Internet Trolls Were Making Fun Of This Victoria’s Secret Model For Saying She Can Code, So She Responded With The Perfect Reply

septiembre 11, 2018

Lyndsey Scott is a Victoria’s Secret model and software engineer who recently received some negative backlash from internet trolls doubting her coding abilities. The model decided to not stay quiet and quickly shut them down with a powerful response.

At 34-years-old, Lyndsey is already a highly accomplished software engineer, ranked as one of the top iOS responders on Stack Overflow. She is also a part of an iOS tutorial team at and has even done video tutorials for kids along with tech giants like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates on One Reddit user has started a thread with some of the troll’s comments to draw attention to the issue and Lyndsey’s response to the haters was just too perfect.

See how the story unfolded in the gallery below!

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Lyndsey Scott is a model for many well-known brands

Image credits: lyndsey360

Also, she is the only African-American woman who has received a Calvin Klein exclusive

Image credits: lyndsey360

After her Victoria’s Secret runway show, people found out that she is no ordinary model

Sadly, not everyone was fond of it:

Scott decided to not stay quiet and quickly shut them down with a powerful response

Her own website lists her numerous coding project accomplishments, like being the lead iOS developer on a new mobile video app

Image credits: lyndsey360

In another comment, the model explained that usually she ignores the haters but it was time to step in

Scott has been profiled for her many talents on many platforms

Image credits: lyndsey360

Image credits: lyndsey360

Image credits: lyndsey360

Other Reddit users shared their own experiences

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