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octubre 24, 2018

What are some great couple costume ideas you can think of? Ketchup and fries? Simon and Garfunkel? Aladdin and his carpet? Turns out anything can be a great Halloween costume – and these creative couples prove it.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of creative couples’ costumes who completely nailed Halloween. From Daft Punk to Jay and Silent Bob – these couple costumes might be the inspiration you were looking for. Check them out in the gallery below!


#1 My Friend’s Halloween Costume As Yin And Yang

Image source: chickita

#2 My Brother Was Sad His Girlfriend Couldn’t Come To Our Halloween Party, So He Came As Both Of Them

Image source: tictactowle

#3 This Is What Won My Parents A Couples Costume Contest

Image source: Staticous

#4 My Wife And I Made Daft Punk Halloween Costumes

Image source: prshown

#5 “TV’s First Interracial Kiss” Start Trek

Image source: UnderCoverSquid

#6 My First Boyfriend And My First Time Celebrating Halloween With A Significant Other. We Took Advantage Of Our Height Difference. Also My Favorite Movie Growing Up!

Image source: tinybutt

#7 My Friends’ Beetlejuice Costumes Are Ridiculously Good

Image source: FithNick

#8 My First Halloween Without A Husband, But I Still Have A Good Couples’ Costume

Image source: Tela99

#9 My Brother And His Girlfriend Nailed Halloween This Year

Image source: jackweard

#10 My Friend Tore Her ACL, MCL And Meniscus A Week Ago. She Thought She Wouldn’t Be Able To Go Out For Halloween. I Told Her If She Dressed Up As An Old Rich Man, I’d Dress Up As Her Escort And Wheel Her Around Downtown All Night. No Regrets

Image source: sawlostBBDamKing

#11 If You Don’t Know What We Are, “I’m Too Young For You, Bro”

Image source: lackingprivacy

#12 Me And The Boyfriend At A Disney-Themed Halloween Party (I’m Aladdin)

Image source: chickscandrive

#13 They Won Best Couple For Their Costumes!

Image source: gothamsdarknight

#14 Edward Scissorhands And His Topiary Bush

Image source: lucybri83

#15 Our Couples Costume

Image source: dillwillhill

#16 My Girlfriend And I Attempted Our First Couples Costume This Halloween. I Think We Did A Pretty Good Job With It

Image source: Lucius_Annaeus_Senec

#17 It’s So Fluffy!

Image source: tbagonu

#18 Me And My Girlfriend As Jay And Silent Bob For Halloween

Image source: CroyanceUK

#19 My Parents Won The Costume Contest

Image source: Zacharyyyyy

#20 My Girlfriend And I Decided To Do A Couples Costume For The First Time! All Done With Makeup, No Masks

Image source: Smoyf

#21 My Fiance And I Made Our Costumes This Year

Image source: CatanRefugee

#22 So My Boyfriend And I Were Beauty And The Beast For Halloween

Image source: knittwisp

#23 I Now Pronounce You Man And Wi….ahh! Beetlejuice And Lydia Wedding Costumes For Halloween

Image source: RunL1keH3LL

#24 My Boyfriend Has One Hand. We Get Creative For Halloween

Image source: belll3

#25 Moth + Lamp Forever

Image source: creaturecomforts

#26 When Your Boyfriend Says He Is Going To Be Trump For Halloween, You Dress Up As Rosie The Riveter

Image source: jillenasue

#27 I Don’t Know How My Boyfriend And I Will Top Last Year’s Couples Costume

Image source: TheJuliettest

#28 My Boyfriend And I Decided To Go As Bob Ross And His Painting For Halloween This Year. Yes, That’s His Real Hair

Image source: tinnygood

#29 Keeping It In The Family

Image source: erincig

#30 My Mom And Her Boyfriend, He Broke His Foot And They Used It To Their Advantage For Halloween

Image source: SyncopateRhythm

#31 Here’s Mine And My Girlfriend’s Halloween Costume

Image source: steadyras

#32 For Halloween I Was Starry Night, My Husband Was Van Gogh

Image source: Amandajollota

#33 My Friends’ Silent Hill Costumes For Halloween

Image source: thelitprofessor

#34 My Girlfriend And I Dressed Up As John Lennon And Yoko Ono For Halloween This Year. How’d We Do?

Image source: SirLosh

#35 For My Fellow Stranger Things Fans, I Managed To Convince The Gf To Go As 7/Eleven For Halloween

Image source: FiniteNick

#36 My Sister & Her BF

Image source: kaaatdoan

#37 My Hubby And I Paying Homage To Two Of The Greats

Image source: whimsicalspaperie

#38 My Boyfriend And I Were Taco Belle For Halloween

Image source: maclinnae

#39 My Parents’ Costumes Last Night

Image source: SK8INAK

#40 Peanut Butter And Jelly

Image source: simplylovenancy

#41 Mine And My Girlfriend’s Catdog Halloween Costume. Yes We Are Attached

Image source: Slowbrious

#42 My Friend And Her Boyfriend Used Their Height Difference For The Perfect Costume Idea

Image source: YeahRightBL

#43 My Best Friend And His Girlfriend’s Couple Costume This Year Is Too Precious!

Image source: Basalted

#44 So Proud Of My Parents’ Halloween Costume

Image source: Cavsfan2014

#45 Our Couples Costume

Image source: buhdana

#46 My Girlfriend And I Wanted To Use Our Height Difference To Our Advantage This Halloween

Image source: Blandis

#47 Me And My Boyfriend For Halloween: Not As Sexist As It Looks

Image source: Tarabelle

#48 Jigsaw And Annabelle Sitting In A Tree… K I L L I N G

Image source: bball4ever1986

#49 It’s Hard To Come Up With A Good Couples Costume When You’re Pregnant

Image source: imclassythx

#50 Do You Want A Balloon Too, Georgie

Image source: talesoftwolovers

#51 American Gothic

Image source: sarawhitebox

#52 Mine And My Girlfriend’s Halloween Costumes This Year

Image source: wabispecial

#53 Went As Mr. Freeze And Poison Ivy For Halloween Last Year With My Girlfriend

Image source: roborean

#54 Our Costume Against Humanity

Image source: unigcuf

#55 My Girlfriend Likes To Go All Out For Halloween, I Prefer To Keep It Simple, Johnny Bravo Style

Image source: TheXandinator

#56 The Best Couples Costume I Have Seen This Year

Image source: jojo87

#57 Trophy Wife

Image source: estelesto

#58 Last Year

Image source: Franky6934

#59 If You Want Bigger Boobs Or Lips, Just Ask Me For My Surgeon Number, He’s The Best

Image source: p_inklily

#60 So, My Boyfriend And His Roommate Made A Couples Costume. Here Was My Response…

Image source: Brettera

#61 Gumball Machine And A Quarter

Image source: jl_burns

#62 My Boyfriend And I Dressed As A Neckbeard And His Waifu For Halloween

Image source: GracefullyLiv

#63 My Boyfriend And I Went As Yorkie And Kelly For A Halloween Party

Image source: ZachariahT

#64 My Best Friend’s Boyfriend Decided To Upstage Me For Halloween

Image source: kellykell

#65 For Halloween My Boyfriend And I Were Brienne Of Tarth And Tormund Giantsbane

Image source: vanilla_heath

#66 My Girlfriend And I Attempted ‘Uncharted 4’ This Halloween

Image source: JamsAndJellies

#67 So I Made A Couples Costume

Image source: katrije

#68 The Kennedy’s

Image source: mirleeper77

#69 My Boyfriend And I Were A Moscow Mule And A White Russian For Halloween

Image source: pumpkinmuffins

#70 L A H A L L O W E E N

Image source: thelacouple

#71 My Girlfriend And I Went Full Bob’s Burgers Along With Some Friends For Halloween Last Night. Somehow Didn’t Realize The Incestual Implications Until Afterwards

Image source: JarrodAlonge

#72 In Honor Of Halloween Coming Up, I Present My And My Husband’s Costumes From Last Year. Very Few Knew Who We Were. Still Worth It

Image source: astoldbyadri

#73 Jasmine And Her Magic Carpet

Image source: caleyrose

#74 My Boyfriend And I Were Corey And Trevor For Halloween Last Year

Image source: MurdyBurdy

#75 Not Your Typical ‘Jim And Pam’ Costume

Image source: soaringwhale95

#76 Milk: “I Expire November 1st.” Cookie: “Spoiler Alert”

Image source: mikeadamonair

#77 Me And My Pal Dressed As Fupa Lord And His Carer For Halloween. Enjoy!

Image source: madscanon

#78 My Boyfriend And I Were “The Fappening” For Halloween

Image source: glottalfrizzle

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