20+ Worst Clothing Disasters That Will Make You Ask ‘What Were They Thinking?’ (New Pics) https://ift.tt/2Jtuirm

octubre 31, 2018

Have you ever made a risky fashion choice and spent the whole day wondering if your new fedora matched your fingerless gloves? Don’t worry – at least you were aware of your choice. But sadly some people had embarrassing clothing disasters without even noticing them.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of people who experienced wardrobe malfunctions and they’re absolutely hilarious! From questionable patterns to unlucky placement, these clothing disasters will make you laugh out loud. Check them out in the gallery below, and if you want more, check out the ones we posted before!


#1 This Unfortunate Jumper Placement

Image source: anneliese_s

#2 T-Shirts For A Fun Run

Image source: brendan_07

#3 Kids Love Pandas!

Image source: TenFootLoPan

#4 Had To Do A Double Take

Image source: insoh2

#5 These Outfits Though

Image source: ILoveRegenHealth

#6 This Fendi Shawl That You Can Get For $990

Image source: ginandtectonica

#7 Vladimir Putin T-Shirt

#8 Want Some Shoes That Look Like You Stepped In Dog Shit?

Image source: notenoughroom

#9 I’m Calling The Police

Image source: TheCheish

#10 What Every Bride Wants: A Brown Ribbon Streaming Out Of Her Ass

Image source: Luprand

#11 Hakuna Matata

Image source: UhBu

#12 I Can Finally Cowboy At The Beach

Image source: trusk89

#13 These Pants

#14 These Shirts

Image source: AnxiousUnderling

#15 The Heel Of These Heels Are Heels

Image source: Daft_Serious

#16 Should I Do It?

Image source: sweatypancakes2

#17 Someone Took My Art And Somehow Decided It Would Look Good On A Mini Skirt

Image source: marcallanteart

#18 His Shirt Meant To Say ‘Dope’ But Now I Only See ‘Pedo’

Image source: CursivePallet

#19 Finally – A Skirt For Women Who Want “Dry” Written Across Their Vaginas

Image source: JP731

#20 I’m Going To Assume A Guy Designed This Skirt

Image source: redbubble.com

#21 This Literally Defeats The Purpose

Image source: Luis_1063

#22 My Wife’s T-Shirt Says “Saturday”

Image source: cosmictrousers

#23 I’ll Have What Thomas Jefferson Is Having… One Of The Funniest Hats Here At The Mount Rushmore Souvenir Shop…

Image source: papajiggy

#24 Gym Hair, Don’t Care. Infinity

Image source: stats-i

#25 Sample Text Here

Image source: Ro7aL

#26 This Kid’s Swim Suit That Looks Like A Suicide Vest

Image source: officialkfc

#27 Jam Out With Your Clam Out

Image source: LangHai

#28 When You Need To Go To Two Places At Once

Image source: ciaran_palmer

#29 Hmmm

Image source: Mmvvpp123

#30 Aids

Image source: tiredasfuck_

#31 I Sent My Son Off To University Of Florida And He Became A Naz… Oh

Image source: DudusMaximus8

#32 This Sweater

Image source: erikajobob

#33 Such A Ballsy Design…

Image source: octopihomie

#34 Children Fashion Choices

Image source: drvonmiau

#35 The Way The Brand Logo Loops On This Beanie…

Image source: TheBlaDeal

#36 Good Intentions. Bad Name

Image source: GR2342

#37 These “Designer Jeans” Look Like They’re Covered In Sh*t Stains

Image source: TheHi6hli6htReel

#38 This Shirt

Image source: eurfryn

#39 Just… Why…

Image source: blobby_the_fish

#40 While Trying On A Pair Of Wrap Pants That I’m Halfway Through Making, I Noticed… A Flower… On My Vagina. Pattern Placement Problems Are Real

Image source: SewWhatIsThis

#41 Say Aloha To Cancer. Wait, Doesn’t Aloha Mean Hello Too?

Image source: Kerbal_Wannabe

#42 This “Tree” That Makes It Look Like You Spilled Something On It

Image source: Hornet3232

#43 Jeans With Mesh — For Added Breathability

Image source: mellyjo77

#44 Grab Them By The Pussy

Image source: satanicmajesty

#45 These Baby Pants That Look Like A Thong

Image source: MonogamousMindy_

#46 “Let’s Put A Face On A Gym Bag!”

Image source: Hewarder

#47 Never Thought I’d See Shoes That Look Like Actual Cameltoes, Yet Here We Are…

Image source: BushyEyes

#48 This Shirt Says Taco Tuesday But Has A Picture Of Pizza

Image source: aPlateofWater

#49 Who The Hell Puts Life Lessons In Comic Sans, Right Next To Godzilla’s Face?

Image source: AlanSmithy99

#50 It Took Me A Lot More Time To See “Leap” Than It Did To See “Ifap”

Image source: hopelessnerd-exe

#51 Jennifer Lopez Wearing Versace Denim Boots

Image source: Versace

#52 Amen

Image source: I-am-very-bored

#53 It Should Spell Clint

Image source: ismaerokun

#54 These Shoes Look Like Someone Busted A Nut All Over Them

Image source: degenerates123

#55 A Maison Margiela “White Skeleton Shell” Shirt

Image source: Mcnuggs747

#56 Yep, That’s How Feet Work

Image source: Saf22

#57 Who Cares

Image source: teejayzee

#58 I Think This Defeats The Whole Purpose Of A Sports Bra…

Image source: stavromulabeta42

#59 This Official Playstation Brand Shirt With The Circle, X, And Triangle Colors Wrong

Image source: zmbslar

#60 I Think You Have The Wrong Sport There…

Image source: Frostgnaw

#61 My Son’s Shirt Has Saturn Marked As Pluto

Image source: Flick321

#62 My Friend’s Shirt Looks Like He’s Sweating Heavily

Image source: DumbleDwarf_

#63 Luckily I’ve Got One Of Them Already Covered

Image source: sysl0rd

#64 How Does…

Image source: RafiY

#65 “Human Skin” Shoes

Image source: LJayEsq

#66 One Shoe Has 5 Eyelets The Other Has 4

Image source: JewBoi42069

#67 Yeah Right

Image source: sackofkittylitter

#68 Juplosicwrld

Image source: HiHelloHeyHeya

#69 The American Flag On My Sweater Has Vertical Stripes

Image source: CodaNewmaker

#70 Something Seems Off…

Image source: magstonedew

#71 My Sisters Is A He Too

Image source: HahaYesBooHooNo

#72 This Young Boys’ Pj Set. Yes, This Is The Front Of The Pants

Image source: AgentBronson

#73 Poor Curt

Image source: IAMG222

#74 This Is Where The Bad Princess Go

Image source: the_twins75

#75 Shirt My Friend Got At An Architecture And Design Conference. Don’t Build My House…

Image source: Livid_Narwhal

#76 This Balenciaga T-Shirt Shirt That You Can Get For 1,290dol

Image source: balenciaga.com

#77 CIE Denim Is Selling These Shorts For 385dol

Image source: ciedenim.com

#78 Moose Goes “Rawr”?

Image source: Maple_Syrup_Canadian

#79 Meant To Say ‘Peru’

Image source: Nitro1248

#80 I Bus Bus

Image source: nofutureplans

#81 These Pants From Target

Image source: izktko

#82 I Bought Some New Underwear Recently.. My Fiance Pointed This Out To Me

Image source: Vittra666

#83 The Crossover We’ve All Been Waiting For

Image source: xxxmimsimcfly

#84 I Dont Think That’s How Scrable Works

Image source: TorchicRS

#85 How Many?

Image source: SmootherPebble

#86 It’s The Ship That Did The Kessel Run Backwards

Image source: RhinoBarbarian

#87 So, Turn Around And Back Into Me?

Image source: monkeyscantdrink

#88 I Think It Begins With Mo

Image source: gooseboy990

#89 You May Say I’m A Dreamer, But I’m Not 32770.tif

Image source: smiling-knight

#90 Buying Expensive Clothes Just To Look Less Expensive

Image source: azkhaban248

#91 This Shirt With Eight Fingers

Image source: Burrito150

#92 Just Slap That Font On The Shirt, What Could Go Wrong?

Image source: broskiette

#93 Innapropriate Text For A Baby Shirt

Image source: CartofelNehoian

#94 You Can Buy These Shorts That Make You Look Like You’re Wearing 2 Pairs At Once For Only $565

Image source: R13

#95 All You Need Is… Autism

Image source: Buddernubbbztv

#96 Let’s Sleep In Watermelon

Image source: misterwhiley

#97 Why? Just Why?

Image source: _urbanlane_

#98 “Std Together”

Image source: Mhysam

#99 Press Start?

Image source: Ajit283

#100 This Is Supposed To Be A Children’s Shirt

Image source: AMajesticTree

#101 This Shirt Design

Image source: Spingwork

#102 I’d Rather Not, I Don’t Think It Would Be Good For The Baby

Image source: zulily.com

#103 What The Hell Is Going On With This Kids Shirt?

Image source: bowb4zod

#104 For Some Reason I Feel Like The Kirby Leggings Just Don’t Work Out

Image source: DougTheNerd

#105 Lover Fighter

Image source: The_White_Crane

#106 Buy Me A Sh*t

Image source: hotguyfried

#107 My Mom Just Bought This T-Shirt For Me… Still Can’t Figure Out What It’s Trying To Say

Image source: thenobsal

#108 Is That Really The Best Of Getting The Message Across?

Image source: Xenilovedon

#109 Can Someone Please Translate

Image source: joshuaabishek

#110 You Go, Girl!

Image source: cherrydiamond

#111 A Friend Of Mine Got This Shirt In Berlin

Image source: lore473

#112 Thicc Kid?

Image source: LowlyPalace

#113 This Seems A Bit Off

Image source: Halal_Tabouli

#114 Fun Times

Image source: Kennedog

#115 I Cant Tell If This Was Done On Purpose Or Not

Image source: Thatguy0329

#116 Came Across This In A Small Town In Russia

Image source: PinguinoSonambulo

#117 This Design For A Shirt

Image source: bobeater1

#118 I Whale Hockey

Image source: coto94

#119 This Is An Exercise Shirt For The French Marines

Image source: Toomuchsoap

#120 Who Oint Creotive?

Image source: Magicman2653

#121 This Onsie My Wife Found For Children Between Ages Of 18-24 Months

Image source: GreatBearded

#122 Be The Bset

Image source: GhostOfWhatsIAName

#123 Made Me Do Quite A Double Take On The Road

Image source: TurbinePro

#124 Instead Of Using The University’s Logo To Replace The “C” In Central, They Just Kind Of Threw It On There

Image source: xFly1ngPengu1nx

#125 This $60 Pair Of Emoji Movie Leggings On Redbubble

Image source: PristineMemeMachine

#126 My 2-Year-Old Pointed Out The Excavator’s Scoop Is Backwards

Image source: rasich

#127 This ‘Dirty’ Hat

Image source: Intaffy

#128 Best Dud Ever

Image source: CoolWorldH2

#129 The Clothing Company “Stay Wear” Encourages People To Stay Who They Are… And Uses The The Mathematical Symbol For Change In Their Logo…

Image source: DR4G0N_4RMY

#130 Wake Me Up. When Is Saturday?

Image source: DasBlattIstGruen

#131 This Shirt Is Just Terrible

Image source: EvyTheRedditor

#132 Sta Aay Wy

Image source: SocijalnoRetardiran

#133 Smil

Image source: Nathan85310

#134 I Wonder How Many People This Went Through Before It Got Made? It Makes No Sense

Image source: TheBlackhawk33

#135 What Up It’s Doris

Image source: Bigbustycoon0

#136 N I C C E

Image source: jirachi_toast

#137 Final? Anal? Wich One Is It?

Image source: Koroks_CZ

#138 I Had Meat Tacos

Image source: HotDogPerson

#139 Probably Works Better If Your State Isn’t Shaped Like A Sweat Stain

Image source: copy_run_start

#140 Exceptional Text And Pocket Placement On This Shirt

Image source: Acerark

#141 I ??? Bett Y

Image source: jess_I_can

#142 I Have No Words

Image source: exeDaniel

#143 Some Of The Flags Are Curved Along With The Tongue And Some Aren’t. I Think They Just Gave Up On France’s

Image source: karl-dandleton

#144 Next Flight: Yo Ew Rk

Image source: meeplezord

#145 This Is “American” Flag Hat

Image source: Smilodon-Fatalis

#146 Fierce And Ocused

Image source: tawaillesims

#147 Respect The Ocean

Image source: fuckinglazerbeam

#148 Zzzoo Yyorrrik

Image source: theplanetisround

#149 So You’re “Esatblished”, Ye?

Image source: M0d3x

#150 Me Brae Baers, Out Now On Caertoon Netwaerk

Image source: CrappyAllTheTime

#151 Just Why

Image source: ThomasVars

#152 I Don’t Think Disney Knows How Acronyms Work

Image source: LiquidBeans

#153 Don’t Just Fly Soar

Image source: MsLunaValentine

#154 Hme

Image source: Renosantian

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