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junio 15, 2018

Tattoos are pretty permanent things – most of us realize that. And yet, every once in a while we see people with rather questionable body art – most of them even seem proud of it! Sadly, about 50% of tattooed people in the United States end up regretting their tattoos.

From colorful blobs, supposedly representing galaxies, to forehead eagles – you’ll be surprised what weird tattoos people come up with. Check out this compilation of hilariously bad tattoos in the gallery below – who knows, maybe it’ll serve as warning before you decide to get inked?

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#1 Nice Tattoo, Dave

Image source: Hairy_Cheeks

#2 Some Guy Tried To Copy My Tattoo Artist’s Work – Tattooed A Nipple On His Arm

Image source: samusxmetroid

#3 This Guy’s Haircut

Image source: youdontknowimadog

#4 Today I Learned That My Friend’s Chinese Tattoo Literally Means “Turkey Sandwich”

Image source: rebeccalmighty

#5 This Tiger Though

Image source: snake___pit

#6 It’s Supposed To Be A Galaxy

Image source: blahblahblahokay

#7 Roar

#8 For Real, Man?

#9 “It’s Is My Life” – Jon Bovi

Image source: Lolololokokok

#10 This Tattoo Was Apparently Supposed To Be Of “Stars”

Image source: macsimilian

#11 I’m Speechless

Image source: johnnyhumanseeds

#12 El Señor Nippleriño

#13 Maximum Facepalm

Image source: EDJE666

#14 Oh My God

Image source: kryzjewell

#15 Third Into Fourth Always Gives Me Trouble

Image source: _TheArtOfWars_

#16 Close, But Not Close Enough

Image source: PM-ME-YOUR-TITS-GIRL

#17 Definitely Fits Here

Image source: Richard Batey

#18 Back Of The Head Tattoo

Image source: LicketySplitz

#19 This Guy Got A Sunglasses Tattoo On His Face

Image source: Matthew G

#20 Dog Tits

Image source: Yzre

#21 I Don’t Even Have The Words To Explain This

Image source: anyeus

#22 Incredible Angelina Jolie Portrait

Image source: Zahedi Firooz

#23 A Girl I Went To High School With Has This On Her Upper Thigh

Image source: jennnnner

#24 So My Buddy’s Step Sister Got A Tattoo Of Her Mother

Image source: Sirflow

#25 A Facebook Friend Wanted A Very Specific Tattoo, I Think The Artist Really Nailed It

Image source: u/SK2P1

#26 Eminem Or M&M?

#27 Money Talks

Image source: Met76

#28 The Girl With The Vegan Tattoo

Image source: pharmaninja

#29 The Bananas Threw Me For A Loop

Image source: Big_Miss_Steak_

#30 Turtle Head

#31 My Poor Drunken Choice

Image source: SaggyBeaver

#32 I Don’t Even

Image source: iamdopers

#33 Oh My

#34 Found This Gem Browsing Facebook

Image source: IntheDarkoftheNight

#35 Getting A Tattoo Of Your Newborn

Image source: Petkevic29

#36 Guy From High School Got The Same Tattoo As His Dog

Image source: Chris Mendiola

#37 My Uncle’s New Tattoo. Christmas Will Be Awkward This Year

Image source: InfidelCB

#38 This Guy’s Argyle Sock Tattoo

Image source: lovegoldengirls

#39 Happy Meal

Image source: Axayaron

#40 Expectations VS. Reality

Image source: coatedgreenpea

#41 I Think Thom Yorke Will Love It

Image source: reddit.com

#42 Interested In The Story Behind It

Image source: snake___pit

#43 Not Sure If It’s Genius Or Just Horrible

#44 “Angel Wings”

Image source: Spiffyfunpants

#45 Impressive Dot Work, But Why?

Image source: lid-vicious

#46 The Concept Looked So Promising

Image source: ibboRftw

#47 My Mom’s Ex Got A Tattoo Of Her After She Passed. I Guess I Never Realized My Mom Was An Asian Man, With 5 O’clock Shadow

Image source: kdbk11

#48 “My Own Design”

Image source: mact3n

#49 Dude Sure Loves His Turtle

Image source: Clever_mudblood

#50 Friend On Facebook Seems Proud Of This Gem

Image source: coreyjuliette

#51 Erm… A Lion?

Image source: samuelhunt

#52 Please Kill Me

Image source: samusxmetroid

#53 Unfortunate Tattoo Placement In An Engagement Photo

Image source: Firedyke89

#54 Zipper Tattoo

Image source: snake___pit

#55 When You Get A Tattoo At Age 11

Image source: lolthrash

#56 Struck Gold On Facebook Today

Image source: rachenso

#57 Friend Bought A Tattoo Gun On Amazon For £100. Tattooed Darth Vader On Himself

Image source: reddit.com

#58 Instagram Find. I Never Laughed So Hard At A Tattoo

Image source: Yzre

#59 Tiger Anatomy Continues To Baffle Artists, Survey Says

Image source: ArtistStallion

#60 Ryan Gosling

Image source: snake___pit

#61 Yeah, Let’s Just Get A Spider Tattoo

Image source: fluffybigmac

#62 If Only Their Familey Had Warned Them

Image source: gablerr

#63 This “Artist’s” Work Comes Across My Facebook Feed Daily, Quite The Treasure Trove

Image source: unicorn_for_lunch

#64 Found On Tinder, Solid Left Swipe

Image source: AndGiraffes

#65 This Just Popped Up On Facebook

Image source: reddit.com

#66 Is It Just The Angle Or Does She Have A Pinocchio Arm?

Image source: cellared

#67 Six-Pack

#68 ICP Face Make-Up Tattoo. 100% Real

Image source: potter_in_hobbiton

#69 Got This When I Was 16

Image source: mystical_bastard

#70 You Guys Remember The Movie Spirit, Right?

Image source: Keeblahbeth

#71 Leopard Print Or Little Hamburgers?

Image source: Lisasartbeat

#72 Will It Look Good When It’s Done? And Yes, It’s Real

Image source: MorganMonsterBear

#73 What A Cute Lil Sword

Image source: suckytattoos

#74 Spotted On The Chicago Subway. A Paw And Bow Tie, Or…

Image source: lizanyah

#75 Thus Beauty On Facebook Marketplace

Image source: Real_Clever_Username

#76 The Best Photo He Could Find Of Him

Image source: Nicolasrvmoraes

#77 When Fashion Is Life

Image source: omg_Enrico_Palazzo

#78 I’ve Got A Hunch That He Isn’t, “Wrongfully Convicted.” Call Me Crazy, But

Image source: IHeartCokeAndHookers

#79 It Looks Like A Lawsuit

Image source: FoxFreeze

#80 Found This Butterface On A Local Shop’s Instagram

Image source: Shock-Horror

#81 Not-So-Magic Mike

Image source: GlennBanks

#82 Flaming Nips

Image source: DJrybo

#83 Sadly I’m Related To This Kid

Image source: IMNOTASLAG

#84 “I Hate Being Barefoot”

#85 Spotted On The Beach. Go Bulls!

Image source: Burulambie

#86 Another Gem

Image source: unicorn_for_lunch

#87 Blurring The Line Between Art And Reality

Image source: Spoog_McDuck

#88 But Why

#89 All Eyes On You

Image source: snake___pit

#90 Okay, Buddy, Okay

Image source: paperrchain

#91 Was On A Dating Site And This Popped Up

Image source: DualSF

#92 While We’re Doing Teen Mom Tattoos. Here’s Amber’s Tattoo Of Her Daughter

Image source: birdinspace

#93 Rocky Dennis Tattoo

#94 A Tattoo Artist At A Well Known Store In My City Did This On Herself, And Posted It To Facebook. Everyone Loves It. Am I Crazy For Not Seeing What Everyone Else Sees?

Image source: Shesterikova

#95 This Is An Abomination

Image source: schwiftybass

#96 I See A Lot Of These On My Feed

Image source: Defrostmode

#97 Eye See U

Image source: shhphoenix

#98 Once You Go Black

Image source: Pitboss2k

#99 Found This Nightmare On Instagram

Image source: EaFree

#100 This Dope Tiger Face Tatt

Image source: CrayolaCat

#101 Wow Those Lines And ‘Birds’ Are Awful

Image source: reddit.com

#102 But Why?

Image source: Nicolasrvmoraes

#103 “Yeah, I Want A Full Sized Wrestling Championship Belt Tattooed Across My Stomach In Extreme Detail. Don’t Worry About My Belly Button”

Image source: areckewey

#104 This Is Just Amazing

Image source: snake___pit

#105 I Told Him Not To Do It, My Friend Got A Centipede Tattoo On The Face

Image source: saltus

#106 From A Legit Shop

Image source: akcowboi

#107 Placement Fail

Image source: tattoogurken

#108 It Happened

Image source: snake___pit

#109 When All You Want Is Long Hair

#110 Don’t People Know These Things Are Permanent?

Image source: RhoosterDiesel

#111 Fancy Dinner, Anyone?

Image source: Anthony

#112 Want To Play?

Image source: snake___pit

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