These 20+ Elevator Designs Are So Genius They Should Be Implemented Everywhere

mayo 23, 2018

You can hear from time to time about somebody taking an elevator that looked interested, had a peculiar design or was really fancy. Although elevators can be designed in many unique ways, the majority of them remain the same boring box-and-button style. But if you really think about it, elevators are a space for creativity and yet most of the time they remain untouched by a skillful hand of an architect or a designer. Well, this list compiled by Bored Panda will ruin the stereotype that elevators can be nothing but a claustrophobic box going up and down, and will most definitely show you one of the best designs in the world. Scroll down to see these unique design pieces yourself!


#1 The Elevator Ride At The World Trade Center Tour Shows You The Architectural History Of New York

Image source: anamericandream

#2 Aquarium Elevator In Berlin, Germany

Image source: cselby

#3 This Elevator With An Additional Alarm Button Near The Ground In Case You Can’t Get Up

Image source: xkaia

#4 This Elevator Is Out Of Service

Image source: twiztedterry

#5 Creative Poster Placement

#6 This Elevator Has Buttons You Can Kick

Image source: CarrollPC

#7 This Centre For Long Term Ill Elders Redesigned Their Elevators To Create Less Anxiety And Avoid Patients Running Away

Image source: carlinha1289

#8 Winter Wonderland Inside Of An Elevator

Image source: olgaksenidi

#9 This Elevator Sign

#10 Came Across One Of The Most Fun Elevators I’ve Ever Seen

Image source: __cino__

#11 Steam Powered Elevator, St Petersburg, Russia

Image source: jdty

#12 How Accurate Is This Elevator Claim?

Image source: vRaidv

#13 Fancy Elevator With Seats Inside

Image source: my_love_inspiration_is_art

#14 Elevator Floor Painting

Image source: ribbo

#15 This Elevator Door…

#16 My Hotel In Odessa (Ukraine) Tells You Which Day It Is By Changing The Elevator Carpet Every Day

Image source: SpartanKing76

#17 This Elevator Has A Call Button 30 Ft Away So The Doors Will Be Open By The Time You Get To Them.

Image source: lukeallen1

#18 The Colorful Button Panel On The Elevators Of Our Children’s Hospital

Image source: xray_anonymous

#19 The Elevators In My Office Building Have An Umbrella Sign That Lights Up If It’s Raining Outside (Osaka, Japan)

Image source: eigosensei

#20 This Elevator Shows How Close To Capacity It Is Based On The Weight Of The Riders

Image source: bgrafnation

#21 Now That’s One Ingenious And Well-Placed Movie Poster

Image source: marfield49

#22 This Elevator Has A Shuffle Button

Image source: maizeonthecob

#23 This Elevator Wants You To Do Your Math

#24 The Twilight Zone In East Hotel Elevator

Image source: sarahlopezjorge

#25 Some Slick Bastard Defaced This Elevator

Image source: Mikeamania

#26 Superb Owlevator

Image source: TigeyAdventureTiger

#27 This Elevator Is Worthy

Image source: KhalDeivid

#28 Hanging On To Dear Life On The Elevator Shaft

Image source: evieamante

#29 Elevator Looking Like An Old Bathroom

Image source: yvarella

#30 Up We Go. Industry City Elevator Art

Image source: stevejuh

#31 Elevators In The Mercedes-Benz Museum In Stuttgart

Image source: Inge Kanakaris-Wirtl

#32 Fun Way To Decorate Elevator’s Door

Image source: anni.mate

#33 This Fairytale Winter Decoration In An Elevator

Image source: kristapskarklins

#34 Interesting Capsule Elevator In Terminal 2 Of Taoyuan International Airport

Image source: lensesoftom

#35 My Elevator Has An Infinity Button

Image source: LurkFromHomeAskMeHow

#36 Colorful Balloon-Filled Elevator

Image source: matias_tobal

#37 Jump

Image source: pieminder1

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