Artist Illustrates What Would Happen If Disney Characters And Superheroes Faced Ecological Disasters

octubre 18, 2018

Baptiste Drausin is a self-taught French artist based in Paris. This year he took on the Inktober challenge and created a series of illustrations showing Disney characters and superheroes facing ecological disasters.

“Every day of this month I will be drawing a new illustration that mixes pop culture with environmental disasters,” says the artist. From Arielle suffering from ocean pollution to Elsa fighting global warming – Baptiste’s vivid illustrations draw attention to the ecological disasters we might not always see.

Check out the artist’s illustrations in the gallery below!

More info: Instagram | h/t

#1 Ariel And Ocean Pollution

#2 Winnie The Pooh And Bee Extinction

#3 Mary Poppins And Pollution

#4 Bambi And Deforestation

#5 Pocahontas And River Pollution

#6 The Lion King And The Hunt

#7 Elsa And Global Warming

#8 Moana And The Discovery Of The Seventh Continent

#9 Aquaman And The Oil Spill

#10 Snow White And Pesticides

#11 Merida And Deforestation

#12 Mowgli And Extinct Species

#13 Ninja Turtles In Real Life

#14 Aristocats And Waste

#15 Green Lantern And Space Pollution

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