7 Creative Ads By Brands That Were Fast To Use Banksy’s Shredded Painting As Inspiration https://ift.tt/2NPwslE

octubre 18, 2018

With Banksy’s latest performance shocking the art world, some brands released advertisements inspired by the shredded painting. Which is rather ironic, given Banksy’s thoughts on advertising.

This is not the first time major companies released advertisements inspired by Banksy’s works – Ikea of Italy released a series of advertisements inspired by the artist’s stencils back in 2012. This time the controversial shredding painting inspired even more companies to ‘jump on the bandwagon’.

Check out the ads inspired by Banksy’s shredded painting in the gallery below!


As a side project, Garlic, a Bulgarian ad agency has created this advertisement titled ‘Turn Back Time’, inspired by Banksy’s shredded painting.


This McDonald’s ad was created by an Austrian advertisement agency called DDB.


Lidl of Ireland has also joined the party and tweeted a picture of a framed grocery catalog being shredded with the caption “We’ve heard this is all the rage now, so we’ll start the bidding at €100,000…”


Ikea of Norway has posted instructions on how to make your own shredded art on their Instagram


JCDecaux Norway in collaboration with FINN.no has installed two shredded panels in Oslo and Lillestrøm to advertise over 15,000 artworks being sold on the website.


“No need to break the bank for a work of art,” says Perrier in their Banksy-inspired tweet.


Insurance company Lemonade also used Banksy’s idea to advertise their product, stating “In case your art starts self-destructing…” in their tweet.

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