25+ Epic Design Fails That Are So Bad You Won’t Believe They Actually Exist (New Pics) https://ift.tt/2L2Q3lG

julio 18, 2018

We’ve previously written about some hilariously bad design fails and you probably thought it could not get any worse. Well, turns out bad designers don’t sleep and continue making ridiculous designs that make people scratch their heads. So now it’s once again time for a new batch of freshly baked design fails.

From see-through bathroom stalls to wall facing stadium seats – you’ll see everything in the gallery below!


#1 This Car Dealership Form

Image source: MarciRobin

#2 National Geographic Magazine That Warns About Danger Of Plastic Bags Comes Inside A Plastic Bag That Is Inside A Plastic Bag

Image source: dumbomb

#3 I Felt Quite Lost In China, But Fortunately I Found This Sign

Image source: 123Erik123

#4 This News Paper From The Dominican Republic Used A Picture Of Alec Baldwin As Trump

Image source: Papa_pepper_513

#5 You Had One Job…

Image source: Aero-Space

#6 Best Seat In The House

Image source: instanteffect

#7 Happy Father’s Day

Image source: KROXON

#8 Uh… How Would I… Know

Image source: 9986000_minutes

#9 I’m Sure There Must Be A Better Choice Of Dog Breed For This

Image source: TheJamster95

#10 Pool Got A New Sunshade For The Kiddie Pool. A New Yellow Sunshade

Image source: tangleduplife

#11 I Just Wanted Some Gas

Image source: savvyfuck

#12 And You Thought The Other Glass Stall Was Bad

Image source: Queenbach

#13 Class Stalls In Bathroom

Image source: Shiawase__

#14 Kids Love Pandas!

Image source: TenFootLoPan

#15 A Friend’s Two-Year Old’s Birthday Cake

Image source: randyfloyd37

#16 Little Caesers Serves What?

Image source: googhosty

#17 The Paint In This Public Restroom

Image source: Xuhale

#18 Super Penetrate

Image source: C0II1n

#19 Hmmm

Image source: house_monkey

#20 Confused Bunny

Image source: NotRenton

#21 I Don’t Even Have Words For This

Image source: BirbCabbage

#22 That’s A Wasp

Image source: Ferosso

#23 Close Button Fell Off. Turns Out It Was Never Connected Anyway

Image source: lilmax

#24 That Awkward Moment When Your”Thermostat” Is Actually Just Hanging On A Nail, And Doesn’t Control The Temperature Whatsoever. Shout Out To The Best Landlords Ever

#25 Nightmare Fan Switch

Image source: mixed_massages

#26 That’s Supposed To Be A Whistle

Image source: getlaidanddie

#27 Guess Who Set The Alarm Off At The Movie Theatre Today. Men’s Room Was Around The Corner And Down A Hall

Image source: Gaijinloco

#28 The Good Book, Copenhagen

Image source: Enviromint

#29 This Gray-Scale Pie Chart

Image source: g0jirasan

#30 I’m Looking For A Toy

Image source: drinksmcgee

#31 I Think I’ll Pass

Image source: Conkerfan420

#32 Oh…

Image source: RetroMemez420

#33 Stopped In Wisconsin Today…and I’d Rather Not

Image source: Skwonkie_

#34 Who Wouldn’t Want To Take Their Child Here?

Image source: Anarchytect1204

#35 This Usb Drive Reveals Saudi’s True Intention

Image source: cyberslask

#36 This Gate

Image source: GGpajer

#37 Rip Troy

Image source: macadamiamin

#38 This Football Shaped Bottle By A Mineral Water Company Ahead Of Football Worldcup Russia 2018 That Turns Into Spherical Magnifying Glass And Gets On Fire When In Sun For More Than A Minute

Image source: suchit_sanghvi

#39 Want Some Shoes That Look Like You Stepped In Dog S**t?

Image source: notenoughroom

#40 Braille. 7’ High. Printed. Behind Glass

Image source: Kowboooy

#41 911 – I’d Like To Report A Crime

Image source: quinntoye

#42 You Know, For The Children

Image source: _youhadonejob1

#43 I Respect The Support For Pride Month, But Seriously?

Image source: meemayaddict97

#44 These Coffin-Shaped Door Windows In This Hospital

Image source: ToBeFrozen

#45 This Goes On In An Almost Endless Loop

Image source: Wells100091

#46 Investing In American Jobs

Image source: Kramli111

#47 Bus Routes Info Map In Thailand. The Left One Is Designed By Government And The Right One Is Designed By Local Community Service Group

Image source: TaeXtream48

#48 Just Noticed My Watercolor Set Is Named Fine Fart

Image source: Cocaine_Kitty

#49 These Ants Are Painted Into The Table. Freaked Me Out Like 5 Times During Lunch

Image source: Luis_Y_Que

#50 The Same Trash Can, From Opposite Sides

Image source: CoachEvan15

#51 Bathroom Mirror At A Bar In Italy

Image source: lavitaetroppobreve

#52 That’s Nice

Image source: sheamonieux

#53 Just Don’t

Image source: brovador

#54 A Very Useful Ramp

Image source: Ki_ro

#55 On The Topic Of Schools With Useless Fonts

Image source: PapaMessiah

#56 Nice View

Image source: nosnatef

#57 Wasting A Third Of The Staircase

Image source: Inuj

#58 Good Intentions But Poorly Executed

Image source: OverlordPanda91

#59 Place 10 Feet Away…

Image source: meagcay

#60 Excuse Me But My Finger Isn’t A Coin

Image source: sosb0y

#61 These Meal Instructions Have You Preheat Your Oven For No Reason

Image source: WhiteTrashJetpack

#62 Only Adults Can Solve This

Image source: iDeenoz

#63 The Floor At This Barbershop

Image source: the_neighbors

#64 Seen At My School, Not A Good Idea To Use Yellow On Yellow…

Image source: GearedGamer

#65 Thanks Amazon! Can’t Wait For Her Next Book

Image source: ooklamok

#66 Hmmmm… How Do We Show That One Hand Is Gay?

Image source: boynik

#67 “When I Crash, I’m Going To Look Stunning!”

Image source: Tydecon

#68 New Solar Powered Power Bank. The Sky’s The Limit

Image source: erka_apostrophe

#69 These Hangers That You Cannot Pick Up Unless You First Remove All The Ones In Front

Image source: UserAlreadyNotTaken

#70 Marble Floor In A Bathroom. The White Is Part Of The Floor

Image source: Mastery7Shithead

#71 But… Why?

Image source: Flare55

#72 Gym Hair, Don’t Care. Infinity

Image source: reddit.com

#73 These Shoes Look Like Someone Busted A Nut All Over Them

Image source: degenerates123

#74 I Don’t Even Know

Image source: howsitgoing-kevin

#75 A Very Useful Cupholder

Image source: Ab_Captain

#76 My Hs Yearbook Is Great

Image source: AlsxDiff

#77 Ah Yes, I Too Live In The United States

Image source: Weegee33

#78 This Decorative Cat

Image source: justgiveausernamepls

#79 Poor Colour On This Shop Sign

Image source: gwinny121

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