Incredibly Realistic Paintings By This Korean Artist Will Leave You Amazed

junio 12, 2018

Young-Sung Kim is a Korean born, NYC and Korea based artist best known for his hyperrealistic paintings. Kim’s paintings have been featured in numerous galleries all around the world and it’s no surprise – the incredible amount of details make them look more like photographs, rather than paintings.

Kim has been working on his current series called ‘Nothing. Life. Object’ since 2006 and painted over 60 paintings. He says he works every day from 9 am to midnight but despite working over 14 hours a day it still takes Kim a year to finish some of his works – “I want them to be as realistic as humanly possible, it just takes me a very long time to be completely satisfied with a piece,” says Kim. Kim also mentions one painting – the frog on the bolts – took him about five years to finish.

Although we might have a hard time telling the paintings from photographs, Kim believes they are not realistic enough: “If you enlarge a photo to observe it, you will realize it is not very realistic. Technology advances at a great speed and it is hard to keep up, but my goal is to outperform high-definition television or computer monitors. It’s a real challenge, but I’m hoping to be able to paint in greater detail than photos or QHD monitors. To create an image that is real in every single detail,” says Kim.

See Kim’s amazing hyperrealistic paintings in the gallery below!

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