Russian Street Artists Delete Car In Real World Without Using Photoshop

julio 23, 2018

Have you ever wished you could use Photoshop in real life? Would you delete that one tree that’s blocking the view through your window or maybe multiply the amount of donuts you just bought? Sadly, while no one has yet invented Photoshop for the real life, a collaboration of Russian street artists came pretty close to that.

In a project called CTRL+X (the Photoshop shortcut for deleting a section), they created an optical illusion by painting a checkered pattern on a car and a dumpster using grey and white paint. When looked at from a certain angle, the pattern looks exactly like the one you get when deleting a segment in Photoshop. This installation was a part of an annual Russian street art festival called Stenograffia.

Check out the result and work in progress in the gallery below!

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