Bank Worker Quits His Job, Shows Up As Spider-Man On His Last Day

enero 30, 2019

There eventually comes a time in life when we start feeling the need for change. Sometimes it might be something small, like a new pair of shoes, while other times something major, like quitting your job. But goodbyes don’t always have to be sad.

An anonymous bank worker from São Paulo, Brazil has recently decided to quit his job. And for his last day of work, the man decided to do the only sensible thing in this situation – he showed up dressed in a Spider-Man suit.

The pictures were posted on Imgur by a user named ksguile and quickly went viral.

Sadly for us and lucky for the company, the employee worked in the back of the bank and was not seen by customers.

However, looks like his soon to be ex-coworkers found the prank hilarious!

Someone even uploaded a picture on Instagram with the caption ‘Last day of work and this person is driving the boss mad.’ And while we kind of feel bad for the boss, we can’t help but laugh at this hilarious stunt!

h/t: Bored Panda

People on the internet loved this unexpected cosplay too!

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