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diciembre 05, 2018

Jameela Jamil is a British actress and the star of the TV series The Good Place. She describes herself as a “feminist in progress” and is praised by critics for not being afraid to express her opinion on all the things that are wrong with the entertainment industry.

In her latest BBC piece, she criticized the heavy use of airbrushing to edit pictures in magazines. Jameela says it creates unrealistic beauty standards: “When you filter a woman’s photo you are legitimising the patriarchy’s absurd aesthetic standards, that women should be attractive to the straight, male gaze at all costs.”

Having suffered from eating disorders as a teenager, the actress knows how damaging the ‘perfect’ images in magazines can be. To prove her point, she gave examples of how the pictures of women in magazines were heavily edited, while men were mostly left untouched to give them the ‘rugged’ look.

Check out Jameela’s story in the gallery below!


Jameela Jamil is a British actress and the star of the TV series The Good Place

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She recently explained why airbrushing pictures in magazines should be illegal

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One Twitter user replied with this comment

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But many people came to defend Jameela

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But while her views do come from a good place (pun intended) and attracted a great deal of applause, there were also some who feel she might be going too far this time.

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