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noviembre 14, 2018

Looking at old family photos can be amusing – hairstyles of the 80s or fashion choices of the 90s never cease to put smiles on our faces. And although most people are glad mullets and JNCO jeans are a thing of the past, others boldly embrace their past blunders and make awesome recreations of their old family photos.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of the best family photo recreations that will inspire you to try it for yourself. Better start looking for those funky turtlenecks and denim jackets! Check out the pictures in the gallery below!


#1 Father, Daughter And Their Pets Recreate The Same Photo For 10 Years, Proving That Some Things Never Change

Image source: Mr. Wong

#2 Some Things Never Change

Image source: dawsonalliah

#3 My Husband Was 3 Months Old When His Father Was Killed In A Car Accident. As A Christmas Gift To His Grandmother This Year, We Recreated An Old Photo With Our New Son

Image source: chelsea-vong

#4 A Son Who Predicted He Would Follow In His Father’s Footsteps And Become A Police

Image source: mrmemefirst

#5 We Had To Put My Dog Of 16 Years Down Yesterday, But Before We Did We Recreated Our Favourite Photo With Him

Image source: weezabeeb

#6 Me And My Great Uncle 24 Years Apart

Image source: IdontSparkle

#7 Off To Pre-K With My Grandmother. 19 Years Later, Off To Graduate School

Image source: JohnClarkLevin

#8 Two Brothers Return To Their Abandoned Car In Pripyat

Image source: frenzy3

#9 My Son And I Planted Our Faces On A Copier, Then And Now

Image source: dittidot

#10 35 Years Later…

Image source: OoklaIsMyHomeboy

#11 Happy Easter From My Family To Yours

Image source: dogwhobarkstoomuch

#12 Nearly 30 Years Elapsed. Just Before My Retirement, We Re-Created My Favorite Photo Of My Oldest Son And I…

Image source: avghomeowner

#13 Back To The Beach

Image source: lorasio

#14 My Mom Hasn’t Aged Since 1988

Image source: fho15

#15 Brothers In A Bathtub. 20 Years Apart

Image source: stenchi

#16 My Dad At 29, Me At 2 Weeks (My Dad’s First). Me At 29, My Boy At 2 Weeks (My First)

Image source: BeerIsDelicious

#17 My Cousin Offered Me A Memory For Christmas. She Bought All The Accessories To Recreate This Moment, From 2002 To 2017

Image source: forthethirdtimetoday

#18 21 Years Later

Image source: KingJosiah96

#19 Me And My Sister 20 Years Apart. 1998 – 2018. My Parents Are Hilarious Humans

Image source: TookThisName

#20 30 Years And Beards

Image source: poonchinello

#21 My Wife And Her Pupper 30 Years Ago, And Our Daughter And Her Pupper

Image source: land0man

#22 Exactly 20 Years Later, We Went Back To The Same Photographer To Surprise Our Parents With A Gift

Image source: Br0veralls

#23 At Age 4, I Whispered Sweet Nothings Into Her Ear. 24 Years Later, We’re Getting Married

Image source: apete384

#24 Sleeping Beauty

Image source: NateTrib

#25 My Dad And Brother Recreated This Photo 26 Years Later

Image source: dillonsterling

#26 Christmas 1984 To Christmas 2012. The Only Thing That Has Changed Is My Choice Of Bottled Beverage

Image source: shelly887

#27 Recreated My First Halloween 21 Years Later

Image source: jordsimill

#28 My Dad And I 13 Years Apart

Image source: Only_Speak_Murican

#29 We Gave It Our Best…

Image source: reddit.com

#30 Father’s Day Wouldn’t Be Complete Without Our Annual Tradition Of Remaking This 1968 Photo Of Dad And Me On His First Motorcycle

Image source: fmip222

#31 Siblings, 26 Years Apart (Perth, Western Australia)

Image source: frogmagnet

#32 Started In The Backpack Now I’m Here… With My Son… 34 Years Later

Image source: AskingForMrBrown

#33 My Brothers And I Decided To Recreate Our Mother’s Favorite Photo Of Us For Mother’s Day – 20 Years Apart

Image source: TheHeavensWillBurn

#34 Sisters, 15 Years Apart

Image source: rileyandreu

#35 Dad Still Knows How To Relax After 30 Years

Image source: Cradnee

#36 August 2002 – August 2015

Image source: Checkpoint-Charlie

#37 Recreation Of Bride’s Childhood Family Photo At Her Wedding

Image source: notbob1959

#38 Birthday With The Bro! But Mine Started 8 Minutes Ago

Image source: lanetwinsgary

#39 Me And My Bros

Image source: guilhasbranc0

#40 From The Beginning, He’s Always Been Giving Me A Helping Hand. 23 Years Later, I’ve Graduated From College And He’s Still There For Me When I Need Him

Image source: cdrdj

#41 Being Able To Finally Recreate This Photo Has Been One Of My Proudest Achievements. The University Graduations Of My Mother And I

Image source: GreenCristina

#42 My Father And I In 1980, And My Son And I In 2018

Image source: roggesound

#43 A Surprise For Our Mom 20 Years Later

Image source: i_h8_ktchup

#44 So My Dad And I Went To Disneyland To Recreate A Favorite Family Photo

Image source: Clephtis

#45 Testing Our Mobility 20 Years Later

Image source: smitz45

#46 23 Years

Image source: cjs81268

#47 Father And Son, The Very First And Last Space Shuttle Launch, 30 Years Apart

Image source: NateTrib

#48 25 Years Later

Image source: lovisealtmann

#49 Nailed It 15 Years Later!

Image source: BekkiFair

#50 22 Years Later. Took A Ton Of Effort To Pull This One Off. Trying To Find All The Right Clothes, Including A No Fear Shirt

Image source: luketmillar

#51 Same Shirt. Same Bike. Same Kid. Officially A Teen

Image source: fletchlivz

#52 Yup. This Happened

Image source: ToyBoxStudiosDC

#53 Me, My Cousin, And My Brother After 22 Years

Image source: mellowman13

#54 1st Photo: Little Me As Jr. Bridesmaid In My Aunt’s Wedding 2nd Photo: Big Me And Little Cousin As Jr. Bridesmaid In My Wedding 17 Years Later

Image source: bouwchickawow

#55 My Family Recreated Our Photo In Front Of The NYC Skyline From 1999!

Image source: tinkerlane

#56 Recreated A Photo With My Siblings. What A Difference A Couple Decades Makes

Image source: iamcleverhoneybadger

#57 24 Years Pass

Image source: brugaltheelder

#58 My Dad Posted This On His Facebook

Image source: austinfromaustin

#59 Sisters Then And Now, Photos 20 Years Apart

Image source: viadoodle

#60 1st Gen (1989): Me, My Dad, And My Grandpa Playing Zelda On Nes. 2nd Gen (2016): My Son, Me, And My Dad Playing Zelda On Nes On Wiiu

Image source: TheBigLebrewski8811

#61 Our Attempt At A Then And Now Photo

Image source: GeraldMcBoing

#62 23 Years Later, And A Lot Less Hair… Our Family Photo Re-Creation!

Image source: Tarahsay

#63 The Siblings, 18 Years

Image source: TheThirdBlackGuy

#64 Happy Halloween From Me And My Demonic Brother

Image source: HiChrisRyan

#65 Picture With Cousins, 28 Year Difference

Image source: Bedevier

#66 27 Years Later

Image source: hey2thecow

#67 For My Parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary, We Recreated Their Wedding Photo

Image source: wreave

#68 Father And Son 15 Years Later

Image source: guardontheright

#69 I Recreated A Photo With My Sister 16 Years Apart

Image source: 43eyes

#70 My Cousins And I 20 Years Later

Image source: mossimo654

#71 Nothing At All Has Changed

Image source: brittneygalos

#72 As Teenagers On Our First Date We Took An “Old West” Photo. Exactly 20 Years Later We Took Another One

Image source: twilling8

#73 Then And Now

Image source: randypix

#74 Family Portrait Then And After 18 Years

Image source: GnEeErKd

#75 Husband And His Siblings Recreated A Pic From 1982 For Their Parents

Image source: frigbat

#76 34 Years Later. My Mother With Me. My Wife With My Son

Image source: bloody_hell

#77 My Brothers And I Recreated Some Old Photos Of Ourselves For Our Parents’ Christmas Gift

Image source: keyofsolomon_

#78 22 Years Difference. We Were Visiting Our Old Hometown And Noticed These Poles Were Still In Front Of Our Childhood Home. The Tree Grew Up Good Too

Image source: echoenovy

#79 I Have 3 Brothers. Here’s 1

Image source: giordanazed

#80 My Sister Was A Superhero On Her First Day Of Kindergarden. Now Her First Day Of Being A Kindergarden Teacher 23 Year Later

Image source: SlothsInTheCellar

#81 History Repeats Itself. My Son And I, Dad And Me 35 Years Ago To The Day

Image source: atbrown630

#82 My Mum And I Recreated This Picture Of Us From 1974…

Image source: beenierye

#83 Sister And I (And Park), 20 Years Apart!

Image source: crazedx

#84 Family 20 Years Later

Image source: vaniimarques

#85 About 33 Years Apart

Image source: BigCarl

#86 One Of My Favorite Pictures With My Dad

Image source: cobbers83

#87 My Sister And I, 1992 And 2014

Image source: stillakilla

#88 Father’s Day: 18 Years Later

Image source: NateTrib

#89 My Brother And I Recreated Pictures 25 Years Later For Our Mom’s Birthday. My Brother Was A Fan Of Eating Dirt

Image source: jpiano23

#90 Brother And Sister, Then And Now…

Image source: super_sparta6

#91 Recreation Of The Day My Brother Came Home From The Hospital In 1985, Recreated In 2014

Image source: mikebphoto

#92 Same Car, Different Dog

Image source: Nofaithinfaith

#93 My Son And I 16 Years Apart. Same Couch, Same Shirt On Me, One Very Awkward Moment Taking The Bottom Photo

Image source: PipelinePatrick

#94 Past And Present. Best Father’s Day Gift Ever!

Image source: Baldosack

#95 My Dad And Little Sister Then And Now On Her 17th Birthday. Clearly Years Of Parenting Has Taken It’s Toll On My Dad’s Face

Image source: Cutter1998

#96 17 Years Later My Siblings And I Recreate Our Moms Favorite Photo Of Us

Image source: Devotron64

#97 Twenty Years Later…

Image source: literallycat

#98 Recreated Old Photo Of My Dad Holding Me In 1983, Now Me Holding My Son 2014

Image source: robinsonirwin

#99 20 Years Ago, Our Aunt Got Married At The Same Place We Stood Up In A Wedding At This Year. We Recreated (Almost) The Picture

Image source: jpatton03

#100 My Mom And My Sister (Circa 1989) And Today As A First Time Grandma With My Sister’s First Child

Image source: Jan-22-2006

#101 This Is My Family In December Of 1992 And 2012

Image source: NateTrib

#102 20 Years Ago My Brother Met His Future Wife At A Kids Birthday Party

Image source: arual_x

#103 My Birthday And My Family Reunion Have Only Fallen On The Same Day Twice. Witness The Years Of Difference

Image source: tweedboss

#104 Recreating Childhood Photos For Our Parents

Image source: Linus Bohman

#105 Recreated This Photo For My Grandmothers 70th Birthday (That’s Me In The Middle)

Image source: yacov12

#106 22 Years Later

Image source: reddit.com

#107 Rediscovered Our Long-Forgotten Dolls In The Midst Of Our Parents’ Move. They’re Much Creepier Than I Recall

Image source: iluffeggs

#108 My Brother And I Recreated A Childhood Photo. The Hair Has Migrated…

Image source: weexpectedTHIS

#109 The Difference 24 Years Make

Image source: AmyWillson

#110 Family Photo Remake

Image source: annie__voth_

#111 Childhood Dreams

Image source: kimtretiakow

#112 Me And My Siblings Came Together To Recreate A Childhood Photo For My Dad. I Think It Turned Out Pretty Good

Image source: petenpatrol

#113 My Dad And Brother, 17 Years Apart. In The First Photo My Brother Wasn’t Crushing My Dad’s Chest As Much

Image source: paintandarmour

#114 Mother’s Day, 5 Years Apart – Recreated

Image source: reddit.com

#115 Halloween, 16 Years Later…

Image source: ConnorUllmann

#116 20 Years In The Pool!

Image source: spartan114

#117 We Still Really Like Food

Image source: whimsicalfloozy

#118 We Recreated A Photo As A Present For Our Dads 60th, 18 Years Apart

Image source: kris2fa

#119 My Second And Nineteenth Birthdays

Image source: ItchySpaceman

#120 1997 And 2012

Image source: mom4bocasacto

#121 Me With My Sister, 23 Years Apart

Image source: 3 years ago

#122 My Siblings And I Recreated This Photo From Our Youth. Circa 91

Image source: awesomekidhero

#123 When The Cousins Are All Together For The First Time In 2 Years…

Image source: relleish3

#124 I Mean There’s Literally No One I Would Rather Recreate Awkward Childhood Photos With Other Than You Sissy! Happy 30th To My Wild Sassy Big Hearted Sister!

Image source: nikolekristinehair

#125 To Sisterhood

Image source: eestowell

#126 As A Wedding Anniversary Gift For My Parents, My Siblings And I Did This. 25 Years Difference…

Image source: LBiebs

#127 My Brothers And I, About 15 Years Apart. I’m On The Bottom

Image source: kcrandall758

#128 15 Years Apart And We Still Have The Same Hair Styles

Image source: myprofile94

#129 Mother’s Day Gift. Tried Our Best 23 Years Later

Image source: KingHamBone

#130 Look How Far We’ve Come

Image source: dinosa_ur

#131 My Siblings And I Recreated My Mom’s Favourite Photo Of Us As Kids

Image source: punkonater

#132 My Brother And I: 1995 – 2001 – 2013

Image source: ccellofleming

#133 We Still Have The Same Wig 14 Years Later

Image source: cunningas

#134 From 1998 To 2018

Image source: gabwein

#135 Brother And Sister

Image source: iagogcunha

#136 A Friend Of Mine With Her Nephew In 1998 And 2017

Image source: ErWenn

#137 Me And My Twin Sister 27 Years Later

Image source: wools7

#138 Recreated An Old Family Photo From 16 Years Ago – Denim Was Very In

Image source: eggsbenedict17

#139 Thanks Mom For Dressing Us In The Most Oddly Colored Turtlenecks You Could Find. Recreating This For Your And Dad’s Anniversary Wasn’t Hard At All

Image source: MaReCh

#140 Friend Posted A 20 Years Later Pic. Nailed It

Image source: xerokills

#141 Me And Bro, 20 Years After

Image source: eleven_good_reasons

#142 35 Years, Same Tears (My Step-Dad And Step-Sister)

Image source: reddit.com

#143 So My Friends Decided To Recreate A Childhood Picture From 18 Years Ago

Image source: gingerariel

#144 17 Years, And A Hair Shift

Image source: starwarsandsloths

#145 My Kids Outside Our London House In 2004 And 2015

Image source: Webewitch

#146 Jean Jackets In 1993 Were A Strong Look! Second Photo Circa 2013 Tent Rock, NM

Image source: bobby_schmalls

#147 Me And My Sis 1991 Vs 2014 – Are We Doing This Right?

Image source: BaronVonChang

#148 We Used My Sister’s Wedding As An Opportunity To Recreate Our Favorite Family Photo Of All Time

Image source: ksf8291

#149 Left: My Niece Asleep In Her Daddy’s Arms Right: My Dad And I Recreating The Moment

Image source: ashleyplatz

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