Artist Perfectly Sums Up The Types Of People In The Gym, And You’ll Definitely Relate To The Boobie Girl

junio 26, 2018

Matthew Inman is a comic artist, best known for his comics called The Oatmeal. Matthew has been creating comics for almost ten years and people on the internet love them – so far he has gained over 4 million followers on Facebook and 850K on Instagram.

One of his comics, called ‘At the gym: who is looking at whom,’ has really caught our eye and made us laugh – perhaps because it’s just so relatable. And the ending really cracked us up! So if you ever thought about what the ‘meaty’ guy at the gym is thinking while eyeballing you, this comic just might answer that question.

Check out the hilarious comic below!

More info: | Facebook | Instagram | h/t

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