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noviembre 27, 2018

There’s nothing better than a simple minimalist design that brings you a clean, free feeling.  But attaining this minimalist aesthetic is not as easy, sometimes designers need to put a lot of effort and thinking into their designs to make the result look as simple as they do. This list compiled by Bored Panda proves just that, and it’s an inspiration to all of us what a good product looks like. From a genius minimalist business cards to creative book covers, this list proves that you don’t need anything extra to create a good design!

Scroll down to check out the list for yourself! (h/t)

#1 This Business Card Shows All Contact Info Using Only An Email Address

Image source: HeyBuddy_

#2 Awesome Beer Cans Show The Pantone Color Of The Brew That’s Inside

Image source: txaber.net

#3 The Cover Of 1984

Image source: Adronauts Berlin

#4 This LED Clock

Image source: kibardindesign.com

#5 Really Smart And Also Minimalist Design

Image source: Ozyman_Diaz

#6 Simple And Clever Milk Branding Concept That Features A UFO Space Ship Lid

Image source: Kan Salt, Marcel Sheishenov and I-Media Creative Bureau

#7 Pop-Outlet

Image source: thisiswhyimbroke.com

#8 Cover Illustrations For Each Harry Potter Book

Image source: Kincső Nagy

#9 Oddly Satisfying Knife Set From Delgon

#10 A Silly Light

Image source: Kosho Tsuboi

#11 Triangle Notebook

Image source: Tan Mavitan

#12 My Minimal Watch. It Only Shows What You Need To Know

Image source: santorin

#13 Fold-Out Minimalist BBQ For Space Saving

Image source: focus-creation.com

#14 You Are Gonna Love This Minimal Set Of Chess

Image source: niquetapute

#15 The New Norwegian Passport Design

#16 This Lamp Makes Antlers When Switched On

Image source: Popup Lighting

#17 These Minimalist Playing Cards

Image source: coolmaterial.com

#18 Wife Bought This Simplistic Moon Light. Felt Very Powerful Holding It

Image source: johnderek182

#19 Tesla Model 3 Interior

Image source: cleantechnica.com

#20 This Minimalist Gravestone

Image source: bulbulkaya16

#21 Ray Bradbury’s ‘Fahrenheit 451’ Bound With Striking Paper And A Match

Image source: Elizabeth Perez

#22 These Rainbowless Skittles

Image source: UnpurePurist

#23 The Simpsons Inspired Minimalist Wine Bottles

Image source: Constantin Bolimond

#24 This Dressing Room Has Their Clothing Hooks Labeled In A Very Minimalist Way

Image source: Pumpkinspice90

#25 Tolkien Minimalist Book Covers I Created

Image source: Ghstwrld

#26 Help Remedies

Image source:  ChappsMalina, Little Fury & Help Remedies

#27 Kub – A Sink By Architect Victor Vasilev

Image source: Victor Vasilev

#28 Objects That Seem Like Half-Finished Sketches Of Candle Holders, Vases, Bowls And Bottles

#29 Lamp That Projects Its Own Shade

Image source: yoy-idea.jp

#30 Brilliant Travel Hanger Design

Image source: monoco

#31 This Journal Made To Look Like A Silver Block When Closed

Image source: sweet_I

#32 This Hotel Shampoo Which Assumes Your Theft Also Has A Very Simplistic Package

Image source: NoStelthMod

#33 Dominos Pizza Box From The 60s

Image source: aaron_is_here

#34 Very Strong Coffee

Image source: firebox.com

#35 Minimalist Packaging For A Series Of Flours

Image source: maisondidee

#36 A Minimalist’s iPhone

Image source: SuperDorkly

#37 Minimalist Coffee Shop

#38 Minimalistic Steel Pen

Image source: silentpl

#39 Minimalist Packaging Design For A Matchbox Decorated Only With The Red Phosphorus Ink That’s Used For Striking Matches

Image source: Shane Schneck and Clara von Zweigbergk

#40 Conceptual Packaging Design For Well-Known Supermarket Products Created By Stripping Back The Existing Graphics In Stages

Image source: antrepo4.com

#41 I Scraped The Labels Off Some Voss Water Bottles To Re-Use. The Result Looked Pretty Nice

Image source: caffeinetherapy

#42 This Natural Black Water With Its Smart Packaging

#43 A Beer I Found In Berlin, Germany

Image source: breadteam

#44 Square’s New Minimal Cash Card

#45 The Packaging For This Juice Company

Image source: Sam Jorden

#46 Minimalist McDonald’s Ad From Sweden Shows New Large Coffee Size

Image source: daviddoctorrose.wordpress.com

#47 Evolvia By Evolve Olive Oil Presented In A Minimal Bottle

Image source: by-evolve.com

#48 It’s Been Proven Time And Time Again That Simple Packaging Designs Always Seem To Be The Most Successful. I Don’t Even Like Almond Milk, But These Bottles Would Make Me Want To Pour It On Everything

Image source: arrowcreativedesign

#49 Beautiful Minimalist Set Of Lava Plates

Image source: Caterina Moretti and Ana Saldaña

#50 So Simple, Yet Still Eye-Catching

Image source: herbivorebotanicals

#51 A Packaging Concept For HB Pencils Which Doubles As A Container And Is Intended To Be Displayed On Ones’ Desk

Image source: Swann Marchon

#52 Record Player Reboot With A Beautifully Minimal Design Seen Alongside With All The Features Of All Full Fledged Record Player With 50% Less Footprint

Image source: Siddharth Vanchinathan

#53 Minimal Analog Watch Design

Image source: tokyoflash.com

#54 Book Cover For “Kidnapped” By Alan Grant

Image source: Adronauts Berlin

#55 Headphone Packaging Designed To Look Like Musical Notes

Image source: Panda_911

#56 Stylish Clothes Hanger Inspired By The Eponymous Percussion Instrument

Image source: Christine Nogtev and Chul Cheong

#57 Minimal Packaging For Natural Chocolate Bars

Image source: Yuta Takahashi

#58 My Ultra-Minimalist Vanity, Courtesy Of Ikea And Amazon

Image source: Iuqrazte

#59 Misery Vodka Packaging Design Which Is Very Simple Yet Effective

Image source: Maria De La Croix

#60 This Protein Bar Design With No BS

Image source: RXBAR

#61 Minimalist Circular Fruit Bowls. Each Piece Of Fruit Added To Or Subtracted From The Mix Changes The Angle Of The Centerpiece

Image source: Helena Schepens

#62 This Clock Has Been Hanging In My Grandma’s Kitchen For 20+ Years

Image source: TomOmon

#63 Luminous Shadow Clock

Image source: poetic-lab.com

#64 Minimalist Nativity Set

Image source: Emilie Voirin

#65 I Liked Its Minimal Aesthetic, And It Amused My Inner Child

Image source: Batteriesareexcluded

#66 This Minimalist Cereal Box

Image source: eurfryn

#67 Minimalist Gramophone

Image source: Livia Ritthaler

#68 Minimalist Welcome Mat

Image source: leonthesun

#69 Minimalist Valentine’s Day Cards

Image source: lotusandash.com

#70 Color Of Time Minimalist Wall Clock Which Shows Emotions For The Time And Continuous Light Changes During A Day

Image source: Dae-hoo Kim

#71 El Buscador Wine

Image source: Dorian

#72 My Desk Calendar

Image source: Aicire

#73 Can’t Stop Touching My Silk Matte Business Cards With My Slogan “Go. Do. Create.” On The Front

Image source: bluebeige_designs

#74 This Minimalist Beer Can Design

Image source: andre_is_my_name

#75 So Asa Akira Is Selling Candles Now

#76 Condom Packaging

Image source: htenoodel

#77 Justin Sauvignon Blanc Wine Label Caught My Eye

Image source: pencilvester_C137

#78 Packaging Development For Monache Rosse

Image source: roberto_salazar

#79 Styling Your Hair Should Be Simple. We Keep Every Element Simple Including Our Minimal Look Packaging

Image source: morrisonhaircare

#80 Beer Can Design From A Local Brewery

Image source: amantaban

#81 It’s Nice To Not Have To Fumble With Tangled Cords And Also It Looks So Nice

Image source: fireboltauror

#82 Hops Lip Balm Packaging. Who Wants Some?

Image source: balm_etc

#83 Apple Headphones’ Visualization Designed Keeping With The Tradition Of Simplistic Minimal Design

Image source: Sang-hoon Lee

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