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noviembre 22, 2018

Everyone loves the feeling of adding the last piece of the puzzle or that “swish” sound a basketball makes when it goes in without touching the rim. These kinds of things give us an unexplainable sense of satisfaction and calmness that we sometimes miss in our lives.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of the most satisfying things that fit together perfectly and they might be just what you need temporarily break away from the stress around you. Check them out in the gallery below!


#1 This Vacuum Cleaner Under The Cabinet

Image source: ShirazGypsy

#2 This Hedgehog

Image source: りんご酢

#3 My 6’7″ Friend And The London Underground

Image source: jamaisvu99

#4 I Opened My Medication And Found 7 Pills Perfectly Stuck At The Top

Image source: ryckae

#5 It’s A Perfect Fit

Image source: FitssLife

#6 My Friend Found The Perfect Gloves

Image source: FIXEDGRIN

#7 The Way This Packing Material Fits In My Coworker’s Door Way

Image source: Elder_John

#8 We Bought A Used Sectional Over A Year Ago. Found Another One (Again, Used) Oriented The Opposite Direction For Our New Place. I Got Out The Measuring Tape And Discovered Something Truly Wonderful

Image source: MrCupps

#9 This Delivery Dude Must Have Felt So Good After Leaving This Package At My Apartment Building

Image source: spookybrain

#10 Watching That Happen Made The Water Even Better

Image source: leakrmusic

#11 I’ve Been A Cabinet Installer For Over Two Years And I’ve Never Had This Happen Before

Image source: Sarcasma19

#12 I Finally Found Out What That Little Slot In The Car Was For

Image source: VampiricAcorn

#13 This Truck Driver’s Arrangement Is Neat

#14 Finally, A Hotel That Understands

Image source: pooka_pook

#15 These Little Bowls In This Big Bowl

Image source: pacman_johns

#16 Had A Pair Of Prescription Lenses Which Fit Perfectly In My Mask. I Could See All The Fishes Clearly

Image source: growup_andblowaway

#17 These Flower Pots I Bought Today Fit Perfectly On The Tiles

Image source: balkonkind

#18 I Work As A Window Cleaner, And This Is The First Time This Has Happened

Image source: Neinman

#19 The Complete Works Of Charles Dickens

Image source: BristolEngland

#20 I Like How His Nose Fits Perfectly

Image source: mybodyisajacuzzi

#21 If I Fits, I Sits

Image source: MisterQuiver

#22 Only Way All My Pills Fit In The Container

Image source: reddit.com

#23 Three Tow Trucks And A Mini

Image source: Enter_Text_Here

#24 This Is How You Pack A UPS Truck

Image source: mattfuckingwaters

#25 Sweet Lord

Image source: ivanbelejkov

#26 I Got The Chopping Board Stuck In The Sink At Work

Image source: joeyjoeyjojo_joe

#27 Trailer Full Of Wood Fits Perfectly

Image source: iHaveACatDog

#28 My Laundry Door, Everyone. The Fit Is So Close It Gives Me Goosebumps

Image source: PoliteAnarchist

#29 Curved Monitor In The Ikea Micke Table

Image source: vrsekar

#30 It Actually Fits

Image source: greatbigballsoffire

#31 A 1l Bottle Of Jameson Fits Precisely In My Fire Extinguisher Holder

Image source: YouCanCallMeTheSloth

#32 Paperclip Perfectly Loops Around The “O” On My Paper

Image source: kespri

#33 Soda Can In Railing

Image source: discardedsock

#34 This Truck In A Tunnel

Image source: Ergo_Bibamus

#35 Clothes Hangers In A Packing Box

Image source: maroonedscientist

#36 Goldfish For Later

Image source: KevlarYarmulke

#37 Glove Boxes In A Drawer At My Work

Image source: nasty-otter

#38 Didn’t Think I Could Fit 3, And Then This Happened

Image source: YearZero

#39 The Way This Grapefruit Fits In This Bowl

Image source: JTech324

#40 This Bouncy Toy Fits Perfectly Into The Cooler’s Drink Holders

Image source: kovasin

#41 The Way This Slice Of Pepperoni Fits Inside The Onion

Image source: Aznev

#42 This Paper Sheet Fits Perfectly In The Box

Image source: slayerwood

#43 Sofa In The End Of A Hallway

Image source: Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things

#44 Turns Out A Condom Fits Perfectly In An Old Gameboy Game Case

Image source: OBEYthemCHILDREN

#45 Two Buildings In Downtown New Orleans

Image source: hcatch

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