Guy Finds Dead Cockroach On An Office’s Stairwell And It Gets Better With Every Pic

octubre 19, 2018

Working in an office can get boring sometimes so people start looking for fun wherever they can find it. So when one Imgur user found a dead cockroach on the office stairwell, he decided to have a little fun.

Over the course of a month, Imgur user TheDisneyDad kept adding little details to the cockroach’s ‘corpse’ as a way to liven his and his coworker’s days. He made little dioramas from post-it notes and it got more hilarious with every picture.

Check out the adventures of the dead cockroach in the gallery below!


Everything started when Imgur user TheDisneyDad saw a dead cockroach on the office’s stairwell

And so began the dead cockroach’s adventures

“Happy birthday!”

“I left him a present…”

“…but he drank too much at the party and vomited…”

“He was there so long that the paramedics came…”

“…but it turned out he was dead, so the police were called”

“It turned into a crime scene…”

“Whilst the funeral was going on”

“(over two steps now)”

“The stairwell was finally cleaned, and it was all taken away, but undeterred, a scene appeared from the offices of the SVU”

“And they finally found the culprit!”

“I’ve had fun…”

“It kept me (and apparently quite a few others) entertained. It turns out that others used that stairwell as well”

Here’s what people had to say about the whole story

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