Neymar’s Dramatic World Cup Fall Has Been Turned Into A Free Font, And It’s Hilarious

julio 13, 2018

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is coming to an end, and like every year, it has created it’s fair share of memes. The biggest highlight of the last World Cup was probably Luis Suárez, the Uruguayan player who bit another player. Well, this year’s World Cup meme highlight is definitely Neymar’s overly dramatic fall.

In fact, the fall was so over the top, it even inspired someone to create a font! Luciano Jacob, a Brazil-based art director for a media company called Mutato, has created a typeface called Ney Type featuring all of Neymar’s greatest falls. The font is completely free and from now you can use it to write essays or take other important notes. You can download it here.

Check out Luciano’s short presentation and the font itself in the gallery below!

More info: Luciano Jacob | Facebookh/t

You can download the font here.

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