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diciembre 11, 2018

The humble barcode has come a long way since it was first invented by Norman Joseph Woodland, an American inventor who received a patent for the ubiquitous black and white stripes found on pretty much everything way back in 1952.

Check out this awesome list of creative barcodes to see what we mean. From bird cages and fish bones to tree roots and accordions, these clever designs prove that good package design can turn an ordinary barcode into something extraordinary.

Oh, and by the way, did you know that the first product with a barcode was scanned in a supermarket in Troy, Ohio, on June 26th 1974? It was a 10-pack of Wrigley’s Juicey Fruit chewing gum, and you can find it on display at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History.

(h/t: boredpanda)

#1 These Spaghetti Have A Pretty Clever Barcode

Image source: jmb2624

#2 The Barcode On My Shaving Cream

Image source: windupalarm

#3 Barcode On The Back Of A Children’s Book About Thunderstorms

Image source: infiniteloooop

#4 Accordion – Black Prairie Album

Image source: BarcodeBabe

#5 The Roots Of The Tree Are The Barcode

Image source: RaffiGeukdjian

#6 Organic Wheatgrass

Image source: allisonasia

#7 A Waiter Carrying A Stack Of Plates

Image source: OsakaJob

#8 This Barcode

Image source: FlyHater

#9 Weirdest Barcode

Image source: lovebug_22

#10 Fisherman

Image source: Penélope Lira

#11 Wine With Blended In Barcode

Image source: helderbergwinery

#12 This Barcode Is A Bird Cage

Image source: zeusonjuice

#13 This Barcode Is The New York City Skyline

Image source: theopposite

#14 Gaiety Tea

Image source: Sarah Cameron, Jia Ying Gnoh, Alex Butenko

#15 The Barcode On This Beer

Image source: jaaaaaaaaaaaash

#16 This Shower Gel Barcode Is A Shower

Image source: reddit

#17 For Book Jacket – Good Red Herring

Image source: Steve Simpson

#18 My Barcode Is A Surfer

Image source: groteskimage

#19 The Barcode On My Cereal Is A Table With A Bowl Of Cereal On Top

Image source: AlkoholfreierTequila

#20 The Bar Code On This Shampoo Bottle

Image source: Maleven87

#21 Graters Gonna Grate

Image source: intrepidzephyr

#22 Grass Like Barcode On Arla Lactofree* Milk Carton

Image source: Ioangogo

#23 The Barcode On My Chicken-Free Strips

Image source: brianala

#24 Death Wish Coffee Co

Image source: kylefrost

#25 X-Wings On Coffeemate Creamer

Image source: BarcodeBabe

#26 I Think I Got A Little Too Excited When I Saw These Barcodes

Image source: o_ojess

#27 Curtains

Image source: BarcodeBabe

#28 Beer Can Barcode Is A Beer Can

Image source: SoftServeMeat

#29 This Liquid Soap Package

Image source: marincel

#30 This Bottle Of Tall Horse Chardonnay Has Long Necked Giraffes In The Barcode

Image source: GuardianOfRedwall

#31 I Think All Bar Codes Should Be Like This

Image source: AndrewEire

#32 The Cow On This Beef Jerky Packet Is Eating The Barcode

Image source: butthurtpants

#33 Laundry Detergent Barcode

Image source: phucuda

#34 The Barcode On My Bag Of Crisps Is A Tiger In Long Grass

Image source: TopTrumpWANKER

#35 This Barcode For A Salsa In Texas Is A Chili Pepper

Image source: Flance

#36 A Zebra Barcode On My Daughter’s Book

Image source: boho_chic

#37 This Is How You Integrate A Barcode Into Your Product Design

Image source: pocket_sumo

#38 While We’re Doing Cool Barcodes. Here’s The One On My Einstein’s Energy Bar

Image source: quaz4r

#39 Clever Barcode Design On Noodle Pot

Image source: HarvesterG

#40 This Cereal Box’s Barcode

Image source: spots10784

#41 Inca Inspired Illustrated Barcode

Image source: Steve Simpson

#42 Barcode On My Baking Powder

Image source: tkubik

#43 The Barcode On My Shaving Soap

Image source: fitengy

#44 Barcode Vodka

Image source: Flameknight

#45 The Illuminati Is Watching You

Image source: TheOfficialKrome

#46 Reading On The Packaging Of A Sleeve For The Kindle Fire

Image source: MonsterReject

#47 The Barcode On This Bottle Of Bourbon Is A Barrel

Image source: gr33nss

#48 The Barcode On This Cup Of Soup Is A Pot Of Soup

Image source: saltshaft

#49 Barcode Of My Toilet Paper Pack Is In The Shape Of Toilet Paper

Image source: NSFeaster

#50 This Barcode On A Pack Of Baby Spinach

Image source: sukchau

#51 I Have A Caribou On My Coffe

Image source: scsi15

#52 Schweeps Ginger Ale – Serving Man

Image source: BarcodeBabe

#53 Vinyl: Brendan Benson ‘What Kind Of World’ 7

Image source: _adam_bomb_

#54 This Soda Has A Lion In The Barcode

Image source: Bronze_V_IRL

#55 The Barcode On This Package Of Tea I Bought

Image source: pearson530

#56 Baby Food Cow-Code

Image source: tke439

#57 Japanese Yogurt

Image source: _capsule

#58 Dog Leash Barcode Is A Dog

Image source: jordanrocks444

#59 The Barcode On My Tea

Image source: facederaice

#60 The Barcode On This Chocolate Milk Is A Cow

Image source: Raviepooh

#61 This Tea Package Barcode

Image source: lemangue

#62 This Is A Tasty Barcode

Image source: mhguarig

#63 I See Your Shower-Barcode And Raise You

Image source: DrHark

#64 Since We’re Talking About Barcodes

Image source: CarbonDudeoxide

#65 A Barcode On A Cigarette Box Inviting You To Recycle

Image source: iwebnawebu

#66 This Tobacco Barcode

Image source: evilili

#67 A Cloche

Image source: rrrobot_

#68 My Kitkat Barcode Is A Bunny Hiding In Grass

Image source: bumbledaisy

#69 This Bar Code Is Poured Or Of A Bottle

Image source: SadAxolotl

#70 Cityscape – Pretzel Bag

Image source: BarcodeBabe

#71 Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt

Image source: hello_Mrs_Cumberdale

#72 Blackout Energy Drink

Image source: BarcodeBabe

#73 Willy Wonka Candy – Waterfall

Image source: BarcodeBabe

#74 It’s A Barcode Jungle Out There

Image source: Harmony_freebird

#75 This Barcode Is A Boat! It’s A Box Of Earl Grey Tea

Image source: jbrandona119

#76 My History Book

Image source: dont_mess_with_tx

#77 Sprite Has A Thermometer As A Barcode In China

Image source: KrypticDonuts

#78 The Barcode On The Back Of This Maple Tea Bag Box

Image source: Sulldognasty

#79 Ok Mike And Ike. You Win The Barcode Award

Image source: jubco

#80 Barcode On A Box Of Sardines

Image source: bernie_rsa

#81 This Yogurt Barcode Has A Guy Skiing Up It

Image source: spewintothiss

#82 The Frozen Microwavable “Sandwiches” Box Barcode Is Flames

Image source: LegacyZXT

#83 The Barcode On Thos Brown Sauce Is Integrated Into The Skyline

Image source: razlr

#84 Awesome Barcode Design On My New Bottle Of Swedish Whisky

Image source: theropod

#85 The Barcode On My Box Of Teabags Is A Teapot

Image source: lydell

#86 The Wonka Bar’s Barcode Is The Front Entrance To The Wonka Factory

Image source: ZzSkyHawkzZ

#87 The Barcode To My Camera Flash Is A Camera

Image source: Riikarii

#88 I Live In China And The Barcode On My Bottle Of Coke Has Chopsticks Pulling Up The Barcode Like Noodles

Image source: jlt19

#89 The Bar Code On Dog Food Is Some Kind Of Dachshund Chicken Hybrid

Image source: APictureofLokiEveryday

#90 The Barcode On This Hair Clipper

Image source: dikketetten

#91 Lost Rhino Beer

Image source: ThePeoplesBard

#92 My Favorite From Work Today

Image source: tke439

#93 And It Scans?!

Image source: pint-shot-riot

#94 My Beard Brush Has The Manliest Of Barcodes

Image source: Ganrokh

#95 Little Guy Hiking Up A Bar Code On My Hiking Pack

Image source: Ace_of_Clubs

#96 This Milkbox Has A Milkdrop In The Barcode

Image source: unterlive

#97 Hey, That’s Neat

Image source: evoLrelliK

#98 Love Corn Barcode

Image source: kbox

#99 Tomato Sauce Label Combines Fork With Spaghetti Into Their Barcode

Image source: amob

#100 Water Bottle Bar Code On A Water Bottle

Image source: thedogsnack

#101 Anthropomorphic Canadian Corn Cob Sprays Maple Syrup All Over Barcode

Image source: buttord

#102 The Barcode For My Tea Has The American Flag In It

Image source: The_Zykanator

#103 This Noosa Yogurt Barcode Has A Hilly Farm And A Grazing Cow

Image source: ThatIndianBoi

#104 Family In Bardcode Couch

Image source: ihatetoregister

#105 The Barcode On This Cheese Puff Bag Is A Fingerprint

Image source: LoneStarS8_of_Mind

#106 This Ribena Barcode With Bugs

Image source: QuixoticRocket

#107 Barcode On A Herb Liquer From Austria

Image source: cschock

#108 This Knife’s Barcode

Image source: Im_the_President

#109 The Barcode Of My New York Style Bagel Crisps

Image source: reddit

#110 Check Out The Barcode On My Beer

Image source: mr_pablo

#111 Lemonade Bottles Barcode Disguised As A Lemon Truck

Image source: Eyeseewhatudidthere

#112 Ice Cream Barcode

Image source: sai_sai33

#113 This Coffee Bean Whispering Sweet Barcodes In Your Ear

Image source: awakegrape

#114 Valentines Day Wine Barcode

Image source: Mr_Nothingatall

#115 This Can Of Japanese Potato Sticks

Image source: irokatcod4

#116 Left Field Cider From Canada

Image source: WhatTheDuess

#117 Barcode On My Sisters Gluten Free Cookies

Image source: doitforthev

#118 This Bottle Of Savanna Dry


#119 New York Spring Water – Statue Of Liberty

Image source: BarcodeBabe

#120 Wavy Barcode

Image source: balderrama52

#121 This Sawyer Water Filter

Image source: King_Butterbean

#122 This Tractor Is Tending To An Overgrown Barcode

Image source: PixieFurious

#123 The Barcode On My Bisongrass Vodka Is Grass

Image source: Glutamat2

#124 Bearcode

Image source: LordChesticles

#125 There’s A Bird In This Barcode

Image source: jmonaydollarsign

#126 Bowl Of Berries Code

Image source: Harmony_freebird

#127 Apple Pie Whiskey

Image source: frinkhutz

#128 World’s Smallest Rubik’s Cube Barcode

Image source: evilpineapple98

#129 Black Forest’s Barcode Resembles A Black Forest

Image source: dinosoursmash

#130 I Want To Call This A Zebra Delicious

Image source: Harmony_freebird

#131 Creative Barcode

Image source: pappyodaniel

#132 The Bar Code On This Beer Bottle Is A Glass Of Beer

Image source: Jvgiv

#133 Toothpaste

Image source: foxmalts

#134 The Barcode On This Japanese Green Tea Is A Bamboo Forest

Image source: itscalledANIMEdad

#135 The Barcode On This Pack Of Toilet Roll Is Designed To Look Like A Toilet Roll

Image source: we_are-138

#136 The Barcode On My Snack Is A Barn

Image source: baa410

#137 This Hill-Shaped Barcode On A Milk Carton, Complete With Grazing Cow

Image source: cardboard-kansio

#138 Buried At Sea Milk Stout By The Galway Bay Brewery

Image source: READMYSHIT

#139 Bigelow Tea With A Torii Barcode

Image source: Molmum

#140 Maple Syrup Bottle’s Bar Code

Image source: badwolfpopcorn

#141 Bracode – Noble Savage Wine

Image source: BarcodeBabe

#142 This Box Of Brownie Mix Has A Barcode Shaped Like An Oven Mitt

Image source: PureNonsense

#143 Barcode On Nalle (“Cub”) Oatmeal Box

#144 Bar Code, In A Towel, On A Towel Rail

Image source: 9DAN2

#145 Backwoods Packaging Printed The Barcode As A Mountain Ridge Complete With A Wolf And Looming Sunset

Image source: fastmeza

#146 This Barcode Is Trying To Make It Very Clear That This Is A Food Product

Image source: chelford42

#147 Barcode On Russian Spirit Drink

Image source: svtslv

#148 The Bar Code On The Back Of This Box Of Jellybellies Is A Jellybean

Image source: RobaBobaLoba

#149 This Wine Bottle Unzips Its Barcode

Image source: chrisu

#150 Kombucha Bottle With A Kombucha Bottle Barcode

Image source: foxmalts

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