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diciembre 10, 2018

No one is ever prepared to lose a loved one – just the mere thought about never being able to see someone you care about the most can bring you to tears. Sadly, sometimes death is unavoidable. Keeping these emotions inside can be hard and people on the internet are sharing the last pictures of their friends and family members to help set their minds at ease.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of the most heartbreaking last pictures and stories of their loved ones and they will make you appreciate life more. We may never know when we’re going to lose someone close, but it’s never too late to tell them you love them and show how much you care.

See the last photos of people in the gallery below.


#1 My 96-Year-Old Grandma, With My 100-Year-Old Grandpa, Hours Before Her Death. 77 Years Of Marriage

Image source: RealLiveGirl

#2 The Final Picture Of My Cousin Gary, Taken On September 11, 2001

Image source: limmense

#3 A Week Before My Grandfather Passed Away, I Snuck His Favorite Beer Into The Nursing Home For Him

It was his last beer ever

Image source: ksmitttyy

#4 My Good Friend Bear Telling His Son And Daughter Goodbye. He Died The Next Evening From Pancreatic Cancer

Image source: hj4life21

#5 Shortly After My Mother Passed Away I Decided To Look Up Her House On Google Earth

That’s her. Still gives me chills

Image source: peanutbutterfish23

#6 Dying Father Fulfills Last Wish To Walk Daughter Down The Aisle On Her Wedding Day

He passed away 5 days after

Image source: Law Tapalla Photography

#7 Last Photo Taken Of My Older Brother As He Was Leaving For College

He was the victim of a drinking and driving incident. I miss him every day

Image source: Charpybro

#8 Last Pictures I Found Recently Of My Dad On His Old Tablet

Thankfully, they’re all pictures of him being the goofy guy he was when he was alive

Image source: EvanWiorek

#9 My Little Brother (17) Was Shot A Few Weeks Ago And This Is The Last Pic I Took With Him

This was Christmas morning. I feel weird sharing this but I’m just so heartbroken

Image source: DeadOnceDecided

#10 After 69 Years Of Marriage

My grandpa was extremely attentive to my grandma up until her last breath. We lay her to rest on Monday at the age of 95

Image source: moosetta

#11 Last Image Of Thai Diver Saman Kunan

He was transferring oxygen tanks for 12 boys and their coach, who were trapped in a cave. He got into difficulties and did not have enough air himself. He died after losing consciousness in one of the passageways

#12 A Father Comforts His Son, David Kirby, On His Deathbed In Ohio, 1989

It is widely considered the photo that changed the face of AIDS

Image source: Therese Frare

#13 My Beautiful Mom Before She Rapidly Deteriorated From A Giloblastoma

She walked into brain surgery with a smile on her face and it inspires me to always keep smiling even through hard times

Image source: ihatecartoons

#14 A Woman Battling Breast Cancer Married The Love Of Her Life

On December 22, just 18 hours before passing away. The couple had a ceremony at a hospital chapel in Connecticut

Image source: Christina Lee Karas

#15 My Best Friend At My Wedding. By The Time Our Reception Was Over He Was Considered Brain Dead

I’m sure you can find out which one he was. He didn’t say a word about feeling weird but when we arrived he got an Uber and rode home. He had a random brain bleed that could not be operated

Image source: kaytoos

#16 My Dad Passed Away Yesterday. Just Last Week He Was In China Traveling And Met A Panda

Although this is one of the last photos of him, it is my favorite

Image source: Thegreatmaximus

#17 Two Engineers Died When The Windmill They Were Working On Caught Fire. This Might Be The Last Picture Of Them

#18 Photographer Captures A Photo Of The Mortar That Kills Her

Image source: Hilda Clayton

#19 My Grandfather Just Passed Minutes Ago. This Was Taken Yesterday

My grandma sat by his side like this for days. He escaped the Nazis, jumped a ship to the US. He suffered lung cancer from working in coal mines through his childhood

Image source: Mrsrhea

#20 The Last Pictures I Ever Took Of My Mom

For her 60th birthday I surprised her with a chessboard cake, which she loved. A couple months later, she suddenly went into a coma on Christmas and never woke up

Image source: snailbutterflysnake

#21 My Dad In Home Hospice Care Last Week With His Cat Brady. Lost His Fight Thursday Afternoon

Image source: dcknight93

#22 I Made The Last Photo I Took Of My Mom Into A Tattoo

Image source: Hockeygirl1974

#23 Last Picture Of My Husband Hugging Our Oldest Daughter

Taken days before he died of cardiac arrest during a seizure. I’ll miss him more than I can ever explain

Image source: NoTequila_NoAnal

#24 This Is The Last Picture I Took Of My Husband When I Dropped Him Off At The Airport

4 days later he was found dead in his hotel room. I have no answers, my daughter has lost her father, and I am trying my best to pick up the pieces

Image source: tonightasyousleep

#25 Last Photo Of My Grandfather, He Passed Away A Couple Of Days Ago. The Doctor Was A Falconer And Brought His Falcon To The Hospital

Image source: reddit.com

#26 My Grandma Shows Off With Her Preparations For Guests. Exactly 9 Minutes Before We Called An Ambulance

Image source: sarper361

#27 My Dad Passed Away From A Brain Tumor. It Was The Last Time I Saw Him

This photo was taken the day I went back to university. He died 3 days later

Image source: Cherublade

#28 This Is The Last Pic I Have Of My Dad And I, Taken On Christmas Day This Year

He lost his 14 month battle with stage 4 pancreatic cancer today

Image source: HERMANNATOR85

#29 The Last Image Of My Best Friend Tara (24) And Her Sister Pippa (21)

Taken at the end of a 3-month trip around Morocco. They both died a day later in a car accident, as they started their journey back home to the UK for their mum’s birthday

Image source: awlilnatty

#30 Last Picture I Took Of My Dad, 2 Weeks Before He Was Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

My cat and dog loved him. He died 4 months after

Image source: theycallmedumpling

#31 A Woman At My Work Passed Away Last Saturday From Cancer

When my boss picked up her work phone yesterday she had deleted all of its content except for this picture

Image source: grapeormelon

#32 My Brother (Left) Took His Life Earlier This Month

This is the last photo of us together, perfectly describing the relationship we had

Image source: PinkGameboy

#33 This Is The Last Picture Of My Brother And I, Taken Days Before He Was Murdered This February

He was only 17. I miss him terribly

Image source: itssydneyy

#34 The Last Image I Ever Had With My Grandma Was This Hilarious Face-Swap

Image source: krispycummies

#35 My Parents Quietly Talking After My Dad’s Giloblastoma Diagnosis

Tomorrow we put my sweet father to rest. Love you forever dad

Image source: Maggiemygirl

#36 This Was A Photo I Took With My Coworker Vanessa

I took this photo on Sunday and on the following Monday we were informed she took her own life

Image source: UnderbiteMike

#37 My Father, SFC Shawn Dostie, Holding Up Pictures Of My Sister And I

We sent him our photos for Christmas. He died just six days after this photo was taken

Image source: Otterrpog

#38 My Dad, In The Hospital Dying Of Emphysema, Reading An Anti-Smoking Pamphlet I Made Him When I Was A Kid

Image source: CharmingtheCobra

#39 My Dad In Intensive Care. He Died Of Liver Failure Shortly After This

He was always up for a laugh right to the end, his favourite saying was ‘fat but good looking’

Image source: caldog1991

#40 This Is The Last Photo I Have Of My Pop

He just passed away after turning 97. I never said goodbye

Image source: aparadisestill

#41 My Best Friend (Left) And Myself For Our Last Ride Together

Two weeks after that day we got mugged and he died knifed to the heart

Image source: PacoVelobs

#42 The Last Moments Of Claire Wineland Before She Went Into Surgery For A 2x Lung Transplant

Image source: Sugarcola

#43 Geologist David A. Johnston, 13 Hours Before His Death At The 1980 Eruption Of Mount St. Helens

Image source: Harry Glicken

#44 My Son’s Last Photo – Died 5 Minutes Later Due To Shallow Water Black Out

Image source: fdnyubergeek

#45 My Granddaddy Passed Away Tonight At The Age Of 91

This was a few months ago, after he got his new wheelchair. This is how I will remember him: happy and full of life

Image source: tony_flamingo

#46 My Mother, Easter Of 1986. Hospitalized With Terminal Cancer

She died in July but this was the last time she let herself to be photographed (I was 2 and a half)

Image source: Mamanomie

#47 The Last Photo I Have Of My Grandma (And Mom, After A Long Night Of Drinks)

She passed in November after a very brief battle with lung cancer. She was 63. I’m thankful for memories like these

Image source: boogiemaths

#48 Anthony Bourdain In Hong Kong, The Final Picture Of Himself On Twitter

Image source: Bourdain

#49 Last Photo Of Friend Who Fell 25 Feet To His Death

Image source: throwawaybcfkarma

#50 This Is The Last Instagram Post By Famous Violinist Lindsey Stirling’s Keyboardist, Jason Gaviati

He was diagnosed with burkitt’s lymphoma and passed away on Nov 21st

Image source: imgavi

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