Graphic Designer Shows A Different Side Of Words By Turning Them Into Playful Animations

julio 18, 2018

Mindaugas Dudenas is a graphic designer based in Vilnius, Lithuania. He has recently created a series of animated illustrations called “Type in Motion” that show various words animated as the actions they describe.

From tears dropping from the word “Cry” to letters being blown away in “Wind”, the designer’s illustrations are an interesting and unique take on typography.

Check out Mindaugas’ moving illustrations in the gallery below!

More info: dudenas |

1. Time

2. Tick / Tack

3. Wind

4. Cry

5. Follow me

6. Like

7. Smile

8. Halloween

9. Chess

10. Man


12. Switch

13. Summer

14. Fitness

15. Records

16. Doors

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