Woman Illustrates True Story About The First Time She Wore A Tampon And It Could Not Have Gone More Wrong https://ift.tt/2IvkKvu

octubre 01, 2018

Kristie Lane, or Ristay, is a comic artist who describes herself as socially awkward. The artist creates many comics about her social awkwardness and her latest one about the first time she wore a tampon will give you a nice chuckle.

People were constantly asking the artist for embarrassing stories from her past so she didn’t want to disappoint: “So oh well here’s the moment of truth I guess,” says Kristie under her Imgur post. Check out her awkward day at the pool in the gallery below!

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“Everyones always asking for more embarrassing stories from my past so I don’t want to disappoint!”

“So oh well here’s the moment of truth I guess:”

Here’s how people reacted to the story:

from DeMilked https://ift.tt/2y7uHKW

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