Man Supersizes His Avengers Action Hero Figurines Using A Camera, And They’re ‘Helping’ Him Around The House

agosto 30, 2018

Have you ever wanted to be a part of the Avengers? Do you want to dress up in spandex and fight evil? While that may not be possible (unless you have superpowers, of course), one Malaysian man has found a way to get as close to this dream as one can get.

Wire Hon is an action figure collector and superhero fan who takes clever photographs using forced perspective to make the toys look human-sized. Of course, he does so with a slight twist – you won’t see the superheroes doing superhero things. Instead, Hon’s pictures show them doing everyday chores and the results are hilarious!

So if you’ve ever wanted to see Hulk carrying a mattress or Deadpool mopping the floor, check out Hon’s pictures in the gallery below!

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Wire Hon is an action figure collector fan who likes to take pictures with superheroes

He uses forced perspective to make the action figures appear human-sized

He even shared how he does it

Check out more of Hon’s amazing pictures below!

















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