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septiembre 06, 2018

Have you tried your hand at shadow hand puppetry only to create something that vaguely looks like a dog? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. But you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy shadow play – sometimes you just have to look around.

Bored Panda has created a list of the most interesting shadows people have captured and you will be surprised. Seeing the sneaky shadow animals and mesmerizing shapes might inspire you to lift your head and look around – check them out below!


#1 Tree’s Shadow

Image source: DanRG02

#2 Playground Shadows

Image source: Katrin Korfmann

#3 This Spiders Reflection In A Pool

Image source: lnk7332

#4 The Sun Melted The Snow Everywhere Except Where The Bikes’ Shadows Were

Image source: yonkerrs

#5 Mt. Rainier Shadow From My Backyard

Image source: reddit.com

#6 This Trucks Shadow Says “Hi”

Image source: Hadouken617

#7 Shadows Of Leaves From A Tree During A Solar Eclipse

Image source: xXISCOPEIXx

#8 Not Everybody Is What They Seem

Image source: Ri-RiY

#9 Cheerful Shadow

Image source: snb75

#10 Found The Eye Of Sauron While Wine Tasting

Image source: ajustice83

#11 The Shadow Of My Plane Formed A Rainbow Around It

Image source: emcdeezy22

#12 Who Never Thought About This?

Image source: empw

#13 The Reflection Of Kitchen Appliances Looks Like People In A Park

Image source: felixtre

#14 Shadow Gives Impression Of Infinite Staircase

Image source: hey_baberuba

#15 Even The Shadows In Scotland Are Plaid

Image source: BookerDeWittsCarbine

#16 This Cat Food Bag’s Shadow Looks Like A Cat

Image source: MarkSputnik

#17 I’m Sure This Shadow Became Self-Aware

Image source: migraine_boy

#18 Why Hello, Little Sundog

Image source: mike_pants

#19 Sitting On The Couch With A Headache And An Ice Pack On My Head When My Girlfriend Tells Me Not To Move

Image source: cdnchef

#20 My Friend’s Golf Team Photo Had Some Unfortunate Shadows

Image source: Jodiee182

#21 This Einstein Poster Casts A Sinister Shadow

Image source: aelment

#22 The Shadow Of This Juice Glass Looks Like A Rose

Image source: SMatyac

#23 Proposed To My Girlfriend And Realized There Is A Heart In Our Shadows

Image source: Orion_91

#24 The Shadow On His Shirt Makes It Look Like The Guy In The Back Is Badly Photoshopped Into The Picture

Image source: frameRAID

#25 These Fishnet Stockings Made From The Table’s Shadow

Image source: Nicky-Al-Dente

#26 When Your Life Is A Mess But You Can Still Keep Up Appearances

Image source: Ketameme69

#27 Untangled Wire, Looped Shadow

Image source: icanbenormaltoo

#28 Cool Sticker Shadow Effect I Saw This Morning

Image source: TheMulletBurden

#29 My Shoe Lace Shadow Looks Like A Man Climbing A Mountain

Image source: htownaliens

#30 The Shadow Of Two Mailboxes Makes A Perfect Up Arrow

Image source: merax_cc

#31 That Awkward Moment When The Shadow Of Thor’s Hammer Makes It Look Like Stan Lee Peed His Pants

Image source: lyssakeri

#32 Face Shadow

Image source: jubogabo

#33 Am I High Or Is This Shadow Evolving

Image source: zaquerie

#34 This Shadow Of A Plant Looks Like A Decal On The Vehicle

Image source: NoahM107

#35 Apparently Eclipses Produce Insane Looking Shadows

Image source: MuffburgerSandwich

#36 The Kids Made A Cat Face With Their Shadows

Image source: cactuscrash

#37 My Clothes Steamer Casts A Shadow That Looks Like A Witch

Image source: shadow-boxer

#38 My Friend Took A Picture Of Me. My Shadow Has Horses Legs

Image source: Figment_HF

#39 The Shadow From This Glass Bowl Is Beautiful

Image source: Coltons13

#40 The Shadow Cast By My Engagement Ring Looks Like Batman

Image source: sushi17

#41 Cow Shadows

Image source: spicedpumpkins

#42 The Angle Of The Sun Removes The Italics On The Shadow

Image source: aviatorlj

#43 My Dog’s Shadow Looks Like Yoda

Image source: im-so-goddamn-tired

#44 My Friend Noticed The Shadow Of My Hair Formed A Near Perfect 55

Image source: xUnCloakedx

#45 My Bathroom Has Six Bulbs Above The Mirror, This Is My Shadow On The Opposite Wall

Image source: ronvonjones1

#46 Shadows

Image source: bogdanzik

#47 I Just Noticed The Halloween Mask I Got For 1dol Leaves A Creepy Shadow

Image source: iBoba

#48 Just A Picture Of Me And Benjamin Franklin Hanging Out

Image source: RickoSicko

#49 My Glasses Are Only Corrective In The Right Lens, This Was The Shadow Produced

Image source: mttogo

#50 The Shadows Of My Blinds And My Outdoor Table Created The American Flag

Image source: thatonefunnyguy

#51 Batman In Disguise

#52 Phone Cord Shadow Looks Like DNA

Image source: uberkalden

#53 The Shadows Of These Soap Bubbles Are Very Colorful

Image source: IatetheCamel

#54 The Shadow Created From A Bathroom Stall, Someone Saw An Opportunity

Image source: locallive

#55 Friend Of Mine Caught Everest’s Shadow On The Way Down From His 3rd Summit

Image source: bug_eyed_earl

#56 His Shadow Looks Like Beavis

Image source: jaboukie

#57 The Way This Tombstone Designed Makes A Shadow Of A Man Appear

Image source: abyigit

#58 The Shadow Of This Closed Flower Looks Like An Open Flower

Image source: huskydaisy

#59 My Boyfriend And His Dog’s Shadows Lined Up And Formed A Centaur In This Picture

Image source: burritopalace

#60 Sign Outside Domino’s Creates A Slice Shaped Shadow

Image source: life_on_TARS

#61 Windows On The Entrance Of My Apartment Creating A Smiley Face In Sunlight

Image source: crazymuffin

#62 Having RGB Lights Makes My Room White And Makes The Edges Of Shadows Colourful

Image source: anaballer

#63 The Pattern Formed By These Tables And Their Shadows

Image source: babbettebaboon

#64 My Day Time Stockings

Image source: lolatheexplorer

#65 The Lighting On This Toilet Makes Me Feel Like I’m Peeing On The Smiling Wide Open Mouth Of My Own Shadow

Image source: PedroFPardo

#66 Marching Elephants

Image source: Michael Poliza

#67 This Shadow From A Condom Machine

Image source: sambro36

#68 The Shadow Of The Waiter Putting Down A Plate Looks Like He’s Going To Murder Me

Image source: nito522

#69 The Light And Shadow In My Office Spells Out ‘Oil’

Image source: miserendino

#70 The Shadow Cast By This Candle/Glass

Image source: Observing_YourAntics

#71 My Hotel Room Number Is Created By A Shadow

Image source: cdvsom

#72 The Swing Arm Position Of My Lamp Is Casting A Grayscale Shadow

Image source: Lettuce-b-lovely

#73 He Comes Out Of Hibernation Twice A Year, When The Sun Sets In The Southern Blue Ridge

Image source: jasno

#74 This Kid’s Shadow Looks Like Mr. Krabs

Image source: Korneko

#75 This Shadow Cast Looks Like A Man Going For A Dive

Image source: mocroflavour

#76 My Workplace Has Lights Set In A Grid Of Squares, So The Shadows Casted By Rectangular Tables Look Pixelated

Image source: Silver_III

#77 This Shadow Fits Perfectly Into The Path

Image source: Fullback98

#78 These Two Hair Ties Diffracted Into Six Shadows

Image source: killboy

#79 Unmelted Snow In The Shadows

Image source: spicedpumpkins

#80 The Way This Tree Lines Up With Another Tree’s Shadow

Image source: RedRedRoad

#81 Spatula With Holes In It Casts A Reverse Shadow

Image source: giacomocastellucci

#82 The Shadow Of My Gorillapod Created A Vicious Mouse

Image source: flip14

#83 At First Glance, My Ruler’s Shadow Makes It Look Like The Ruler Is Curvy

Image source: CriminalCucumber

#84 My Shadow Looks Like Trump Is Lurking Behind Me

Image source: gem_bug

#85 The Reflection Of The Car Mirror Makes It Look Like My Friend Is Missing A Brick

Image source: ComradeReindeer

#86 The Shadow From The Power Lines Makes This Baby Look Like He’s Angry And Wearing Warpaint

Image source: OrigamiTapestry

#87 The Way The Shadow Moves

Image source: oolf_GER

#88 The Way The Sunlight Hits The Frieze Below This Roof

Image source: rigoletta

#89 That Shadow

Image source: kaviartube

#90 Thought It Was An Awesome Paintjob… Was Disappointed When I Noticed It Was Only A Shadow

Image source: iRedditn

#91 My Girlfriend’s Shadow Is Reminiscent Of Darth Vader

Image source: pimack

#92 My Beer Glass’ Shadow Looks Like Jack Skellington

Image source: sweetrocker22

#93 I Set My Glasses On The Table, And The Multiple Shadows Transformed Them Into A Spider

Image source: mojavesnowfrog

#94 Shadows

Image source: Bongnazi

#95 Freddy Krueger’s Shadow Appeared In Our Jack-O’-Lantern

Image source: underwatergoat

#96 Plane’s Shadow On Fog

Image source: Ghost_Animator

#97 When You Play On Full Settings But You Leave The Shadows On Minimum

Image source: iBleeedorange

#98 A Cow With A Donkeyshaped Shadow

Image source: The_Muntje

#99 This Wiggly Shadow Of A Perfectly Straight Ladder

Image source: NameTheEpithet

#100 This Shadow Looks Like The Babadook

Image source: The-Card-Draw

#101 The Shadow Of This Tree Looks Like It Was Poorly Rendered

Image source: devbang

#102 My Fence’s Shadow Doesn’t Let The Snow Melt, Making My Garden Half Green, Half White

Image source: DankPastaMaster

#103 Our Fire Escape Casts A Pretty Shadow

Image source: PygmyTwylyte

#104 Shadows Of Chicago Over Frozen Lake Michigan, USA

Image source: frostyfarrow

#105 So As I Was Parking My Car At 12:30am I Saw This Creepy Looking Shadow (I Know It Isn’t Paranormal, It Is Just A Random Combination Of Shadows) But It Scared The S**t Out Of Me

Image source: imrealpd

#106 The Telephone Pole’s Shadow Makes A Cross On The Church Across The Street

Image source: MrZtheKING

#107 This Light Pole Shadow Looks Like A USB Logo

Image source: Ezio4815

#108 Black Cat’s Shadow Profile On A Pumpkin

Image source: HyggeZenMinimalism

#109 The Shadow Fell Mildly Interestingly Over The Names On This Gravestone

Image source: skycoaster

#110 My Cousin’s Iron Man Mask Giving Homage To Overly Happy Batman

Image source: BitterBilly

#111 Cloud Forms A Shadow On The Sky

Image source: prestod

#112 Perfect Lighting. Favorite Shadow I’ve Seen In A While

Image source: aliciamestre

#113 This Hotel In Santorini Has Its Name Spelled Out In Shadows

Image source: nick51xx

#114 This Trash Can Has An Angry Shadow

Image source: BoneHalifax

#115 This Bike Rack’s Shadow

Image source: CanadianGreg1

#116 Made It To The Lighthouse At Byron Bay And The Most Easterly Point In Australia. Maybe Fishnet Stockings Should Be A New Running Trend

Image source: travelinfitness

#117 My Brother’s Shadow Looks Like Abraham Lincoln

Image source: CjNorec

#118 Shadow Of My Lamp Looks Like Monsters Inc. Logo

Image source: OyuncuDedeler

#119 Sunlight Cast A Shadow Of The Glass’s Logo Onto My Beer

Image source: cosmic_ocean

#120 Was Walking Through Work When I Saw This Shadow On The Ground. Good Evening

Image source: uniquethings4you

#121 That Shadow

Image source: Miti56

#122 My Shopping Bag’s Shadow Made A Man Wearing A Nightcap

Image source: Hyouzel

#123 The Shadow Of My Feet Is In The Opposite Direction

Image source: demetri47

#124 My Phone Cords Shadow Makes Perfect Hearts

Image source: Master_Crumpet

#125 The Hats On This Hatrack Cast A Shadow In The Shape Of A Face

Image source: IJustMovedIn

#126 This Sign Says “Fresh Baked Rolls” But Its Shadow Says “Fresh B Rolls”

Image source: soupcrack

#127 The Shadow Cast By This Rock Fireplace Looks Like An Evolution Chain From Ape To Human

Image source: purgarus

#128 The Shadow From The Fence (Almost) Perfectly Lines Up With The Sidewalk

Image source: Ekaceseehc

#129 The Shadow Of The Cord Lined Up Perfecty To Look Like The Microphones Cord

Image source: hopperr

#130 Perfectly Aligned Shadows

Image source: hova414

#131 I Noticed That My Shadow Looked Like Rihanna

Image source: baelaani

#132 I Thought I Was Taking A Creative Picture Of My Son And I. What I Got Was The Shadow Of A Balrog

Image source: iguitaround

#133 The Shadow Of These Eyeglasses Looks Like A Different Style Of Eyeglasses

Image source: badmagis

#134 The Shadow Of My Couch Looks Like The Silhouette Of A Man


#135 Darth Vader Shadow

Image source: AMB0123

#136 The Shadow Cast By The Flowers On My Table Looks Like A Unicorn

Image source: AdmAckbar000

#137 This Shadow Looks Like An Eye

Image source: Tahouki_Crack

#138 The Shadow Of This Wind Chime Looks Like The Starship Enterprise

Image source: signedupwiththis

#139 The Shadow Is Blue

Image source: Ellahluja

#140 Car Shadows Preventing Snow From Melting At My Office

Image source: zach8vb

#141 The Morning Frost In The Shadow Of My Home

Image source: RandomMovieQuotes521

#142 Mt. Hood Casting A Shadow On The Clouds This Morning

Image source: datsquatch

#143 This Shadow Is A Dead On Mullet

Image source: I-WANT-TO-BELIEV3

#144 My Christmas Tree Puts A Shadow Of An Elf On The Wall

Image source: TheDraimen

#145 The Shadow Of My Guitar Stand Looks Sort Of Like An 18th-Century Gun

Image source: DubiousMax

#146 Beautiful Shadows

Image source: RAW-D

#147 While At The Grand Canyon Yesterday, I Took A Picture Of This Shadow That Looked Like The Profile Of A Face

Image source: putinsbear

#148 My Leg Shadow Looks Like Alfred Hitchcock

Image source: tveye363

#149 Shadow In My Shower Looks Like A Confident Slug

Image source: HarmlessRedditor

#150 Firestation In My Town Uses Shadows Cast From A Nearby Streetlight To Create Its Sign

Image source: toodleroo

#151 My Girlfriend’s Shadow Looks Like A Dog

Image source: Jmoneytwizkid

#152 The Shadow Casted By This Table Makes It Look Like I’m Wearing Fishnet Stockings

Image source: fame007

#153 Did I Stop Time? Note His Hand On The Frisbee And The Shadow…

Image source: Modano1509

#154 The Gold Designs On This Mug Being Reflected Onto Shadows

Image source: JohnWesson

#155 Aspen Shadows During Solar Eclipse

Image source: TheClanElder

#156 The Eclipse Is Leaving Very Weird Shadows On My Deck!

Image source: sleekstar

#157 The Shadows Were Flipping Me Off

Image source: impeckable00

#158 My Dog’s Shadow Makes An Almost Perfect Arrow

Image source: SamadAlishah

#159 I Was In My Sister’s Room Talking To Her When She Told Me Not To Move And Then She Snapped This Picture. I Have No Idea How This Happened

Image source: ThisIsHowIShowMyLove

#160 The Shadow Of My Charger Cable Looks Twisted When It’s Actually Not

Image source: DonutDonutt

#161 Shadow On Goodwill Sign Makes The Face Appear Menacing

Image source: itspronouncedkc

#162 This Shadow Made A Perfect Arrow In The Direction I Needed To Go

Image source: trolliamnot

#163 Shadow Of A Strainer During Partial Solar Eclipse

Image source: primaV

#164 The Shadow Of Our Christmas Tree Didn’t Turn Out Very Merry

Image source: IJetfire

#165 The Shadow Of The Sugar Packets Kind Of Looks Like The Beast From Beauty And The Beast

Image source: gingerroot94

#166 The Way A 4 Leaf Clover Made A Heart Shadow

Image source: dabb410

#167 My Aloe Plant’s Shadow Is Throwing Up A Peace-Sign

Image source: ilaflowerboi

#168 Late Game Of Fetch With Jose. Why Does His Shadow Look Like A Cat?

Image source: xxwhatisthisxx

#169 My Shadow Wielding A Spear Of Light

Image source: Gnar-wahl

#170 Tree Leaf Shadows Just After The Total Eclipse

Image source: fucking_biblical

#171 The Way My Shadow Is Hidden, I Look Photoshopped Into This Image

Image source: roxmj8

#172 The Shadow Of The Numbers Is More Legible Than The Numbers

Image source: dashivan

#173 The Shadow Of The Heavy Bag At My Gym Looked A Lot Like “5 Gum” Logo

Image source: dantos12

#174 The Shadow Of This Chair Looks Pixelated

Image source: yelahneb

#175 The Way The Shadows Line Up With The Concrete Slabs

Image source: TheBartonFink

#176 This Shadow Cast By A Wet Sieve Looks Digitised

Image source: BodaciousBuns

#177 That Shadow!

Image source: rubysoho_thecavalier

#178 This Projection Of A Telephone Digit Onto The Back Of A Man’s Head

Image source: voobaha

#179 This Shadow In My House Looks Like Darth Vader

Image source: Billinoiss

#180 The Light Makes This Sign’s Shadow Look Pixelated

Image source: mendicant

#181 This Car’s Shadow Looks Like A Happy Cowboy With A Giant Chin

Image source: justonemoreplz

#182 The Contrail Of A Jet Cast A Shadow On The Clouds Below

Image source: Samnits

#183 My Prescription On My Right Eye Is Stronger Than The One On The Left. It Is Noticeable When Light Passing Through The Lens Casts Different Shadows

Image source: awkotacos

#184 An Indonesian Sunset With The Shadows Of Two Volcanoes

Image source: Nivaia

#185 My Building’s Shadow Has Gaps Exacly Where The Street Lamps Are

Image source: Z3R0C001

#186 These Shoes Cast An Interesting Shadow

Image source: bomonty18

#187 These Street Signs Stacked On Top Of Each Other Made A Shadow That Looks Like Batman

Image source: 666Lavender666

#188 The Way The Shadow Has A Missing Part Due To Light Refraction

Image source: LibertatemBellator

#189 My Mum’s New Tree Has A Happy Shadow

Image source: esseegee

#190 Shadow From My Phone Torch On My Lamp Looks Like An Anime Eye

Image source: Tiddler22

#191 The Shadow This Truck Is Casting

Image source: BIGFO0OT

#192 These Bricks Look Slightly Shifted At The Edge Of The Shadow

Image source: jerkytart

#193 The Shadow Of A Mountain At Sunset Silhouettes Against The Sky

Image source: heycameraguy

#194 My Friend’s Shadow Looks Like Three Sneaking Men

Image source: jertrack

#195 The Shadow From This Sign Makes A Perfect Arrow

Image source: xStealthClown

#196 My Shower’s Shadow Forms A Heart

Image source: Mottotta

#197 I Placed My Phone With The Flashlight On, On Top Of This Lamp. Got An Interesting Shadow

Image source: ronald_poi

#198 Peoples Shadows Seen From A Ferris Wheel

Image source: twinuno

#199 The Lights Create A Shadow Of A Non-Existent Bush

Image source: PepCKola

#200 My Sister’s Shadow Will Sell You Propane And Propane Accessories

Image source: ghoulsaplenty

#201 Shadow Of A Tree During An Eclipse

Image source: Proteon

#202 The Shadow Of This Jellyfish Wine Stopper Looks Like A Wandering Samurai

Image source: TokyoSpider

#203 The Shadow Of The Words “Good Old” Forms “Gold”

Image source: NikoLazuli

#204 The Sunset Shadow Lines Up With The Building

Image source: AllThingsBacon

#205 11 Years After Taking This Random Picture Of Strangers, I Realized Their Shadows Look Like Camels!

Image source: alan13446

#206 The Shadow From This Wine Glass Looks Like A Sloth

Image source: remyandblaze

#207 My Books Formed A Person Looking Shadow

Image source: SUperNeo222

#208 The Shadow Of The Handle On This Cabinet Makes A Perfect 3

Image source: broganvader

#209 This Weird Shadow My Paper Made

Image source: jackcamsooksai

#210 The Lighting In The Library Gives This Cord An Inverse Shadow

Image source: pet_her_lark_son

#211 This Fence Only Casts Parts Of The Shadow

Image source: kl0noa

#212 This Shadow Looks Like An Extension Of The Building

Image source: Grundfos

#213 The Shadow Of This Spider Looks Like Another Upright Spider

Image source: coozin

#214 Eclipse Shadows, Portland, OR

Image source: CobblerSalad

#215 The Way The Shadow Of My Building’s Number Lines Up With The Stairs When I Come Home Around 5 Each Day

Image source: 0occoo

#216 This Shadow On My Third Floor Apartment’s Window Looks Like A Lab Just Sneaking A Peak

Image source: tysloat

#217 Shadow Made Me Feel Incredibly Awkward, But Sexy

Image source: TheIceHole

#218 The Shadow Of This Wire Making A Face In Profile

Image source: shinyrubies

#219 My Nephew Is Waiting Downstairs To Scare Me

Image source: crumbbelly

#220 These White And Red Strips Leave Black And Red Shadows

Image source: wivsta

#221 The Shadow My Curtains Cast Is The Senate

Image source: proohetmeme

#222 The Shadow Cast From The Roof Of My Tent Makes Me Feel Like I’m In The Upside Down

Image source: PandaBae

#223 The Way This Umbrella’s Shadow Looks Like A Head

Image source: lollzlollz3213

#224 This Shadow In My Hotel Room

Image source: sam-elliott227

#225 The Way This Shadow Looks Like A Piano

Image source: choochoochili

#226 The Shadow From This Camel Statue In My Apartment Looks Like A Bust

Image source: Sorexscalemvir

#227 The Shadow Of My Toilet Paper Roll Looks Like A Teapot

Image source: catderectovan

#228 Shadow Staircase

Image source: HazeySynth

#229 The Shadow Of My House Goes Excactly As Far As The Tiles Go

Image source: Decovaron

#230 I Was Bummed The Shadow Of The Last 5 Was Blocked, Then My Wife Pointed It Out…

Image source: dangerasi

#231 This Pixelated Tree Shadow I Saw Last Night

Image source: HowShittyThouArt

#232 This Pattern Of Shadows And Light

Image source: fanzel71

#233 The Shadow Of My Bathrobe Looked Like A Face

Image source: shinji-ikari-is-gay

#234 This Chain And S Hook Made A Perfect Dollar Sign Shadow

Image source: GPovolo

#235 The Shadow Of This Sign Makes Another Sign Above The Door

Image source: BowsersaurusRex

#236 This Urinal Divider’s Shadow Looks Like Batman And Someone Drew His Eyes/Mouth

Image source: ScientificMeth0d

#237 At About 7:30pm Each Day The Shadow Of My Patio Umbrella Looks Like A Big D**k In The Window

Image source: traid

#238 The “1” Balloon At A Birthday Party Today Cast Quite The Shadow

Image source: rfc1285

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