25+ Real Glitches In The Matrix That Will Freak You Out (New Pics) https://ift.tt/2BEdPQT

agosto 23, 2018

Have you ever gone out and saw someone wearing the same t-shirt as you? You probably thought it was just a coincidence but what if we told you that was actually a glitch in the Matrix? Relax, we’re just kidding, agent Smith isn’t going to come out from behind a corner and start chasing you.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of the strangest coincidences where people met their real-life doppelgangers and you’ll have a hard time believing they aren’t photoshopped. We already featured some of them before, now check out some more in the gallery below!


#1 Impressive

Image source: BelfastLive

#2 What’s Happening?

#3 These Three Random Men In My Photo Look Like The Same Person

Image source: thrashbandit

#4 I Found My Sister’s Doppelgänger At The Coldplay Concert In Gothenburg

Image source: elvegu

#5 Meanwhile, In The Matrix

Image source: xxXTinyHippoXxx

#6 White Guy Problems

Image source: northparkdanger

#7 Three Girls In The Same Row, Wearing The Same Color Sweater, With The Same Color Hair

Image source: fall97

#8 Friend Discovered His Doppelgänger At The Airport Today. Neither Were Pleased

Image source: apollodeen

#9 I Met My Doppelgänger

Image source: littletucks

#10 My Friend Got On The Train And The Same Woman Sat Down, 4 Times…

Image source: toddffw

#11 My Boyfriend And His Doppelgänger At The Getty Museum

Image source: Dyani_and_Alex

#12 I Didn’t Believe In The Matrix… Until Today

Image source: fiscal_tiger

#13 My Boyfriend And I Went To A Beer Festival And Met A Couple Who Was Dressed The Same As Us

Image source: excitotox

#14 I Was At Work When We Noticed A Fantastic Lookalike

Image source: danrobson1

#15 I’m Visiting The USA For The First Time: There Was A Glitch In The Matrix Yesterday As I Stood In Line At The Met, NY

Image source: salmeida

#16 Just Witnessed My Very Own

Image source: syrakate

#17 I Found A Glitch In The Matrix

Image source: greasysnowball

#18 I Think I Found A Glitch In The Matrix…

Image source: WhippleGT

#19 Glitch In The Matrix At Tech Conference

Image source: ClearMyInbox

#20 There’s A Glitch In The Matrix

#21 This Thrift Store Photo Is My Doppelgänger

Image source: falconfalcone

#22 Glitch In The Matrix, Or Just Rush Week For Chads Everywhere?

Image source: GW_BushDid911

#23 Found My Doppelgänger At Disney’s California Adventure!

Image source: IAmG93

#24 Another Glitch In The Matrix

Image source: beecoe

#25 There Is A Glitch In The Matrix

Image source: hiimmistermeeseekslookatme

#26 My Girl Had A Glitch With The Matrix

Image source: electricityisout

#27 Found A Glitch In The Matrix

Image source: alicrosswell

#28 I Think I Entered The Twilight Zone At Tim Hortons…

Image source: Method__Man

#29 My Brother Glitched The Matrix While Grocery Shopping

Image source: xxforever

#30 My Friend Traveled All The Way To Thailand To Randomly Find His Doppelgänger

Image source: BuddyIVVT

#31 Double Vision Or Doppelgänger…

Image source: dfmwollin

#32 A Glitch In The Matrix

Image source: Nesbarnes

#33 They’re Multiplying!

Image source: conorwrong

#34 Glitch In The Matrix

Image source: baldy27

#35 Waiting To Get A Haircut When…

Image source: thebadcarcrash

#36 When You Stumble Upon Your Classmate’s Side Modeling Gig…

Image source: cabiel187

#37 No Twins! Just A Glitch In The Matrix

Image source: sherlockrichter

#38 Please Don’t Be A Glitch. I Just Wanna Eat My Pizza Rolls And Get Drunk

Image source: spottedcows

#39 There Was A Glitch On My Train

Image source: buttersers

#40 When You Catch Your Doppelgänger On Tv

Image source: iRuisu

#41 Was Watching Educating Yorkshire When There Was A Glitch In The Matrix…

Image source: BatXDude

#42 Was Working Out With Girlfriend And I Saw Something Familiar Behind Her

Image source: oonix8

#43 Went To Lunch With My Coworker When His Doppelgänger Sat Behind Him…

Image source: ryfle_

#44 Glitch In The Matrix… Err… Vegas…

Image source: ShawnBoo

#45 Don’t You Love It When There’s A Glitch In The Matrix

Image source: ariana_kramer

#46 I Also Saw A Glitch In The Matrix

Image source: StCale

#47 Found This Glitch In The Matrix

Image source: SwagWaggon

#48 There Was A Glitch In The Matrix At Lunch

Image source: instantlyRegretThis

#49 Finally Experienced A Glitch In The Matrix

Image source: Dizzymo

#50 Drinking A Flat White And Wondering If I Should Have Taken The Red Pill Or The Blue Pill?

Image source: the_thinking_mans_crumpet

#51 Caught My Friend Glaring At His Doppelgänger

Image source: Kdknicker87

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