Someone Is Selling A Gigantic Cave Home For $2.5 Million And It’s Interior Is Even More Amazing Than The Exterior

agosto 28, 2018

Do you know any Bond villains that are looking for a new home? The Beckham Creek Cave Lodge located in Arkansas might be the perfect place for them.

The 6,000 sq. ft. lodge started as a bomb shelter but was repurposed into a luxury hotel in the 80’s. It is carved inside a giant rock, has it’s own waterfall and helipad, and one night’s stay costs $1200. And if you think it looks like your dream home (or dream villain lair), you’re in luck – the owner is currently selling it! But keep in mind – the starting bid is a whopping $2.5 million.

Check out the amazing lodge, nicknamed the ‘World’s most luxurious cave’ in the gallery below!

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The cave in which the lodge is built was used for exploration since the early 1800s, and was only repurposed in 1983

The cave along with a 240-acre spread was purchased by Celestial Tea co-founder John Hay for $146,000

Hay believed the cave could be an amazing hideout in case things heated up during the Cold War

Four years and $2 million later, he had converted the cave into a bomb shelter

In 1988, an article in People’s magazine stated: “First, 20 laborers removed 250 million years worth of silt from the subterranean chamber”

“The cave’s mouth was then covered with three-foot-thick concrete walls and faced with quarried stone”

“Openings were left for windows for the oak-paneled kitchen and living room and for an arched, walnut-framed entrance way”

“In the event of the Holocaust, all these openings can be sealed with concrete blocks”

“Inside, Hay followed the cave’s natural, high-roofed contours “The architect was God,” he said”. The cave even has a natural waterfall inside

After the end of Cold War, Hay no longer needed the shelter and sold it

The current owner of “World’s most luxurious cave” has listed the property for sale again

And now it can be yours for a whopping $2.75 million

This gigantic cave home has four bedrooms and four bathrooms

It has everything a modern home needs, including a 75-inch LED TV in the living room

Thermal heating will keep you warm and cozy in the living area

It also features a state-of-the-art kitchen with a large custom-built wooden bar for guests to come and gather around

All rooms feature natural rock formations since most of the cave was preserved during all phases of building and remodeling

The master bedroom includes a unique round queen-sized bed and a spa-like private bathroom, all surrounded by the natural formations of the cave

Rock walls and overhead rain showers provide a waterfall-like experience when showering

All 4 bedrooms are unique and offer queen-sized beds, exposed cavern walls, and lavish bathrooms

When outside, you can grill up a steak in a stone fireplace while watching the amazing view from the front deck

The cave even has it’s own helipad in case you need a place to park your chopper!

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