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noviembre 02, 2018

Halloween is finally here and like every year people from all over the world surprised us with their elaborate costumes. So if you still haven’t picked yours – you better hurry up!

Bored Panda has compiled a list of the best Halloween costumes so far and we just can’t get enough! Doesn’t matter if you’re young or old – everyone can join the celebration. Check out the best Halloween costumes in the gallery below and if you want more, check out the best couple costumes here!


#1 My Super Adorable Headless Maya

Image source: kryshteta

#2 My Grandpa And Dog

Image source: matt_poulton

#3 I Am The Pumpkin King!

Image source: heroesbyhand

#4 Our Daughter, Claire, Dressed Up As Grandma Completed With A “Granny” Style Clothes, Homemade Wig, Pearls And A Walker Built By Daddy. Claire Walks Well Without Assistance, But Stroles Along With Her Walker

Image source: Michael

#5 Halloween Is Christmas For Us Amputees

Image source: Reaction_On_My_Nub

#6 Halloween Costume Made From Halloween Decorations

Image source: avantgeekart

#7 My Wife Have Been Waiting For This Halloween Since We First Heard We Were Having Twin Girls

Image source: jimley815

#8 Picasso Painting Halloween Costume

Image source: jennaflores

#9 Frodo!

Image source: pabs21

#10 I Think My Aunt Nailed This Hocus Pocus (Bette Midler) Halloween Costume

Image source: BomTradyGOAT

#11 My Daughter’s Wheelchair Made The Perfect Foundation For Her Halloween Costume

Image source: FightingForSB

#12 Dressed Up As An Anti-Vaxer For Halloween Party. It Was A Hit

Image source: Angieelaaa

#13 Mother And Son ‘Black Panther’ Halloween Costume

Image source: oligarchyoligarchy

#14 Brought Along My Little Drogon To A Halloween Party

Image source: thelittlevegan

#15 Hijabi Harley Quinn

Image source: radicalheadphone

#16 My Name’s Borat

Image source: Palana

#17 Halloween This Year

Image source: G_T1

#18 The Costumes We Made

Image source: DirtyAxeWound

#19 Our Couple’s Costume

Image source: PepPepper

#20 My Sister Needed A Costume For Her And Her Friends So I Put Together This For Them

Image source: bibbygregory

#21 Harry Potter Family Costume

Image source: DPunicorn

#22 We All Bark Down Here

Image source: ManCrisp

#23 Well We Were Supposed To Be Cleopatra And Caesar.. Classic Case Of Miscommunication

Image source: SierraEJackson

#24 My Daughter’s Maleficent Costume Made By My Wife And Mother-In-Law

Image source: TonightTheWorldDies

#25 Portal Halloween Costume

Image source: mack135

#26 The Royal Family Aka My Son The Queen

Image source: UndecidedMusic

#27 My Friend Didn’t Really Have A Name For It, But She Made It Herself

Image source: PunkandCannonballer

#28 America In 2018

#29 My Sister-In-Law Made The Best Costume I Have Ever Seen. Mr. Boogey Man. Ironically, She Is A Therapist And Helps Folks With There Personal Boogey Mans

Image source: T-Geometricus

#30 My Friend Dressed As Everyone’s Favourite Neighbour For Halloween

Image source: FluffyCloud5

#31 My First Full Costume Build. My 7-Year-Old Is Thrilled

Image source: DBWhatever

#32 So My Friend Dressed Up As Buddy The Elf For A Halloween Party And Ran Into This Guy On Campus

Image source: Co_sta_Coast

#33 My Daughter Wanted To Coordinate Costumes With Me, But I Was Already Set With A Deadpool Costume. As A Result, Here Is Negasonic Six-Year-Old Warhead

Image source: Bobby_Marks2

#34 My Brother As Edgar Allen Po

Image source: drawsyourlife

#35 My Husband’s Halloween Costume He Made From Scratch

Image source: amlarson1111

#36 He’s A Lum-Purr-Jack

Image source: mkaypopham

#37 Michael Somehow Found His Way On The Ramp

Image source: TheRealDavo

#38 Best $40 I Ever Spent

Image source: makaylarose___

#39 Costume Contest 2018

Image source: chiguy0641

#40 My Favorite Beanie Baby

Image source: Janetsnakeholewannabeeee

#41 Friend Of Mine Went As Banksy’s “Balloon Girl” For Halloween. Decided To Snap This Photo

Image source: guy_incognito784

#42 Me (Fat Guy In Blue) With My Albatross. The 5 Month Obsession Of Using EVA Foam And PVC Pipe To Dress A 17 Hand High, 2000 Pound Horse As An AT-AT

Image source: MikesTinyShop

#43 So My Wife Did My Son’s Makeup

Image source: ImaCulpA

#44 Mojo Jojo Costume

Image source: logangrey123

#45 My Wife And I Announcing Our Pregnancy

Image source: slyvenom

#46 My Daughter Shaved Her Head To Be 011 For Halloween

Image source: nottootoo

#47 Our Halloween Party Last Night

Image source: MyDarlingFeet

#48 Turns Out Drunk People Have A Hard Time With Puns

Image source: wallsonfire

#49 My One Year Old Girl As Mental Hospital Ace Ventura

Image source: Who_MDMDJBKH

#50 I Think My Son Makes A Good Edna Mode

Image source: eisme2016

#51 She Won The Halloween Contest

Image source: EverythingTittysBoii

#52 Omfg

Image source: MichaelDaniels_

#53 I’m Your Other Mother, Silly!

Image source: anoobsters

#54 Full Costume! It’s The First Time I’ve Thought Someone Of The Silver Screen Looked Like Me

Image source: callixte

#55 Married… With Children Halloween Costume

Image source: Onion_Do_Piaza

#56 What Can I Say, Except You’re Welcome

Image source: urbeaners

#57 Halloween 2018

Image source: i2ocker89

#58 Poison Ivy Costume

Image source: OwwMyButt

#59 My Wife Went To A Pirate Themed Charity Bowling Event But Decided Last Minute She Didn’t Want To Dress Like A Pirate Since She Figured Everyone Else Would Be. So She Went As A Cannon

Image source: Mailing_a_Bear

#60 My Dad And I As The Dude And Walter

Image source: highvolkage

#61 Mom’s Spaghetti

Image source: KAtwinklez

#62 My Boyfriend And I Went As Bob Ross And A Happy Little Tree

Image source: harricat001

#63 My GF’s House Party Was Batman Themed. I Present To You Harvey Dent

Image source: _YoungLink_

#64 My GF And Me As Hermione And Hismione

Image source: TheSweetestBoy_LA

#65 Grandpa Is Ready For Halloween

Image source: AWarTimeConsigliere

#66 Went As A Storm Reporter To A Local Halloween Party

Image source: dgdan12

#67 The Only Thing I Had To Ruin Was A $7 Pair Of Jeans. And My Beard, Too, I Guess

Image source: Dwaynard

#68 We Didn’t Do Too Bad

Image source: CforChewbacca

#69 My Drax Halloween Costume. I Was Standing Really Still When I Took It

Image source: SpartanTimmy

#70 Really Proud Of This. Made My 5 Year Old Wonder Woman An “Invisible Plane” For Halloween

Image source: FoxtrotUniform11

#71 My 80 Year Old Grandma Wants Opinions On Her Halloween Costume

Image source: alabama1arkansas

#72 My Son’s Costume This Year Made By My Wife. About $20 Worth Of Fabric, Cardboard, And 2 Shower Rings

Image source: gvsu96

#73 Channeling My Inner David Bowie As The Goblin King From Labyrinth

Image source: Ekob13

#74 Is This A Halloween Costume?

Image source: neomarz

#75 The Wet Bandits Halloween Costume

Image source: Phaedrus1024

#76 As A High School English Teacher, I’m Excited That Halloween Falls On A School Day. I Can’t Wait To Teach While Dressed As Arwen From “Lord Of The Rings” This Year. I’ll Take The Book With Me And Hopefully Inspire A New Generation To Read This Classic

Image source: dibbiluncan

#77 My Sister Just Sent Me This And Said Her Costume Is “Reverse Cowgirl”

Image source: sweaterpuppiez

#78 Ruth Vader Ginsberg

Image source: AngryNirds

#79 Never Half-A** Two Things…. Whole-A** One Thing. My Buddy Was Perfect

Image source: KaleYeah87

#80 Daenerys And Drogo. Happy Halloween

Image source: Duckingwithyou

#81 Here To Guard The Galaxy

Image source: UbbaB3n

#82 Sharknado

Image source: wert52

#83 Rolling The Dice On This Selfie So… You’re Welcome

Image source: ThisTimeLastYear

#84 Turned Myself Into A Nurse From Silent Hill. Lifegoal Achieved

Image source: TheDragonWarrior

#85 When I Learned The Bar I Was In Didn’t Serve Straws, I Yelled “Bigots!” And Stormed Out/Angerly Forced Myself Through A Doorway

Image source: rbtwirler

#86 This Boy’s Mom Made His Halloween Costume. He Truly Is The Man Of Steel

Image source: goodlyearth

#87 My Buddy Dressed Up As Barf From Space Balls

Image source: jfk_47

#88 Dressed Up As A ‘Drinking Problem’ And Got Virtually No Laughs

Image source: PeterKB

#89 Our Miguel And Hector Costumes From Coco

Image source: StinkleMctinkle

#90 Heeeeeeere’s Johnny

Image source: Heipaadeg

#91 Other Mother Costume

Image source: exterminatethedr

#92 Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

Image source: cloudsfun3

#93 Showed Up To A Party And Blue Myself Halfway Through

Image source: bbgsafe

#94 Thank You For Being A Friend

Image source: weirdfinger

#95 Brave Costumes

Image source: mommypenny

#96 My Tony Stark Costume For Halloween

Image source: strippervash

#97 We Own A Restaurant Who Specializes In Burgers And This Is How We’re Showing Up To Work Until Halloween

Image source: sahmang

#98 My Husband And I Winning “Best Couple” At The Casino

Image source: Hyphuggr

#99 My Best Boy Was Magneto For Halloween

Image source: CongratulationsYouAreBeingRescued

#100 My Halloween Costume

Image source: devgal

#101 My Cousin Lost His Arm In A Motorcycle Accident, So He’s The Part In The Movie Where Woodie’s Arm Starts To Rip

Image source: gorjess_elyn

#102 I Made Myself Into A Bushcamper

Image source: KingSlug13

#103 “I Like Beer” Judge Kavanaugh Halloween Costume

Image source: kdot10

#104 My Friend And I Are Both In Wheelchairs So We Did A Mario Kart Group Costume This Halloween

Image source: shehappens

#105 Spooky Treat

Image source: emmawatson

#106 Brannigans Law Is Like Brannigans Love: Hard And Fast

Image source: Skankhunt42andDildoSwaggins

#107 Three Years Of Convincing My Now Wife And It Finally Happened

Image source: Big_Fat_Paulie

#108 White Walker Cersei And The Night King

Image source: unicornscience

#109 Monty Python’s And The Holy Grail Costumes

Image source: Asaeroth

#110 First Of Her Name

Image source: ScroopyNoopersPhD

#111 Deadgar Allan Poe & His Lost Lenore

Image source: IAmSlaymaker

#112 Come On Grab Your Friends

Image source: Robodoggo

#113 Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

Image source: Mirantula

#114 My Family And I Love Dressing Up For Halloween This Is Our 7th Year And Decided To Do Something Old School. I Was A Plague Doctor, My Wife Dressed Up As A Victorian Ghost And Keeping With The Whole Theme We Made Our Son A Home Made Costume Of Tomas From El Orfanato

Image source: michaelballston

#115 “That Guy From That Game!”

Image source: Pangoose

#116 Morton’s Salt Girl

Image source: ankhwearer04

#117 Anakin Skywalker Female Version

Image source: DraftDraw

#118 DIY Beetlejuice Costumes

Image source: 2kills

#119 Gettin Spooky Monty Python Style

Image source: madmadders

#120 The GF And I As Eustace And Muriel Bagge

Image source: xSchwarzenegger

#121 Angela Anaconda And Johnny Abatti

Image source: zeekayart

#122 Wishing You A G.R.O.S.S. Halloween!

Image source: squiddyshop

#123 Chillin’ With Bae

Image source: kf5788

#124 Ewok Baby!

Image source: HilariousPepperoni

#125 We Won Best Couple’s Costume

Image source: kahlyiles

#126 Neo And Trinity Of Matrix Reloaded

Image source: onefatchorkie

#127 “I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Drawn That Way”

Image source: jennifermarieo

#128 My Wife And I Went As Patty And Selma

Image source: ClassicShay

#129 Fairly Oddparents

Image source: TheJewishViking

#130 This Costume Took Multiple Hours To Sew, And A Few Good Friends To Help Sneak Into Disneyland (They Have A Rule, No Disney-Themed Costumes Allowed Beyond The Staff), But Oh So Worth It For A Photo As My Favorite Disney Character In Front Of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

Image source: theheapsta

#131 Arthur Fist Meme Halloween Costume

Image source: NotYourlaneMylane

#132 My Costume For This Year

Image source: Coopdoopoop

#133 My Pyramid Head Cosplay That I Wore For Halloween

Image source: AbysswalkerCosplay

#134 Darla “I’m A Pa-Ran-Nah!!”

Image source: byebuddyhopeyoufindyourdad

#135 After Avoiding Halloween For Several Years Then Losing 70 Lbs, I Decided To Try And Sport My Best Alex Vause

Image source: frequencity

#136 The Mayor Of Halloween Town

Image source: wherethefoodat

#137 Best Costumes Ever

Image source: mellytoast1284

#138 Halloween Meme

Image source: Lorem-Oopsum

#139 Clue Crew

Image source: iraxdescence

#140 What’s The Difference Between Jelly And Jam?

Image source: kangafukingroo

#141 My Sister And Her Friends This Weekend

Image source: Mikejm79

#142 Lara Jean Croft: To All The Tombs I’ve Raided Before

Image source: nicolehe

#143 Thotnos Ready To Make The Hard Decisions And Look Good Doin’ It

Image source: nicoisesalade

#144 My Krang Costume, Halloween 2018

Image source: koryface

#145 You Know Us. I Mean… I Was Famous In The 90’s

Image source: Illdrawyoulikeafrenchgirl

#146 Me As The Dude, Picking Up Some Half & Half At Ralphs

Image source: vpisteve

#147 I’m So Obsessed With My Friend Aaron And His BFs Couples Costume That I Had To Share It

Image source: Bach_ShitCray

#148 Made Myself A Moana Costume This Year

Image source: cloudloan

#149 My Kid Wanted To Be Beefsquatch… But My Kid’s Mom Made A Better Bob So I Was Linda

Image source: twelvesteprevenge

#150 Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica

Image source: kkmurda

#151 Duracell Battery

Image source: warmyourbeans

#152 Sparkle Like A Wealthy Woman’s Neck

Image source: ivebeensullyd

#153 What Kind Of Costume Is This?

Image source: vedpiarks

#154 Happy Halloween, From Sorcerio And Bean

Image source: OtherErinFromTheOffice

#155 I Was Steve Harvey. This Has Been A Dream Of Mine For Some Time. Just Wanted To Lighten Up The Timeline. Enjoy. Kate Was “Now That’s What I Call Music 5”

Image source: quintabrunson

#156 Our Bob’s Burgers Costume

Image source: yodaofdagobud

#157 Keeping Halloween Safe From Them Covies

Image source: TheeIrishGuy

#158 Made These FNAF Costumes For My Son And Nephew

Image source: MrSicks

#159 Run Away!

Image source: sunnywxgirl

#160 Skyrim Chitin Light Armour

Image source: Cocobeware18

#161 Don’t Have A Doug, But I’m Loving My DIY Patti Mayonnaise Costume

Image source: SheridanWood

#162 My Friends Killing It This Halloween

Image source: ZLPhotog

#163 Believe It Or Not, It’s Ripley… Mostly

Image source: CarlStarstuff

#164 Zombees

Image source: MedicGirl76

#165 I Went As Pope Malone For Halloween

Image source: naeso

#166 Minimal Effort And Maximum Comfort

Image source: greykungf00l

#167 Sploosh

Image source: killlatwix

#168 Taking Back The Playground

Image source: shamiecott

#169 Trailer Park Supervisor

Image source: Assholiolio

#170 American Gladiator Costume 2018

Image source: Episko

#171 Randy Marsh

Image source: H202k

#172 After Twelve Years I Finally Got My Husband To Dress Up

Image source: thedingpatch

#173 It’s Not Therapy, It’s Science ?

Image source: Whatisnhu

#174 Valkyrie Costume

Image source: silkspectre92

#175 This Halloween, I Went As A Cringeworthy Pun

Image source: Sriram172

#176 Jack And Sally Costumes

Image source: magechild

#177 Dr. Krieger And His Hologram. I Think We Nailed It

Image source: GuffTheMagicDragon

#178 It’s Morphin Time

Image source: murfalurp7

#179 My 6′ 6″ Friend And I Went To A Halloween Party Over The Weekend As Ed Kemper And Holden Ford From Mindhunter

Image source: braff_travolta

#180 The Turd

Image source: Naterbater916

#181 Halloween 2018

Image source: grimCoordinator

#182 Eleven, Dustin, And A Box Of Eggo’s

Image source: BrothersBearPodcast

#183 F Is For Friends Who Do Stuff Together

Image source: GiraffeOrPass

#184 Oh My God

Image source: aquajt

#185 Gravity Falls Family

Image source: lordxar

#186 We Had To!

Image source: presidentgay

#187 I’m Old Gregg

Image source: PartyParry

#188 It’s Ok That No One Guessed My Costume For The Second Year In A Row

Image source: stubasceve

#189 Cheetah Girl, Cheetah Sista

Image source: jobreauxx

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