These Guys Decided To Have An “Instagram Girls Day Out” And It Turned Out Hilarious

noviembre 13, 2018

As diverse as social media can be, it can get boring sometimes – seeing the same things over and over can get a little monotonous. That’s why two guys – Stevey and Doug – decided to fight it in the most hilarious way – by having an “Instagram Girls Day Out”.

The idea came when the two friends were cruising around and saw a sunflower field: “There had been an article in the news about sunflower fields getting trampled in southern Ontario by people going in droves to get selfies, so it seemed topical. I think we were joking about hashtags and the idea for an “ Instagram girl’s day out” just sort of came together,” said Stevey in an interview with Bored Panda.

The guys said they had fun and based on the reactions from people on the internet, they might do another one. They also think that in order to keep things balanced, they might do a “stereotypical Instagram guy day out”. “Although a girls day out part two would probably be more enjoyable since part one seemed to be about just enjoying ourselves, relaxing and laughing. I think the girls are on to something!” said Stevey.

Check out the guys’ “girls day out” in the gallery below!

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These two friends decided to have an “Instagram girls day out”

Road trip!



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Based on peoples’ reactions, the guys said they might do another one in the future

People on the internet loved their day out

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