic about the effects toxic masculinity has on men in the gallery below!

More info: Website | Patreon | h/t: Bored Panda

Many people agreed with Luke’s message

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