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enero 09, 2019

Seeing your loved ones after a long flight back is a good reward in itself. But in these cases, the travelers got more than they expected when they entered the arrivals terminal.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of these awesomely hilarious (and not to mention creative) greetings performed by friends and families. From funny one-liners written on a cardboard to full-on movie grade costumes and everything.

What’s the most memorable greeting you ever witnessed? Tell your story in the comments below!

#1 May The 4th Be With You. Darth Vader Arriving At DIA

Image source: Scripps Media

#2 My Friend Just Got Home From A Trip. This Was Her Family Greeting Her At The Airport

Image source: richardec

#3 Cole Tesar, A Soldier From Bellevue, Got Hom. His Baby Girl-He Has Never Met-Was Waiting For Him With This Sign

Image source:  Logan Tesar

#4 My Friend’s Daughter Just Flew By Herself For The First Time. This Was How He Greeted Her At The Airport

Image source: eldy50

#5 Kid Made A Sign For Grandma And Grandpa’s Arrival. It’s Getting A Lot Of Smiles At The Airport While We Wait

Image source: joeboughner

#6 When Your Mate Says He’ll Pick You Up From The Airport On Christmas Eve

Image source: smacktip

#7 This Family At The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Image source: RockSta-holic

#8 How I Greet My Straight Friends At The Airport (I Never Got A Straight Answer)

Image source: markmyw0rds

#9 Picking Up My Mother From A Long Hiatus Overseas I Thought The Best Way To Show My Love Was With Humiliation

Image source: jcsparkels

#10 Embarrassed The Wife At The Airport In Front Of Several Coworkers And Her Boss. She Loved It

Image source: Blastergv9

#11 My Neighbor Asked Me To Pick Her Up From The Airport; I Hope She Likes The Sign I Made

Image source: GrahamParkerME

#12 The Challenges Of Picking Up A Metalband From The Airport

Image source: Bartjeking

#13 My Air Force Brother-In-Law Is Coming Home For The Birth Of His Son/ My Nephew. I’m Picking Him Up From The Airport

Image source: Arcadius989

#14 Ever Want To Punch Your Little Brother Before?

Image source: ramblindan

#15 Welcome Home

#16 This Is How My Friend’s Dad Greeted Her At The Airport Yesterday. Best Dad Ever

Image source: rhapsodyinpoo

#17 I’m Picking Up My Friend, ‘Chocolate Johnny,’ Who Literally Has A Chocolate Factory In Australia

Image source: DENAirport

#18 This Is How My Dad Picks Me Up From The Airport. Needless To Say People Were Disappointed When I Showed Up

Image source: Jenodd1

#19 This Is How My Mom Greeted Me At The Airport, After Having Not Seen Her For A Few Years. She Made Me Walk Through The Entire Airport Under Her Left Arm

Image source: thesircuddles

#20 How I Welcomed My Brother Home At The Airport After A Year At University

Image source: Popkin

#21 How My Friends Pick Me Up From The Airport

Image source: TheErradicator

#22 This Dad Who Picks Up His Straight Son From Airport

#23 When Your Boyfriend Hasn’t Met Your Bestie Yet And You Send Him To The Airport To Pick Her Up

Image source: meaghanottawa

#24 This Is How I Pick My Friends Up From The Airport

Image source: ambzap

#25 These Kids I Saw At The Airport Welcoming Their Mother Back Home

Image source: PeetiePanda

#26 Welcome Home Mumma And Pdawg

Image source: clareyf

#27 How To Welcome Your Girlfriend At The Airport

#28 Best Welcome Back Message

Image source: HungLikeHamster

#29 Last Week My Roommates Picked Me Up At The Airport. Like This

Image source: lozza88

#30 Waiting For My Girlfriend At The Airport And See This Guy

Image source: DaleDarko23

#31 I Think He Is Trying To Pick Someone Up At The Airport

Image source: gwethion

#32 This Welcome Sign

#33 My German Friend’s Brother Stood In Their Airport Like This For 2 Hours

Image source: savbuck

#34 Random Citizen

Image source: rndm_ctzn

#35 The Sign My Sister Met Me With At The Airport

Image source: Kathy8Perkins

#36 My Airport Sign

Image source: frankpskeletor

#37 I Believe All Teammates Should Have A Nice “Welcome Home” Sign When They Arrive At The Airport

Image source: BOBSLEDR

#38 Picked My Brother And Sister In Law Up At The Airport Today

Image source: watson13

#39 Saw This Picking My Friend Up At Sea-Tac Airport

Image source: rhymeswithvegan

#40 Just Seen Airport Welcome Sign

Image source: julian_wood

#41 The Good Daughter Always Makes Her Parents Feel Special When Doing An Airport Pickup

Image source: cheekybeck

#42 Parker Campbell, 3, Awaits The Return Of Her Dad

Image source: The National Guard

#43 What A Way To Be Met At The Airport, I’ll Need To Frame The Welcome Sign

Image source: DougieMcG

#44 Bart Simpson Requested A Taxi Pickup At The Phuket International Airport

Image source: makeflippyfloppy

#45 Two Of My Best Friends Came Into Town Today, This Is How My Boyfriend Greeted Them At The Airport

Image source: snm76

#46 When Chris And I Went To Pick Up My Parents Last Thursday From The Airport We Both Wanted To Do Something Really Embarrassing

Image source: southernbagleys

#47 Takes One To Know One

Image source: hattumaria

#48 Thanks For Reeally Pushing The Single Issue, Fam

Image source: minnie_justinebotner

#49 Sustainment Soldiers Return After Nine-Month Afghanistan Deployment

Image source: 8th Theater Sustainment Command

#50 A Warm Deployment Welcome Home

Image source: turbobacon30096

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