This Genie Makes Wishes Come True, But Not In The Way You Would Expect

agosto 06, 2018

Semi Imes is a Vietnamese artist who creates beautiful anime-inspired illustrations. Yet sometimes he makes something different – like these cheeky genie comics. And keep in mind, this genie doesn’t grant wishes quite like you’d want him to.

The artist says he makes a lot of mini comics but they are scattered across the internet like “godforsaken relics”. When asked about his humour, Semi says he doesn’t have a good answer: “Sarcastic pessimism is the genre for most of my comics, but once in a while I churn out a reasonable comic that gives people a sensible chuckle.”

Imes seems to be a true master of his craft with his art ranging from simple illustrations like these genie comics, to highly detailed digital art. “I do both traditional and digital work, but in general, I do more digital illustration since I’m a bit lazy with setting up a workspace for traditional art,” said Semi in an interview with Bored Panda. He says it started out as a hobby but nowadays he does freelance illustrations and sometimes even tattoo designs.

Check out Semi’s cheeky genie comics in the gallery below!

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