People Keep Asking This Artist To Do Their Portraits For Free, So He Teaches Them A Lesson

septiembre 26, 2018

No matter what kind of artist you are – a photographer, painter, illustrator or any other – there will always be people who think they are entitled to free art. “Do it for exposure”, “You’re good, it won’t take long” – you’ve probably heard them all. In fact, one artist heard it so many times, he decided to start trolling the ones asking for free stuff in a hilarious way.

Jon Arton is an English artist who has been drawing since he was a kid. “I’d spend my time in class doodling insulting images of the teachers. It got me in trouble a few times but was worth it for making people laugh,” said the artist in an interview with Bored Panda.

Jon usually gets requests for free drawings at least a couple of times a week and says it can be a bit irritating: “I take it as a compliment and most people are a bit unaware of how much time can go into a piece of art.” Even though he finds it a bit irritating, the artist decided to have a little fun with these people and started sending them silly doodles as a joke.

The artist says people don’t really see art as a career and often assume the artists are happy to do works for ‘exposure’. “I wish I could do drawings for free,” says John. “It is something I have done for giveaways to my followers online or for charity. Sadly, I have to fund my expensive pencil habit.”

Check out Jon’s hilarious responses to fans asking for free art in the gallery below!

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Jon Arton is an English artist who has worked long and hard to become the amazing artist he is today

Image credits: jonarton

Sadly, not everyone respects that, and people are constantly asking him for free art

Image credits: jonarton

One day he decided he had enough and started trolling them in a hilarious way

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