Long Distance Girlfriend Comes To Visit This Artist In Italy, So He Creates A Diary Illustrating Every Moment Of Their Trip https://ift.tt/2PbGtei

octubre 04, 2018

Simone “Simz” Ferriero is a freelance artist from Italy. A while ago, he created a series of beautiful illustrations about the time he visited his girlfriend in Canada. This time his girlfriend visited him in Italy, and Simone created another illustrated diary of the moments from her visit.

In an interview with Bored Panda, the artist said the difference between the two ‘dates’ was that he wasn’t so surprised about the things around him: “This was my country. I focused more on the time we spent together.”

Simone plans to find a way to get a sponsorship from an air company so he could travel more and make more diaries, but until he does, you can help him buy the next ticket to visit his girlfriend by donating via Paypal.

Check out the illustrated diary in the gallery below!

More info: Instagram | h/t

Naples>Rome Train

Waiting for Her

Finally Arrived (from Toronto)


Long Wait


Italian Restaurant

Flea Market

Birdie Love

Trevi Fountain

Photo Shoot

Capitoline Museums


Late for the Train

Conversating with Mom

Family dinner


European Fashion Shopping

Mount Vesuvius


My Best Friend Wedding

Driving Around

Handsome Guy


Lucky Girl


Windy Days

Botanical Garden

National Archaeological Museum

Pokemon Trainer

Pompeii Weather

Morning Routine

Fast Food

Sea Sickness

Capri Beach

(Not) So Nice Pranks

Co-Op Videogames




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