10+ Epic Design Fails That You Probably Won’t Believe Actually Happened (New Pics) https://ift.tt/2PGxR3R

noviembre 19, 2018

Everyone enjoys a well thought out design – but sometimes designers bless us with something we just can’t help but call crappy. Bored Panda has once again compiled a list of the worst design fails out there and you’ll have a hard time believing they passed quality control. From funky toilets to stairs leading nowhere – most of these designs are so bad, it’s hilarious.

See the worst (or should we say best?) crappy designs in the gallery below and if you want more, check out the ones we featured before here and here!


#1 Probably Not The Best Color For A Bike Saddle

Image source: Lt_PeteMitchell1

#2 When Your Security Gate Is A Ladder

Image source: pcjcusaa1636

#3 Seriously?

Image source: 03Shael

#4 I Didn’t Qualify For This Paid Survey After Selecting “No”

Image source: bunnyxjam

#5 We All Party Down Here

Image source: Tucko29

#6 This Ad Placement

Image source: MyNameGifOreilly

#7 Noted

Image source: jhoang0730

#8 Light Switch In Kids Room

Image source: AlexKiri

#9 Smh

Image source: mreynolds1023

#10 Forever 21 Does Not Know How To Use Photoshop Or What Women Actually Look Like

Image source: add217

#11 The Clock Hands Don’t Glow…

Image source: Bl0rgasmorg

#12 Perfect Design

Image source: ivan_zykov

#13 The ‘Bathroom’ In My Airbnb Will 100% Result In Shitty Encounters With The Host

Image source: TheInBredDragon

#14 Closer Than You Think

Image source: handofskadi

#15 So My Campus Had A Suicide Awareness And Prevention Day

Image source: KBid-1998

#16 “We Need To Decorate The Toilet For The Disabled” “Say No More”

Image source: WiggelingOversnipe

#17 It Almost Seems Intentional

Image source: Palifaith

#18 I Think They Forgot To Photoshop The Other Boob

Image source: youfound404

#19 Stupidity Level: Human

Image source: iam_nobody

#20 Don’t Think They Thought This Through

Image source: Winston715

#21 Still Unsure Of The Answer

Image source: nerevarinemw

#22 Putting The Bathroom Lightswitch Right Beside The Fire Alarm Control Switch In An Elderly Persons Home…

Image source: Axeoid

#23 Must’ve Been Designed By Orangutans


#24 Protect Your Ho At Home Depot

Image source: probablyadeadboy

#25 Love All These Options

Image source: Deaf_Jesus

#26 How To Break Your Bones

Image source: Cyreniac

#27 Advertising Plus-Size Leggings With A Small Model In One Leg Instead Of Getting A Plus-Sized Model

Image source: dhealey989

#28 When You Play The Sims But Forget To Rotate

Image source: orangejuice1234

#29 Absolutely Over The Moon With My New Oven

Image source: YungTabernacle

#30 Yep, This Is How Elephant Looks Like

Image source: thegoatiedoodie

#31 I Think Someone Forgot Their Spacing

Image source: G-I-Joseph

#32 That’s An Interesting Mirror

Image source: Myxtro

#33 Look Closely Between The 7.5 And 8.0

Image source: observerblock

#34 Well, Do They?

Image source: StardudeFlipFlop

#35 Braille Numbering On A Bumpy Surface

Image source: TheCarrot_v2

#36 Want The Camera Too?

Image source: MrFense

#37 Ouch

Image source: JannikZ1

#38 Stairs Of Death

Image source: palegreycells

#39 Holds Up To (But Not Quite) 1,000 Pounds

Image source: Zuke020

#40 This Baby Scale…

Image source: jdundee

#41 This Sign

Image source: Aatlatlatla

#42 I Hope That’s Not How Your Priest Comforts You

Image source: l0m999

#43 The Placement Of This Hand Dryer

Image source: TopWire

#44 I Went To Turn On The Lights And Got Sanitized Instead

Image source: BenCorn4

#45 Hurr Durr I’m A Burr

Image source: Tiny1rick

#46 It’s A No Brainer

Image source: im_suspended

#47 “Let’s Put This Light Here Just In Case They Make It Past The Faucet”

Image source: Sparkeeeee

#48 Lettering And Spacing Are Important

Image source: DenizenPrime

#49 Shower Time

Image source: ametovic

#50 This Guy In My Engineering Textbook Either Broke His Arm Or Has A Second Elbow

Image source: I_HaveAJarOfDirt

#51 If Only There Was Some Kind Of Wedge Shaped Surface They Could Have Used So They Didn’t Need To Spend All That Money On A Lift For 2 Stairs

Image source: Penchu

#52 The Brazilian Vaccination Mascot Looks Like Kkk

Image source: alan04eu

#53 You Had One Job…

Image source: ZinfoTheIdk

#54 The Death Of Many Hands.

Image source: LandoCOWrisian

#55 Just Do It

Image source: TheMeme13

#56 Adopt, And If You Love Animals, Don’t Stop Eating Them! Shop!

Image source: choir-mama

#57 This Shared Trash Can Let’s You See Into The Other Stall

Image source: Mel-Jasso98

#58 To Support Womens Rights

Image source: ninjahitler666

#59 Save $-14.51

Image source: htronnow

#60 Ah Yes, The Four Genders

Image source: LowKeyAssasin

#61 This Van

Image source: RetroReviver

#62 Makes Sense

Image source: BeanBall2077

#63 I’m Certain They Could Have Used A Better Slogan

Image source: BeaulaGoo

#64 That’s A Pokemon In The Bag

Image source: GalacticFaz

#65 This Belgian Neckermann Advertisement

Image source: reddit.com

#66 The Kinky Way They Get This Sculpture To Hang In The Air

Image source: reddit.com

#67 I Mean It’s Self Explanatory And They Failed

Image source: kianrio

#68 Yum… My Morning Poop And Coffee

Image source: snowboard44

#69 Homoe Sweet Homoe

Image source: solconner

#70 My Friend Drank The Recommended 30mg Dose And Wonders Why He Can’t Move Right Now

Image source: sherpa_lopsang

#71 Never Put A Baby Face On The Bologna. Thanks

Image source: Dreamy4567

#72 Uhhh… Yeah Sure

Image source: v1ncent97

#73 This Mountain Biking Trail

Image source: reddit

#74 The Lines Printed On My Butter Dish Are Soluble In Butter

Image source: FannyPackPrincess

#75 When His Beard Is Worth Mentioning

Image source: TheMachine71

#76 Great Job MSN

Image source: FlyPaladin656

#77 Waterslides In A New Aquapark In Bogatynia, Poland

Image source: HisSmileAndOptimism

#78 I Just Wanted A Bath In Our New House!

Image source: MihtoArnkorin

#79 People All Mad At Nike And Colin Kaepernick, Meanwhile The Person Who Invented This Shite Walks The Streets Unknown

Image source: loog2759

#80 This Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

Image source: Llodsliat

#81 Toilet Lid In This Hotel Room Bathroom Pushes The Paper Of The Holder

Image source: michiganx

#82 This Crosswalk For The Handicapped

Image source: Silker3612

#83 H&M

Image source: fluffyfox262

#84 This Ad For A Shoe Looks Like The Three People Have Hung Themseves

Image source: spky_

#85 Then Why Should I Buy One?

Image source: allyourbaseareoblong

#86 Browsing Netflix’s Recently Added Section And Came Across This Awful Font Choice For The Word ‘Buff’

Image source: whalecat_of_the_sea

#87 ?????

Image source: Dadapatas

#88 Bold Choice Of Layout For This Type Of Magazine Binding

Image source: Andrew0002

#89 That Elbow Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Image source: Abandoned-Potato

#90 Unfortunate Name For A Knife Set

Image source: XxX_ZHVP_XxX

#91 This Really Odd Advertisement For Transit Around My City (Where Did The Bus Driver Come From?!?!)

Image source: LoveGhostDotEXE

#92 Anyone Looking For A Professional?

Image source: palmzm

#93 Camouflage Golf Balls

Image source: hellacoolducky

#94 So My University Tried To Raise Awareness For Breast Cancer…

Image source: minidrc

#95 My Schools Name Is “Analy”

Image source: scotthikari

#96 This Carpet Design At A Hotel I Was Staying

Image source: Waterbarron

#97 This Design Stolen On A T-Shirt Printed On A Mug…

Image source: BigGayEnergy

#98 Im Just Gonna Leave This Here…

Image source: Dynamics_GD

#99 This Creepy Pizza Serving It’s Own Kind As Food

Image source: GloriouZWorm

#100 This Mickey Mouse That’s At A Local Play Park

Image source: YungThotDestroyer

#101 Mmm… A Delicious Beverage

Image source: Scf090701

#102 Asshole Design

Image source: BenButCallMeBen

#103 100° Day In The Sun And A Metal Shifter

Image source: compassionamust

#104 Midget The Town Down

Image source: kimock

#105 I Don’t Even Know

Image source: howsitgoing-kevin

#106 Gas Station Packaging For One Dose

Image source: mattttt15

#107 This Whole Ad Is A Trainwreck

Image source: tobmodi

#108 $1 Million San Francisco Loft Has Diagonal Support Beam That Cuts Through The Middle Of The Kitchen

Image source: DewayneJones

#109 The ‘S’ Is A Little Hard To See From A Distance

Image source: kijoja

#110 This Crappy Sand Watch At Zara Home

Image source: HongryBeby

#111 Something Is Utterly Wrong With These Cows

Image source: blue_sword456

#112 Do Not Look Away At The Road

Image source: avidbirdpointerouter

#113 I See This At My University Every Day

Image source: 0ystersauc3

#114 This News App Auto Labels Every Notification As Hot. They Might Want To Rethink That

Image source: Tuptor

#115 God Please Give Me A Sign For What To Do With My Life

#116 Maple Bath Bomb. Smells Amazing, Looks Like Explosive Diarrhea

Image source: Slarterbarterfaster

#117 Thomas Cook Took A Leaf Out The Boys Old Book.

Image source: jamestwojames

#118 Male Bathroom, No Guards, Large Open Window By Public Park

Image source: SillyGome

#119 These Purses Look Like Garbage Cans

Image source: nooyork

#120 She Thought She Was Sending Me The Emoji On Top, But The One On The Bottom Was What My Phone Displayed. Definitely A Potential For Miscommunication There.

Image source: slchawk

#121 What Did The Kettle Just Say?!

Image source: wakeiseijaku

#122 Found By The Copier

Image source: TakeOnlyFootprints

#123 I’m Not Sure You Know What “Vegan” Means

Image source: steplitz

#124 Bad Timing

Image source: Deterson

#125 The Mirror In My Hotel Room Let’s Anyone Look In On The Bed, Even With The Curtains Close

Image source: TukTuk-OneLung

#126 The Stairs To Nowhere

Image source: mmjj2007

#127 *well Designed* Tool To Cut Watermelons

Image source: leaningtoweravenger

#128 This Keyboard…

Image source: Mah_L3ym0n

#129 Hey, Psst, Kid! Want Some Tasty French Fries?

Image source: qu4sar_

#130 Interesting Take For A School Quote

Image source: Windows_10_Faggot

#131 That’s Not How Palindromes Work

Image source: deardevon

#132 When You’re Sick Of Customers Ruining Your Displays So You Leave Them Subtle Warnings

Image source: unknown

#133 Nothing Says “Life Saving Ambulance” Like A Flatlining Ekg

Image source: GhostOfMuttonPast

#134 The Reduce Volume Button

Image source: Bames_Jond_007

#135 Upon Walking In This Bathroom At The Supermarket I Was Initially Disgusted At Filth And Lack Of Cleanliness Until A Closer Look Revealed It Was Designed This Way

Image source: jeffy983

#136 5 Characters

Image source: iamjamieq

#137 ‘G’ Was Probably Not The Best Letter To Conceal

Image source: detrimitus

#138 My F**king School

Image source: matt678n

#139 You Must Be 6 Ft Tall To Use This Price Checker

Image source: stacermeister

#140 A Bench At A Metro Station

Image source: Ryuj1san

#141 This Artistic Design Cut Into The Toilet Stall Walls

Image source: tlitlitli

#142 Client: Can You Design This Soup To Look Like Feminine Hygiene Packaging?

Image source: jacobreed

#143 You Look Like A Real Giraffe!

Image source: argmannen

#144 Im Sure This Has Caused A Few Slip-Ups Here

Image source: SunBlue

#145 Could Have Put The M Anywhere Else

Image source: N8N8

#146 I Can’t Even Think Of A Good Reason Why…

Image source: WalkerTexasWanker

#147 Crappy Windows For Glasgow, A City Known For Its Rain

Image source: KalivinPages

#148 This Sink

Image source: elena_penguin

#149 Where Toothpaste Enters Eternity

Image source: ashlinisn

#150 Punctuation Is Important

Image source: CapnRedbeard647

#151 This Shirt…

Image source: bennel89

#152 My Mom Decided To Put This In The Toilet And I Dont Know Why. Now I Have Constipation And Have Nightmares From This Thing. I Named Him Richard The Pedophile

Image source: nom_nom_pugs

#153 This Black Text On A Bottle Of Black Nail Polish

Image source: Terquoise

#154 Massage Poster

Image source: ShinobiKid

#155 A Slight Design Error

Image source: MicarHaua

#156 This Image In The Restaurant Will Haunt Me Forever

Image source: David_Trancon

#157 A Highly Realistic Photo Of A Microwave

Image source: Quarterbear

#158 Who Wants To Join Me At The Ass Cafe?

Image source: Daedhrogon

#159 Dwink. Refwesh. Natuwal. Sounds Like Kripke Made This Ad

Image source: PixelJoy

#160 Thought This Was A Broken And Poorly Fixed Hula Hoop At My Local Toy Store Until I Picked Up Another. Turns Out It’s The Actual Design.

Image source: HaroldFaltermeyerJr

#161 Call Me At 855-“Some Dude’s Face”-Sells

Image source: LevitatingTurtles

#162 Update: That Crappy Zig-Zag Bike Path In Germany That Was On Here A Few Days Ago Is Getting Fixed After Enough Citizens Complained

Image source: wolfiemann

#163 Found This Is My Physics Text Book

Image source: DJDragonuv

#164 Washing Your Hands With This Soap

Image source: masterrichau

#165 You Want Kids Stabbing Themselves In The Face? Because That’s How You Get Kids Stabbing Themselves In The Face

Image source: coffeeaddict121518

#166 Not The Phrase I’d Put On A Box Of Razors

Image source: nojumpinginthesewers

#167 When The Budget Only Covers One Flag

Image source: –Cryptic–

#168 Just Thought This Belonged Here

Image source: droseph1992

#169 This Is Supposed To Be The Number 2

Image source: Moneypoww

#170 How The Hell Is A Blind Person Supposed To Know What Numbers To Press? The Numbers For The Snacks Are Behind The Glass!

Image source: RetroGrafx

#171 Peppa Pig Seems Off

Image source: roadblock07

#172 Let’s Put Week 3 Of Our Posture Progress Program On The Left

Image source: ecky–ptang-zooboing

#173 That’s Not How Mirrors Work

Image source: SpaceIsTooFarAway

#174 Mario And… Green Mario??

Image source: PVPTHEMVP

#175 H*e, Sweet H*e

Image source: DamoDougan

#176 Someone Is Gonna Run In This Target And Hit Their Balls For A Lawsuit

Image source: 1nTheNick0fTime

#177 BBQ Handles That Melt Off When You Set The Burners On High

Image source: mtpnnk

#178 This Stature Of Shrek At My Local Mini Golf Course

Image source: RileyRiolu22776

#179 Every Girl Wants Leggings That Looks Like She Is On Her Period

Image source: HotDinnerBatman

#180 Nonono Thats So Wrong

Image source: thats_chesy

#181 Contractors Have Finished The New Security Gate At Our Building…

Image source: TheJdExpress

#182 Are They Cannibals?!

Image source: Piglover17

#183 Toothpaste Dispenser, Yo

Image source: PanchoPolleti

#184 This F**king Tap In A Hotel Bath

Image source: Septoria

#185 Walmart Being Walmart

Image source: turnip-radish

#186 Staircase At My College

Image source: d1rewulf

#187 The Minions Remake Is Looking Goood

Image source: Mrpartyguy

#188 I Was Wondering Why Anyone Didn’t Use The New Chairs At Work. After 15minutes I Stretched Backwards And Fell

Image source: dawitfikadu3

#189 This Chemistry Equipment Supplier Wanted Its Name To Be A Combination Of “Analytical” And “Technology”

Image source: the_quassitworsh

#190 This Duck In One Of Our School Books

Image source: bigsmoke1337

#191 This…

Image source: le852Duarte

#192 Yes, Zero Sugar

Image source: jakeaboy123

#193 Lets Just Throw Random Windows On The Wall, It Will Look Great!

Image source: LulsenMCLelsen

#194 Don’t Trust Anybody Even Yourself

Image source: ChocoComrade

#195 This Headphones Commercial Pictures, Where Not A Single Person Is Wearing Headphones

Image source: n0_1d

#196 This “Spiral Glass Christmas Tree” From Williams Sonoma Looks Exactly Like A Butt Plug

Image source: 80sSynth

#197 This Entrance Sign Looks Like A “Do Not Enter” Sign

Image source: LinkDude80

#198 This “Design” Upsets Me On A Daily Basis

Image source: Mr-Toy

#199 The Epitome Of Irony

Image source: DMvampire

#200 Teddy Long Legs

Image source: nintendo_shill

#201 Finally A Real Japanese Restaurant

Image source: valarionch

#202 What

Image source: Alcolike

#203 Sanitize Here

Image source: paulec252

#204 Thanks To Singapore Airlines, For My First Ever Interplanetary Flight! I’m So Excited!

Image source: Jarl_L

#205 Just. Read. That.

Image source: Deltavalley

#206 Might Want To Think About This One

Image source: Shanefromdownunder

#207 My Movie Theater Tried Ok?

Image source: ginseng72

#208 Yeah, This Seems Like The Most Efficient Way To Enter A Captcha Number

Image source: AdreesInator

#209 This Ceiling Fan In My Classroom

Image source: ErrorACOGNotFound

#210 That’s A Bit Weird…

Image source: bobybrown123

#211 Spooder-Man

Image source: CrotalusHorridus

#212 This Wheel To Type In A Name, On An Iphone

Image source: ipodcake

#213 Inclusive Design At Its Best

Image source: upvoteforabettername

#214 Why… Does It Have A Nose?

Image source: k3ro

#215 These Stairs That You Can’t See Unless You Are Directly Walking On Them

Image source: My_Username_24

#216 The Only Upgrade I Care About

Image source: anshul567

#217 This Is A Keyboard Cover. There Is No Dirt Or Food On It

Image source: Stoplight25

#218 The Sink In The Mens Bathroom At Work Seems Suspiciously Like Its Been Repurposed

Image source: sicdafic

#219 This Dude Is The Mayor Of My City Lol

Image source: lilmesothelioma

#220 Nais

Image source: NuloSaur

#221 Uh… I Think They Should’ve Displayed The Whole Saying

Image source: unknown

#222 I Thought This Guy From A Nike Ad Was Pointing A Gun At Me

Image source: rob-delaney

#223 Not Sure If This Belongs Here, But I’d Love To Have Some Underwear That Reroutes My Farts To My Crotch

Image source: briwon

#224 At Least It Rhymes

Image source: fgiam

#225 Harry Potter “Hermione” Offical Figurine

Image source: android752000

#226 This Drawer Seems Like It Should Be Bigger Than It Is

Image source: ARob0496

#227 How About Grabbing The Pizza By It’s Toppings With The Palm Of My Hand And Thrusting It Into My Nose ?

Image source: AJHeadquarters

#228 Hmmmmm

Image source: MrFluxWolf

#229 They Didn’t Think Ahead For This One

Image source: ClaudeWho

#230 This Cutout Makes It Look Like Chris Pratt Has A Boob

Image source: carbearnara

#231 This Chart Makes Drake Look Much Farther Ahead Than He Is

Image source: Noodlemations

#232 Im Scared

Image source: goopyscoopy

#233 Smart Reply At Its Finest

Image source: dharper34

#234 The Fire Exit On This Building

Image source: Yo_You_Not_You_you

#235 These Outfits Though

Image source: ILoveRegenHealth

#236 These Trash Cans At My School

Image source: Helios330

#237 Why Is The Phone Inside The Photo?

Image source: MrSegwayMan

#238 This Counter Should Fold Up

Image source: Armetron

#239 Double What Now?

Image source: Peripatet

#240 Everybody Loves A Good Showerhead

Image source: Schlepti

#241 Children Fashion Choices

Image source: drvonmiau

#242 It’s Like A Bell Schedule

Image source: Jon_Elvert

#243 Actuall Political Banner In Poland

Image source: DraconisBales

#244 If Only There Was A More Suitable Letter To Replace

Image source: Pepsinator

#245 Brand New Apartments And Someone Thought This Was A Good Carpet Design But It Just Looks Like The Floor Is Rotting

Image source: infadibulum

#246 Perhaps These Polar Bears Would Look Better With Green Scarves

Image source: MaxTimeLord

#247 Don’t Forget To Y. E. E. T.

Image source: Bad-Milk

#248 Local Bakery Had No Picture For The Apple Turnover, So They Decided A Microsoft Paint Version Would Do Instead.

Image source: ChaseMutley

#249 This Hourglass Design Is… Timeless

Image source: the_faecal_fiasco

#250 Learned Something New Today, Very Interesting Stuff

Image source: JayDeeJDL

#251 This Hp Ad Demonstrates Why Fingerprint Scanners Are An Ineffective Security Feature

Image source: Beefourthree

#252 So Dutch People Are About 3 Times As Big As Philippinos

Image source: stankycarrot

#253 That’s Not How Puzzles Work…

Image source: MemenForster

#254 No Disk Necessary!

Image source: Edog6804

#255 Everything About This. No Right Click, A Scroll Wheel That Is Impossible To Use, And Terrible Ergonomic Design Just To Match Their Computers

Image source: GeneralSplat

#256 Found In An Elementary School Bathroom

Image source: Rocketcar465

#257 Your Giraffe Is Pretty Good, But I Think My Lion Is A Bit More Realistic

Image source: Idkwthiam

#258 Last Time I Checked You Smoke Cigarette Not Swim On It

Image source: notfnx

#259 Hmmm

Image source: man-person

#260 This Sink Is A Full Arms Length Away From The Edge

Image source: BenderIsGreatBIG

#261 ‘flat Earth News’ Wrapped Around A Globe…

Image source: PringlePenguin_

#262 The Trembling Sloth

Image source: plaguedoc

#263 Designer: Where Shall We Put The Strings To Hold It? Boss: Right, Here!

Image source: Gaming_Big

#264 This Is What 2018-2019 Looks Like According To My School

Image source: Gay_Reichskommissar

#265 This Bottle Of Aloe Lotion With White Text

Image source: gfbaseball22

#266 Dwarf With Backwards Feet Has First Modelling Session

Image source: YourGodDaddy

#267 This Painting Of Europe

Image source: alan_heudier

#268 What Is This Scale?

Image source: KingYoshiLuca

#269 It Took Me A Lot More Time To See “Leap” Than It Did To See “Ifap”

Image source: hopelessnerd-exe

#270 How Can I Show That This Package Comes With Multiple Pairs Of Socks?

Image source: MNRTS

#271 This Transparent Sun Visor

Image source: peter_parker_ramirez

#272 Uhhhh….

Image source: TheDefectiveSnoo

#273 Yeah I Also Plane My Swatch

Image source: Juani347

#274 This Glass Pane On An Airport

Image source: dusia-fox

#275 His Shirt Meant To Say ‘Dope’ But Now I Only See ‘Pedo’

Image source: CursivePallet

#276 Kids Nowadays Don’t Have Tpassion For Anything. Learn To Erom

Image source: infortuneshand

#277 A Strange Kind Of Pizza

Image source: H_Mantegazzianum

#278 Sheeeeeeeeeeeeee

Image source: James1011james1011

#279 Jesus Christ

Image source: dead-unicorn

#280 Why Is This On A Skinny Model?

Image source: SweetPinkDinosaur

#281 I Needed Some Edible Eyeballs For A Halloween Party Snack. These Were Inside A Larger Bag

Image source: Kalsifur

#282 2018 Nissan Versa- Did Someone Seriously Freehand Ms Paint The Parking Guide?

Image source: darthcaldwell

#283 This Trash Can I Found In India

Image source: RikiOh

#284 So, Turn Around And Back Into Me?

Image source: monkeyscantdrink

#285 The Bike Road Is Done Boss

Image source: KristupasChrisV

#286 I Had To Deal With This In My Childhood

Image source: wellthatwasniceofu

#287 I Would Have The Same Reaction Tbh

Image source: SIMOOU

#288 Just Another Brasilian Mascot

Image source: LorinaZ

#289 Such A Ballsy Design

Image source: octopihomie

#290 Smoking Nemo

Image source: LovelyB4stard

#291 World’s Cuntiest Facebook Advert

Image source: bpdoirs123

#292 You Do What!

Image source: Chrome654

#293 Questionable Photo Opportunity At The Local Zoo. ?

Image source: lightsabert00thtiger

#294 Had To Look Twice

Image source: KillTheSelfie

#295 Tasty Mothballs?

Image source: mckensi

#296 The Images You Find On Amazon

Image source: The_Derbinator

#297 This Custom Decal Looks More Like They Were Sideswiped

Image source: Xandierious

#298 Day 2. They Still Haven’t Notice I Sold The Living Room For A Tv

Image source: Adm_Farhan

#299 The First Handhold Will Get The Party Started!

Image source: Mayo_the_Instrument

#300 This Before And After For A Chinese Slimming Product.

Image source: MrJoeKing

#301 Friend: How Much Did You Pay For That Seat? Me: 115! Great Views Dont You Think?

Image source: LogicalOnly

#302 “Hey Boss We Are Almost Out Of Drywall, What Should We Do?”

Image source: ZachOf_AllTrades

#303 Found In A Museum Gift Shop

Image source: Moshcreep

#304 Sweet Dreams From Ikea’s Spider-Balloon Series. Your Kids Will Never Sleep Again

Image source: Ethiceze54

#305 This Allegedly Says “When Your Own Initials Are Enough”. I Developed Glaucoma While Verifying.

Image source: theantivirus

#306 Good Ol’ British Knowledge

Image source: Incognito_Planet

#307 67th Ave 67 Rd 68 Dr 68th Ave 68th Rd 68th Dr 69th Ave 69 Rd …

Image source: HumaxCinema

#308 The Placement Of This Sign

Image source: Cursed_ginger

#309 100% Cholesterol

Image source: yeetmustest

#310 This Traffic Light. So Can I Turn Now?

Image source: timc2456

#311 “Kids Wear Salmon”

Image source: Dioga7gg

#312 Oh Yes That’s Exactly What I Want

Image source: yoragon

#313 25 Cents Seems Like Too Much

Image source: chodd_choward

#314 The Phantom Room

Image source: michaelkanyongolo

#315 Had To Take A Double Take

Image source: keyraven

#316 Just Spent 5 Minutes Trying To Pull The Cap Off This Lipstick Before Realizing The Bullet Was Fake And It’s Actually A Liquid Lipstick

Image source: Needanewface

#317 How Do You Read This?

Image source: EUGENIA25

#318 Kit Kat Put A Ghost Design On Their Chocolate That Makes It Impossible To Correctly Break

Image source: iiNiv

#319 What A Delicious Spoon

Image source: Flyingboi

#320 A Staircase At My Uni

Image source: ixorabones

#321 Ah, The Classic ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Bathroom Design

Image source: Huckster22

#322 Just Like The Movies

Image source: Rasuco

#323 This Dead-Eyed Barney Statue I Found At A Park

Image source: CloffWrangler

#324 When Enough Is Enough.

Image source: ThatsWhatOslerSaid

#325 …what?

Image source: bird_god

#326 It Says Clock…

Image source: GeorgeTheCyborg

#327 It’s Neat, Except For One Flavor. Pay Attention

Image source: Rhomlevko

#328 Invite The Demon Into Your Drawings With This One Weird Trick!

Image source: The_Removed

#329 To Be Secure

Image source: lanceparth

#330 “How Should We Advertise These Apple Sticks?” “Stick Em In Some Corn Or Somethin”

Image source: OrangeLandi

#331 Black Panther’s Massive Butt

Image source: mikaelawithanae

#332 Hmm… Where’s The Home Button?

Image source: MegaLemonCola

#333 Sample Text

Image source: WokeNibber

#334 This Crappy Knife At An Airport Restaurant

Image source: AgentIntersect

#335 Why

Image source: Ferry0105

#336 Yeah Right

Image source: sackofkittylitter

#337 Oh Shit What Up It’s Doris

Image source: Bigbustycoon0

#338 “Tim, Mosaic Art For The Men’s Room?” “Sure, Boss!”

Image source: safaripointed

#339 How Many Milk Seconds Would You Like In Your Cappuccino?

Image source: sureasgodgotsandals

#340 I Bus Bus

Image source: nofutureplans

#341 On A Dog Grooming Page On Facebook

Image source: Laranjao

#342 Press Start?

Image source: Ajit283

#343 Why?

Image source: eggsfordiner

#344 You Don’t Know How Many Times I Press That Key And Enter At The Same Time

Image source: AL_O0

#345 I Love Topless Women But…

Image source: kellchez

#346 This Bus Stop Is Someone’s Garage

Image source: lydocia

#347 These Avengers Statues

Image source: DarthGodzilla1995

#348 The Woman Isn’t Wearing Socks

Image source: LighTieR

#349 At Least My Fingertips Are Clean Now

Image source: scratchhereforitems

#350 Im Glad They Printed This In Black And White

Image source: voochus

#351 That Damn Smile…

Image source: SkyfooglexD

#352 My Shower At My Student House

Image source: Rumpss

#353 Let’s Sleep In Watermelon

Image source: misterwhiley

#354 I See Your Indian Trash Can And Raise You This Trash Can I Found In Vietnam

Image source: Herminus

#355 Nightmare Material

Image source: Goldilocks_Paradox

#356 Correct Me If I’m Wrong But I Think Hasbro Lost The Concept Of Transformers

Image source: Gingersnap5322

#357 Wow I Never Knew Thot

Image source: Jhags_Deserali

#358 Bought This Watch From China For $37. The Numbers Are Glow In The Dark But The Hands Aren’t…

Image source: metrodome93

#359 The R/Perfectfit Logo Fits Horribly Into The Circle

Image source: rowanfan99

#360 Having To Open The Post To Get Rid Of This

Image source: RGBonmyeverything

#361 ????

Image source: republic_of_chindia

#362 “Before” And “After”

Image source: James_Fennell

#363 My Mom Send Me This And Asked Me To Put It On That Site With The Robot

Image source: andreas1111111

#364 Today I Found Out That If You Update Ios That All The Old Alarms You’ve Had Set Up Will Not Make Any Noise Or Vibrate For No Descernable Reason. This Caused Me To Sleep Through An Important Job Interview This Morning

Image source: Honeyfeller

#365 The Worst Photoshop Job I’ve Ever Seen In The Wild

Image source: reddit.com

#366 Door Crushes Hand If It Is Opened Too Far

Image source: jason123369

#367 My Classroom

Image source: omrih664

#368 How Do You Screw Up A Height Chart This Badly?

Image source: MadnessInteractive

#369 I Work At Best Buy And Found This Before The End Of My Shrift

Image source: thetoader14

#370 This Mother On The Front Of My Local Grocer Looks Like She’s Tripping Balls And Trying Not To Freak Out

Image source: TheBloodyWizard

#371 These Horrible Double Tap To Complete Image Pictures On Instagram

Image source: StrawS__

#372 Dragon D**k-Knife

Image source: moomba78

#373 Welp, They Tried

Image source: TMGGuy123

#374 This Shit On The Ps4 Store, I Mean There’s A Perfectly Okay Popout Keyboard They Could’ve Used

Image source: Arctodus1

#375 This Is Not A Meme

Image source: JacksonMunday

#376 Ridiculously Over-Engineered Solution To A Non-Existent Problem

Image source: mobfather

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