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diciembre 19, 2018

While some people get creative with their decorations and succeed with flying colors, others don’t get so lucky. No need to worry, though – at least we can get a good laugh from them!

Bored Panda has compiled a list of the most hilarious Christmas design fails and they’ll have you laughing out loud. From nipple cookies to creepy decorations – check them out in the gallery below!

h/t: Bored Panda

#1 Merry Christmas

Image source: josephinator

#2 I Used Chocolate Bells Instead Of Kisses. Is It Me Or Did I Just Make Christmas Boobs?

Image source: 2olley

#3 Christmas Polar Bears

Image source: MrsManxTiger

#4 Please Stop, Santa

Image source: ChiknNuget

#5 Be Honest, Is It Just Me?

Image source: uptheantechrist

#6 Someone Decided These Reindeer Didn’t Need Their Eyes

Image source: EndlessDaydreamer

#7 Oh Fox, You Make Treason Sound So Festive

Image source: TommBomBadil

#8 Santa’s Favorite Ho? Uhhh…

Image source: MsMeowkins

#9 This Hobby Lobby Christmas Ornament

Image source: ForlornBread

#10 This Statue In Rotterdam Of Santa Claus. Mrs Claus Is In For A Surprise Tonight!

Image source: gamble87

#11 This Christmas Tree That Was Removed Days Later

Image source: Lucasgrm26

#12 Gee, I Wonder What It Could Be?

Image source: HydeAndSeek95

#13 Oh Oh Oh

Image source: NotAgainBen

#14 This Nightmare Of A Christmas Ornament

Image source: payinthefidlr

#15 Unfortunate Placement Of The Christmas Ornaments…

Image source: Csimiami

#16 The Cracker I Got At My Work’s Christmas Lunch Was A Gun-Shaped Whistle. To Blow It, You Have To Put The Barrel In Your Mouth

Image source: HembraunAirginator

#17 These Reindeer Are Having More Fun Than Me

Image source: daniels26ian

#18 The Bow On This Fake Holiday Horse Makes It Look Like It Has A Horrible Case Of Hemorrhoids

Image source: Lexpert1

#19 Not The Christmas Spirit I Would Have Hoped For

Image source: Niels_Versteeg

#20 What A Touching Christmas Ornament

Image source: guitarburst05

#21 I Wouldn’t Have Guessed That The North Pole Is His Scene

Image source: Frostmage82

#22 My Sweet Innocent Mother Got My Sister A Thermos With Her Initials Monogramed On It For Christmas

Image source: Snowy_Boy

#23 My ‘Where’s Wally’ Advent Calendar Isn’t Giving Me Much Of A Challenge

Image source: lukeekul1234

#24 Found At A Holiday Bazaar

Image source: Mannydoodle

#25 You Had Meat Ho Ho

Image source: FlyingWalrusMan

#26 Bad Santa

Image source: irastia

#27 This Christmas Stocking For Your Dog That Has A Picture Of A Cat On It

Image source: AsRiversRunRed

#28 Contrary To Popular Belief, Those Are Not Singing Buttholes

Image source: oddpotato5

#29 Another Challenge From The Where’s Wally Calendar

Image source: penciltrash

#30 This Mom Ordered A Sexy Santa Outfit From eBay

Image source: Ebay

#31 The Entrance To This Children’s Bouncy Castle Looks Like Something Else

Image source: EdenC996

#32 Warning: Make Sure Front Of Ornament Faces Out!

Image source: Lord_Freeza_No_I

#33 Santa Did What?

Image source: ehanu_rehu

#34 This Chirstmas Decoration…

Image source: EvilAudience

#35 Our Advent Calendar, We Didn’t Notice When We Bought It

Image source: bulldogg76

#36 Snowman Devouring A Penguin

Image source: CorvidaeSF

#37 Terrible Font Choice On A Christmas Book Made Me Do A Double-Take

Image source: Msktb

#38 Poor Design On My Neighbor’s Christmas Decoration

Image source: ElderCunningham

#39 These Christmas Lights We Sell At Our Work Have An “Off” And “No” Switch

Image source: realjeffmangum

#40 I Want All For Christmas Is…

Image source: Justin4559

#41 This Christmas Sign Is Very Confusing

Image source: PancakeLeo

#42 Seen At Christmas Eve Mass. I Had To Have Someone Explain It To Me

Image source: torpleknoped

#43 This “Jana” Christmas Tree Ornament

Image source: CZGroove

#44 ‘My First Christmas’ Onesie Sized For 18-Month Olds

Image source: tidalrip

#45 Santa’s Face Is The Wrong Way

Image source: Dibblesworth_Of_Dobs

#46 This “Christmas Socks” Postcard

Image source: SPC4350

#47 My Partners Work Is Having A Grinch Themed Christmas, It’s Supposed To Say Whoville…

Image source: Calskiii

#48 This Ornament

Image source: digbuster

#49 So You Can Let Them Know Exactly How Much You Saved

Image source: itaintevensix

#50 Santa Lost His Ho Ho Ho

Image source: ActuallyBlueberry

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