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octubre 26, 2018

Some people look forward to Halloween for the whole year and when it finally comes – it’s their time to shine. They don’t just buy any costume from the store – sometimes countless hours go into crafting the perfect costume for that one night. But trust us – it’s worth it.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of some of the best Halloween costumes people have made and we’re sure you’ll be amazed. Check out the epic costumes in the gallery below!


#1 I Created A Realistic Sloth Costume

Image source: Karoline Hinz

#2 Ratatouille Halloween Costume

#3 My Friend’s Kids Halloween Costumes, Henry The VIII And Ann Boleyn

Image source: monkeygruven

#4 My Daughter And I Are Ready To Terrorize The Neighborhood Again This Halloween

Image source: chickentoe

#5 Turned My Wheelchair Into The Iron Throne For Halloween

Image source: shehappens

#6 Three Girls Dressed Up As The Women Portrayed In “Hidden Figures”

Image source: 1Voice1Life

#7 Peter Pan & His Shadow

Image source: tonygar1997

#8 I Teach Microbiology. Halloween Plague Lessons FTW

Image source: CinnabunsHun

#9 Beauty With Her Little Beast

Image source: GallowBoob

#10 I’m Fat And I’m Pregnant And I Have No Shame

Image source: borrow_a_feeling

#11 It’s Sexy If You Love Spreadsheets

Image source: JiveMonkey

#12 My Friend’s Halloween Costume

Image source: nsk09003

#13 My Little Brother Has Autism, He Thinks A Little Differently Than The Rest Of Us.. This Year He Decided To Be A Formal Apology

Image source: ImSexuallyAttractedToSpaghetti

#14 A Little Late But My Wife Dressed Up As Lara Croft For Halloween. She’s An Amputee So She Improvised

Image source: theschway83

#15 Halloween Banksy

Image source: westatwork

#16 It’s Child’s Play For Him

Image source: TheZenKiller

#17 An Arquillen From Men In Black In NYC

Image source: keypernicus

#18 Russell Is All Grown Up

Image source: mattytingles

#19 My Local Weatherman Dressed As A Bat For Halloween

Image source: graveshd

#20 My Buddy’s Winifred Sanderson Costume He Made For Halloween. Booooook!

Image source: chadork

#21 So My Friend Went To The DMV On Halloween

Image source: paochow

#22 I Think My Friend’s Kids May Have Won Halloween

Image source: Muckman68

#23 Pickle Rick

Image source: ins1der

#24 My Husband And I Decided To Mix Up The Usual Mario Costumes! Introducing Drag Queen Bowser And Prince Peach

Image source: cmalino86

#25 I Was The Royal Baby For Halloween

Image source: TheRealFreshy

#26 My Friend Dressed Up As Gamora From Guardians Of The Galaxy

Image source: beethy

#27 Banksy’s Shredded Painting Girl With Balloon

#28 My Costume This Year

Image source: hamedaf

#29 Since He Has To Wear A Cone, My Friend’s Dog Is A Martini For Halloween

Image source: aldous_fuxxxley

#30 Inspector Gadget

Image source: Runetale

#31 Best Halloween Costume

Image source: KiltyMcKilterson

#32 Skeksis Costume, Dark Crystal

Image source: Starkfelt17

#33 This “Back To The Future” Costume

Image source: RickJamesShowYaTitys

#34 My Friend Is Going Through Chemo And Decided To Use The Opportunity To Attempt To Win Halloween

Image source: thenaterix

#35 This Halloween I Thought I Should Respond To The Comparisons With Disney Pixars Biggest Bully Next Door And Go As Sid From Toy Story

Image source: willpoulter

#36 Lost Dog, Halloween Costume

Image source: OilPhilter

#37 Half My Friends Went As Game Of Thrones Characters So I Thought I’d Pick Something Scary… Most Of Them Didn’t Get It

Image source: twistedsymphony

#38 If I Could Make A Kid Cry Tonight, I Would Be So Happy

Image source: reddit.com

#39 I Told My Friend His Costume Was Amazing And He Said “Shut Up, Baby I Know It”

Image source: thejohnblog

#40 Wilt From Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends

Image source: lefthanded_zack

#41 I Heard They Were Remaking Ghostbusters With B*tches But This Is Ridiculous

Image source: jedidachshund

#42 Awesome Lego Costume

Image source: kashluk

#43 My Kids This Halloween. Yes, Plural

Image source: twistedstarr

#44 My Brother’s Halloween Costume This Year

Image source: max__emerson

#45 I’m Not Fond Of Having The Millenial Stereotype, But I Laughed My A** Off At This

Image source: ZombieDreamcatcher

#46 I Told Him To Pick Something Cute For Halloween

Image source: TaraNicoleB345

#47 Aliens Power Loader – 1st Halloween

Image source: WL_26

#48 My Dad Who Is Blind Dressed As A Pirate For Halloween

Image source: meckboi1123

#49 I Figured This Year Was Perfect To Finally Become My Favourite Blade Runner Replicant, Rachael. I Used Six Shoulder Pads And A Sheet Of Plastic Canvas To Get The Jacket’s Iconic Shape

Image source: restingfuneralface

#50 I’m So Hooked For This Halloween!

Image source: potshmaster

#51 Cousin Gave Birth On Halloween Night. This Was The Doc During The Delivery

Image source: SwampAss13

#52 This Kid Was A Fart For Halloween

Image source: toddminus

#53 Baba-Dook-Dook-Dook! My Daughter’s Babadook Costume

Image source: mara1979

#54 I Hosted A Batman Themed Halloween Party And People Nailed It

Image source: Regimas

#55 Shame!

Image source: itsfoine

#56 Most People Under 25 Had No Idea Who I Was

Image source: rippednbuff

#57 In Honor Of Beetlejuice 30th Anniversary

Image source: PettyHill

#58 My Stepdad Really Pulled Off His Maui Costume

Image source: gagaunicorn

#59 Last Year Vs This Year.. Glad We’ve Matured

Image source: mynamesamy_

#60 When You Go All Out On Your Ratatouille Costume

Image source: Madsters96

#61 Jellyfish Costume

Image source: lackingprivacy

#62 My Friend’s Halloween Costume

Image source: madeyoulooktwice

#63 Ack Ack Ack Ack Ack Ack…. Translation: No One At The Party Knew Who I Was For Halloween

Image source: stgr6175

#64 Best Costume I’ve Seen This Year

Image source: CarbineGuy

#65 In 1994, I Told My Dad I Wanted To Be An Ear For Halloween. He Really Came Through

Image source: mm620

#66 A Bit Late, But My Family’s Spaceballs Halloween

Image source: RaymondLuxuryYach-t

#67 Here Is My Puppy Dressed As Shaun The Sheep For Halloween

Image source: rob-sheridan

#68 We Bought Our Daughter Her First Costume For Halloween, An Astronaut Space Suit. It Didn’t Fit. Now, She’s Going As Space Elvis

Image source: gonzo_41

#69 My Sisters Halloween Costume

Image source: Starlab34

#70 My Fiancée Spent Weeks Handcrafting Scales For Her Mystique Costume

Image source: oirad1708

#71 Mom’s Halloween Skirt

Image source: heirasol

#72 My Friend And I Decided To Dress Up For The First Time In Years For Halloween

Image source: ryryham

#73 Saw This Pilot At The Airport, Yesterday

Image source: CorkyBravo

#74 My Son Had A Blast This Halloween

Image source: lil_suprises

#75 My Wife As Moana For The Kiddies

Image source: clee3092

#76 In 5th Grade I Was A Baked Potato For Halloween

Image source: seal2781

#77 Preggo For Halloween And Having Fun With It

Image source: chechesmith79

#78 Some Of My Dad’s Employees Dressed Up As Him For Halloween. I Think They Nailed It

Image source: jdm902

#79 Dad And Daughter Do Wreck-It-Ralph And Vanellope For Halloween

Image source: oligarchyoligarchy

#80 My Boss On Halloween… So Hot Right Now

Image source: Gar13

#81 Coworker’s Halloween Costume “Bert” Reynolds

Image source: Jorrk

#82 Everyone Loved My Girlfriend’s Costume

Image source: o0_bobbo_0o

#83 My Daughters Halloween Costume This Year

Image source: noneo

#84 Sister Said I Looked Like Him… So I Put Together A Costume

Image source: DwightSchruteDoppel

#85 Halloween At Work

Image source: thisisneil

#86 Feeling A Little Under The Weather This Halloween

Image source: Levangeline

#87 This Guy Was Dressed As Katy Perry’s Shark In A Party An This Is Him Kissing A Girl

Image source: Zoppello

#88 This Was My Sister’s Halloween Costume Last Year For Her Work’s Costume Contest! She Was The Shrunken Head Guy From Beetlejuice. She Got First Place

Image source: bobert1995

#89 This Is Fine Costume

Image source: paintingemilycosplay

#90 My Son Has Cerebral Palsy And Is In A Wheelchair. So My Wife Made Him A Paw Patrol Vehicle For Halloween

Image source: G3g3nsch3in

#91 Costco Sample Lady

Image source: lkashanipour

#92 Here’s A Pic Of My Costume From Last Year’s Halloween

Image source: VoodooCoffee

#93 This Guy Wins Halloween

Image source: Sluttyburr

#94 So My Friend Made Me Michael Jackson For Halloween, Think It Turned Out Pretty Well. I’m A 23-Year-Old Female

Image source: georgialune

#95 My Daughter Dressed Up Like My Wife’s Grandma

Image source: Xearoii

#96 One Night Stand Anyone?

Image source: devgal

#97 Took A Year Off But We’re Back! Presenting, Yet Again, Me And My Besties As Tom Hanks For Best Group Costume

From the top:

2018 Tom Hanks: Toy Story, Castaway, Apollo 13, Forrest Gump, Big, David S. Pumpkins (SNL), A League of Their Own

2016 Bill Murrays: Garfield, Space Jam, Caddyshack, The Life Aquatic, Ghostbusters, Kingpin, What About Bob?

2015 Robin Williams: Mrs. Doubtfire, Mork, Jumanji, Popeye, Hook, Aladdin, The Birdcage Full Disclosure: The Genie (me) is Photoshopped in (duh). I did full Genie makeup and it was horrific. I had nightmares from it and it was my own face. So yeah, I replaced it with a photo of Genie me pre-full face makeup

2014 Will Ferrells: Elf, Blades of Glory, Zoolander, Anchorman, Night at the Roxbury, Semi-Pro, Talladega Nights

2013 Jim Carreys: Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Dumb & Dumber, The Cable Guy, The Mask, The Grinch, Ace Ventura, Batman Forever

2012 Johnny Depp: Fear and Loathing, Pirates of the Caribbean, Alice in Wonderland, Sweeney Todd, Cry Baby, Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Image source: auburnkay

#98 A Costume Pairing My Son Wanted (And I Was More Than Happy To Oblige)

Image source: Jabbawookiee

#99 This Hercules VHS Costume

Image source: Minnie_Boden

#100 Little Monk

Image source: creedandkian

#101 My Husbands Costume I Made For Him

Image source: Margaret Judge

#102 My Friend Had No Idea What She Wanted To Be For Halloween Yesterday. Today, When We Expected Her Costume-Less, She Walked Into Class Like This

Image source: AkiriMatsumiku

#103 Edgar Allen Hoe

Image source: maddielion_12

#104 Meep Meep

Image source: jonny_c_j

#105 This Halloween, I Went As The “Cool S” We All Used To Draw In Middle School

Image source: Samattack

#106 “What’s My Age Again?”

Image source: dustofoblivion123

#107 My Halloween Costume, I’m Al Borland

Image source: yumyumpants

#108 My Halloween Costume This Year

Image source: thekiddmane

#109 My Marvin The Martian Costume

Image source: sarcausticity

#110 My Friend Was Also Cersei For Halloween

Image source: fartingpalmtree

#111 A Co-Worker Came As Lego Batman For The Annual Company Halloween Costume Contest And Got 1st Place

Image source: julzrulestheworld

#112 My Take On Pennywise The Dancing Clown

Image source: brettyboy85

#113 If You Were Born With Only One Hand, Be A Zombie For Halloween. It Scares People Extra

Image source: abshow

#114 I Want To Eat Everything!! (No Face Halloween Costume)

Image source: uzumakiroll

#115 Best Halloween Costumes Ever. These Gents Came In A Few Years Back During Halloween And Well, We Just Had To Get A Pic Of Them On My Scooter

Image source: Zondor1256

#116 My Earth Science Teacher Dressed Up As Kratos From God Of War

Image source: saltyafbastion

#117 My Old Cosmetology School Teachers Nailed It

Image source: k8teTMFgr8t

#118 Edward Scissorhands And His Topiary Bush

Image source: lucybri83

#119 Coraline Look

Image source: antoniagabriella_

#120 I Made An Octopus Costume

Image source: sewing_magic

#121 Alice In Chainz

Image source: starstufft

#122 I Was Hit By A Car That Knocked Out My 3 Front Teeth. It Might Not Be Of The Highest Quality, But I’m Pretty Proud Of My Toothless The Dragon Costume

Image source: Chisoxws05

#123 Made My Daughter A Darkwing Duck Costume For Halloween

Image source: Helacaster

#124 My “Lady” Pennywise Costume

Image source: DiscoVersailles

#125 How Yall Think We Did?

Image source: _samahh_

#126 My Pregnant Belly Helped Me This Halloween. I Present To You: Nacho Libre Maternity Wear

Image source: I_Would_If_I_Were_Me

#127 Evil Dead Teletubby

#128 Baby’s First Costume!

Image source: ChicoMentality

#129 Taken At A Halloween Party On Friday The 13th… I Won Scariest Costume

Image source: RiverBrosGaming

#130 Taking Sibling Rivalry To A Whole New Level, My Twin And I Dressed Up As Coke And Pepsi For Halloween

Image source: womb_mates

#131 My Best Friends’ Awesome Halloween Costumes

Image source: donotbeafraid

#132 I Dressed Up As A Canadian Icon For Halloween Last Night

Image source: TrLOLvis

#133 Not Many People Guessed His Costume This Year,wish We Could Go Back In Time To Change It

Image source: Nelly_platinum

#134 I Ain’t Afraid Of No …. Slimer Costume!

Image source:  Stephanie Pokorny

#135 A Went As The Whole Sewer Scene From IT

Image source: illini809

#136 People Told Me I Look Like T Swift So I Dressed Up As Her For Halloween

Image source: BiradialToaster

#137 This Halloween I Decided To Go All Out. I Like It

Image source: jrskim

#138 Ghost Rider Costume I Made

Image source: mikeasaurus

#139 My Pink Freud Costume

Image source: TheDude9737

#140 Decided To Go Obscure For Halloween This Year. Pizza Pizza

Image source: cerulean11

#141 I Think My Dad Is Winning His Costume Party

Image source: redlegsmlb

#142 This Costume Wins Halloween

#143 My Friend’s Costume This Year

Image source: thecakey

#144 My Brother Is A Sink For Halloween

Image source: dylho

#145 Took Me A Bit

Image source: cab2345

#146 3 Years Ago, My (Then) 4-Year-Old Daughter Asked To Be “Superman Ghost Tiger” For Halloween. This Is The Result

Image source: rainreset

#147 Felt Lucky This Halloween

Image source: hicao

#148 My Larry David Costume

Image source: statelypenguin

#149 Best Costume Ever

Image source: Brooklynmover

#150 Found This Costume Under My Bed

Image source: yetanothertaylor

#151 We Tricked Our Friends Into Dressing As Luigi For Our Halloween Party

Image source: yeagz7

#152 I Was Happy With Last Year’s Attempt

Image source: NightmaresClaydreams

#153 I’m A Feature Not A Bug

Image source: codergirl_

#154 Took Layla Costume Shopping Today And She Wanted To Be A Donut…. A Freaking Donut

Image source: _BrittanyMoniqe

#155 Dolores Umbridge, Charmed

Image source: johnmichael0703

#156 Narwhal Costume, Nearly Ready

Image source: fuseboy

#157 First Time Making A Home Made Costume For Halloween

Image source: xdanax

#158 Full Face Smiley Makeup With Liquid Latex By My Fiance

Image source: The__Grapist

#159 Friend Who Lost His Leg To Cancer Got Creative For Halloween

Image source: easycheesay

#160 My Friend Tore Her ACL, MCL And Meniscus A Week Ago. She Thought She Wouldn’t Be Able To Go Out For Halloween. I Told Her If She Dressed Up As An Old Rich Man, I’d Dress Up As Her Escort And Wheel Her Around Downtown All Night. No Regrets

Image source: sawlostBBDamKing

#161 Okay Now Ladies!

Image source: yungneenrod

#162 My Pregnant Wife Went All Out For Halloween

Image source: LeaninKeenan

#163 I Give You My Little Brother’s Halloween Costume, Mid-Sized Me

Image source: Aj-stuff

#164 Einhorn Is Finkle! Finkle Is Einhorn!

Image source: Amanda_No_Pants

#165 My Son Wanted To Be A Dog For Halloween

Image source: Xavimoose

#166 A Few Weeks Late But Here’s Me As Macho Man Randy Savage

Image source: iamstevetay

#167 Costumes Against Humanity

Image source: blondielu

#168 My Silent Hill Costume This Year

Image source: sausagepatty01

#169 My First Halloween Without A Husband, But I Still Have A Good Couples’ Costume

Image source: Tela99

#170 My Friend’s Halloween Costume (With Dry Erase Board Labels)

Image source: poopdotorg

#171 Wow. Great Makeup

Image source: drewhosick

#172 I’m Ol’Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeggggg

Image source: poophappns

#173 My Moloch Costume (Immortal Masks)

Image source: pizzaowp

#174 Another Great Halloween Party In The Books

Image source: Benbishop30

#175 In 1st Grade My Dad Made Me A Baseball Bat Costume. Here I Am Wearing It A Few Years Later

Image source: seal2781

#176 Dwight Schrute

Image source: jennafischer

#177 I Think I Did Halloween Right This Year

Image source: parkoursl0th

#178 This Is Fine

Image source: alon.g.m

#179 Also Fitting For A Christmas Party

Image source: skellytowns

#180 Today‘S Make-Up At Work

Image source: kaptinoese_mentine

#181 I Made All My Kids Led Stick Figures For Halloween

Image source: dopplerizer

#182 For The Last Decade I’ve Worked At A Local Haunted House. My Costume Is Almost Done For This Year And I’m Real Happy About It!

Image source: lurklurklurkPOST

#183 Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy, At Your Service

Image source: hermionejean1

#184 My Halloween Costume This Year

Image source: mellabarbarella

#185 My Cousin Erica Transformed Into Prince For Halloween

Image source: jennthemermaid

#186 Just A Fun Look Amongst All This Violence In The World. My Spin On Squidward

Image source: atlsexyslim

#187 My Cousins Costume Officially Wins Halloween

Image source: marcjry

#188 For Halloween I Dressed As Doctor Poison From Wonder Woman

Image source: 533dograccoon

#189 I Dressed Up As A Bulldozer For A Jungle Themed Party This Week

Image source: ta_rolig

#190 Chipotle Burrito Costume

Image source: Koshka69

#191 So I Think I Nailed My Post Malone Halloween Costume

Image source: jessicakmeyer

#192 My Kim Kardashian Costume Last Night

Image source: dallaslandis

#193 My Friend Cosplayed As Gritty Of The Flyers… Nailed It

Image source: ChewSwacca

#194 Donald Trump’s Hair

Image source: Jessica DeVader

#195 Handmade Mystique Costume

Image source: thegypsydreamer

#196 Did Someone Say… Chocolate???

Image source: renzosantoss

#197 Won First Prize For This Costume Back In The 90’s

Image source: Tinylittleperson

#198 Dustin And Barb

Image source: babyboybakery

#199 I Was A Sexy Viking For Halloween

Image source: TheRedWoman00

#200 I Finally Found The Man Inside Me, It Was Tobias Fünke, And I Blue Myself Away (Tobias Costume)

Image source: SassyPantsMeow

#201 Halloween Got Me Like…

Image source: alvinella

#202 Last Year’s Costume And The Most Patient Mare Ever. Still Didn’t Win Company Halloween Costume Contest, But There Are Big Things In Store For This Year

Image source: iamktf

#203 My Boyfriend Dressed Up As Princess Leia For Halloween

Image source: Alisha_face

#204 Our Prices I Hope Aren’t Too Low – My Nightmarish Attempt At An ‘Ants In My Eyes Johnson’ Halloween Costume

Image source: tasteslikegravel

#205 Me And My Best Friends Costumes This Year

Image source: NasalScorpian

#206 My Son Got To Choose His Costume This Year

Image source: AuntVagima

#207 Had A Fun Time Haunting The French Quarter

Image source: JohnDeeIsMe

#208 Chiquita Banana

Image source: theneonteaparty

#209 Do You Guys Like This Mask? Maybe Wearing A Cloak Would Be Better

Image source: Crazyearthman

#210 I Was Carrie For Halloween

Image source: mamacyclops

#211 Friends Of Mine Were Invited To A Fairytale Themed Party

Image source: trangletoasty

#212 My Laura Dern Costume (Jurassic Park)

Image source: emilderosa

#213 I Went To Work As Disco Batman. The Platform Shoes Are Real And Damn-Near Impossible To Manage On Stairs

Image source: NotADikDik

#214 My Friend Went As Blake From Workaholics For Halloween. She Nailed It

Image source: pickle_4a_nickel

#215 Last Year I Went As Leather Face, But I Made A Mask Of My Face

Image source: tajcovek

#216 Be Yourself Because Everyone Else Is Not Trash…

Image source: theresamassony

#217 My Cactus Jack Costume. Bang Bang!

Image source: Filmgrump

#218 Jaime’s Hand And Lady Olenna Tyrell At A Halloween Party Last Night

Image source: abbasaurousrex

#219 Last Minute Costume… I’m… Chance… The… Frapper

Image source: sreekyshooter

#220 Test Run

Image source: minnecrapolis

#221 Make America Great Again

Image source: sonnygirl_johndavid_g

#222 i HavE tO resTarT my poTaoEsss

Image source: rileygtracy

#223 Bride Of Frankenstein

Image source: kate85nort

#224 My Cousins As The Sanderson Sisters

Image source: sheepsleepdeep

#225 Got My Jagerbomber Costume All Ready For Another Halloween

Image source: mcrabb23

#226 Since Halloween Is Fast Approaching I️ Present To You Our Trailer Park Boys Costumes

Image source: poopynosejoe

#227 For A ‘Naughty Nintendo’ Themed Party – We Went As A Leather Dom ‘Controller’ Based On The Original NES

Image source: wilburwhereareyou

#228 My Sister Told Me She Dressed Up As A Zombie For Halloween And Then Sent Me This Pic

Image source: DavidDobrik

#229 My Halloween Costume Is All Set

Image source: Library_Paige

#230 I’m Regretting My Decision For Rufus As Halloween. Update

Image source: Jake_Bernabe

#231 Gandalf The Slay

Image source: cr0nut

#232 If I’m Gonna Be A Princess For Halloween, I’m Definitely Gonna Be A Taco Princess

Image source: tidbits_and_bytes

#233 Me And My Pal Dressed As Fupa Lord And His Carer For Halloween

Image source: madscanon

#234 A Man Of True Culture

Image source: OsrsGoku

#235 This Halloween I’m Boofing, Drinking Beer And Grabbing T*ts

Image source: bunny830

#236 Halloween Movie Premiere

Image source: sevphilippou

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